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Mon Feb 21, 2022, 08:37 AM Feb 2022

As a 35 year teamster truck driver to all those owner ops planning on protesting in dc [View all]

🖕off you stupid bastards you’ll strike over non existing vaccine mandates , yet you never strike for better hours service or higher wages dummies slaves on the plantation of trucking yesum boss trump.

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Republicans have perfected the art of deflecting the anger of their uneducated constituents Walleye Feb 2022 #1
If they didn't have cognitive dissonance, they'd have no cognitive abilities at all. Probatim Feb 2022 #21
Damn that's true Walleye Feb 2022 #22
I read it out loud to my wife last night and couldn't stop laughing. Probatim Feb 2022 #25
Ex truck driver, I had the same thought Pompoy Feb 2022 #2
But wait! If they struck for better working conditions and wages, wouldn't that be Socialism? Chainfire Feb 2022 #3
"the power of big money to influence small minds." !! FailureToCommunicate Feb 2022 #14
Yes,I like that phrase Walleye Feb 2022 #23
Make that at least 3 of us like that phrase. KPN Feb 2022 #32
Thank you, thank you very much. Chainfire Feb 2022 #49
What's really holding them back TheFarseer Feb 2022 #20
..."so they can make us gay..." BlackSkimmer Feb 2022 #33
It's a mock right wing rant TheFarseer Feb 2022 #34
True that. Beartracks Feb 2022 #46
I just ran the numbers, and have determined that in every trucker's shift, Rabrrrrrr Feb 2022 #39
LOL. MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2022 #42
That just might need to be my tag line now! Karma13612 Feb 2022 #35
That is the power of effective messaging. CaptainTruth Feb 2022 #47
It'd be great to find out who is funding these guys. panader0 Feb 2022 #4
Exactly! 2naSalit Feb 2022 #9
This may answer some of those questions... Pachamama Feb 2022 #11
And this is also another little tid-bit Karma13612 Feb 2022 #37
K & R . . . Lovie777 Feb 2022 #5
Not a trucker but a former USWA member EYESORE 9001 Feb 2022 #6
An Excellent Point! And well stated in your way. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2022 #7
Why aren't they hauling goods to help with the supply chain problems ? rickford66 Feb 2022 #8
Because they see themselves... 2naSalit Feb 2022 #10
The people behind this don't care about vaccine mandates, they only want to create chaos. sop Feb 2022 #12
Yes, part of a growing dangerous anti-establishment populist movement. Hortensis Feb 2022 #27
Paying people in Bitcoin is a tell. gab13by13 Feb 2022 #13
Don't most owner-operators have huge loans Voltaire2 Feb 2022 #15
Not all owner operators are steering wheel holders, but many are. The Emile Feb 2022 #16
DC should take measures to prevent trucks from being used as weapons against their city. Roisin Ni Fiachra Feb 2022 #17
The beginning gathering point was moved from Barstow to Adelanto Hortensis Feb 2022 #28
Yea, make them all stop at the weight-stations. Karma13612 Feb 2022 #40
The vast majority of weigh stations don't even have us stop on the scales anymore, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2022 #44
THANK YOU! Karma13612 Feb 2022 #51
And thank you for asking these important questions, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2022 #52
Oh, now THAT is a bee-utiful looking rig!!!!!!! Eom Karma13612 Feb 2022 #53
Also there are a lot of immigrant folks Beachnutt Feb 2022 #18
Hit on the big thing, there, Beachnutt. jaxexpat Feb 2022 #24
KICK orangecrush Feb 2022 #19
The blue states should open the scale houses Beachnutt Feb 2022 #26
I bet They are getting paid to do this relayerbob Feb 2022 #29
Why would an owner operator strike for better hours or higher wages? FBaggins Feb 2022 #30
We all work for someone. Emile Feb 2022 #31
... MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2022 #36
Certainly you become to some extent their employee FBaggins Feb 2022 #43
And while you're fucking around he'll steal all your loads... Wounded Bear Feb 2022 #38
+100. MarineCombatEngineer Feb 2022 #41
I hate driving the DC beltway with a passion. halfulglas Feb 2022 #45
Kick and Bloody R! Cha Feb 2022 #48
They are a mass movement in their own small minds Warpy Feb 2022 #50
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