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No we haven't Meowmee Feb 2022 #1
Yep, ordered when first available, got them last week, USPS Shanti Shanti Shanti Feb 2022 #2
Could be as long as March 12th I was told. 634-5789 Feb 2022 #3
I got mine about a week after I signed up left-of-center2012 Feb 2022 #4
No sign of them yet. IrishAfricanAmerican Feb 2022 #5
ordered on first day, got mine a few days ago. you get an email Demovictory9 Feb 2022 #6
I have not. My neighbors got theirs two weeks ago. They ordered a week before I did so I am not dameatball Feb 2022 #7
No Dorian Gray Feb 2022 #8
Of course not. SheltieLover Feb 2022 #9
So did I.... OhioChick Feb 2022 #24
I ordered the first day, but no tests received yet. Arkansas Granny Feb 2022 #10
Same here Generic Brad Feb 2022 #13
Update. Just got an email saying my tests will be delivered today. Arkansas Granny Feb 2022 #22
I ordered the first day. Got them yesterday Walleye Feb 2022 #11
Same here dumbcat Feb 2022 #16
I ordered ours on the first day and they came two weeks ago tomorrow. Emile Feb 2022 #12
I ordered the first ribrepin Feb 2022 #14
My tests will be arriving 2/14 ChazII Feb 2022 #15
We got ours ForgedCrank Feb 2022 #17
Ordered right after USPS website went live and got them a few days ago. CottonBear Feb 2022 #18
Yes SickOfTheOnePct Feb 2022 #19
I haven't, but I just ordered them 4 days ago mvd Feb 2022 #20
Haven't ordered them yet. 2naSalit Feb 2022 #21
Mine arrived in the mailbox yesterday - 2/9. bullwinkle428 Feb 2022 #23
Finally got mine yesterday. DemocraticPatriot Feb 2022 #25
My tests will be arriving today. musette_sf Feb 2022 #26
We also signed up the first day - Ms. Toad Feb 2022 #27
Will be in mail box on Monday... msfiddlestix Feb 2022 #28
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