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Wed Nov 17, 2021, 09:56 AM Nov 2021

"Here's Why Folks Were So Desperate to Smear Kamala Harris" [View all]

Good Read.

Here’s Why Folks Were So Desperate to Smear Kamala Harris


A story published in CNN implied Harris “created problems for herself,” but from afar, it looks like their sources are the ones trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.
Whenever you evaluate a politician, always consider what your values are, what their objectives are, what their commitments are, and what they do with the power given.
Remember, a politician may not have the same values as you, but if they maintain their commitments in light of their objectives, they have not violated their social contract.
None of Vice President Kamala’s critics mentioned a campaign promise that she broke or a goal she failed to meet, so why are they dragging her? Some Twitter users had stern words after reading the article about Kamala. One user said in a video, “Stop tearing down Black women.”

For starters, they want to diminish her current efforts as Vice President and secondly, they want to kneecap her career going forward. Remember, it’s America, and there will always be some people who come up with excuses to diminish Black women, particularly those in positions of power, and even when they are fulfilling their roles with poise and grace.

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Why not? They smeared Hillary for decades. It was their reason for living Walleye Nov 2021 #1
Someone coined the term 'being Hillary-ed'. Aristus Nov 2021 #16
I think every woman who's ever worked a job knows what they're doing here Walleye Nov 2021 #28
Getting it in early and often, 2Gingersnaps Nov 2021 #32
Oh, and she's married to a white guy, they just hate that.Don't know why Walleye Nov 2021 #33
They'll smear her because she's a competent Democrat FoxNewsSucks Nov 2021 #2
A competent and popular Democrat... Wounded Bear Nov 2021 #4
Like Gillibrand with Franken. ananda Nov 2021 #20
Let us not forget that was engineered by Roger Stone, 2Gingersnaps Nov 2021 #31
Harris was the first one to go on television and call for Franken to resign, the day a lot of Celerity Nov 2021 #34
Warren joined in too. It's the idea of Dems on Dem. ananda Nov 2021 #38
Every single Dem Senator joined in calling for him to step down, except for the 5 I listed, Celerity Nov 2021 #40
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 onecaliberal Nov 2021 #9
And a future Democratic presidential candidate PatSeg Nov 2021 #23
Also: Every Repug I've spoken to is CONVINCED Biden will bow out in '24, leaving Harris to run peppertree Nov 2021 #3
Whatever, I kind of think he might do that too... Wounded Bear Nov 2021 #5
No he won't. We would lose the incumbent advantage. If he is healthy, he will run. And Demsrule86 Nov 2021 #7
+1 BeyondGeography Nov 2021 #8
Yep. We did not elect a lame duck. LakeArenal Nov 2021 #11
I don't think he'll bow out Polybius Nov 2021 #26
Perish the thought peppertree Nov 2021 #36
His mom lived to be 92 and was healthy and sharp In later years Walleye Nov 2021 #29
Absolutely! peppertree Nov 2021 #35
And Joe, never a drinker or smoker. Bannon looks like he has heart disease Walleye Nov 2021 #37
+1 peppertree Nov 2021 #39
I think it's funny that the narrative from the right was Hav Nov 2021 #6
Considering who's been repeating CNN's RW mantra, It Is Clearly About Gaining Access to Black Voters Budi Nov 2021 #10
+++ The Polack MSgt Nov 2021 #19
Bazinga! George II Nov 2021 #41
It's not salt they're throwing Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2021 #12
I don't like the way Harris is being treated, but I would also not choose to vote for her tritsofme Nov 2021 #13
You would not choose to vote for her in a Democratic primary, not knowing who the other candidates.. George II Nov 2021 #42
I think this is the elephant in the room that shouldnt be dismissed oldsoftie Nov 2021 #45
Couldn't be more proud of our president and vice president!!! ffr Nov 2021 #14
It goes deeper than the color of her skin, I believe it has more to do with the possibility that she Escurumbele Nov 2021 #15
Yes it reminds me of Rush Limbaugh's non-stop 35-year tirade against Hillary Clinton FakeNoose Nov 2021 #27
I saw a snippet of that CNN report geardaddy Nov 2021 #17
Agreed pandr32 Nov 2021 #18
Yep, they just want to run stories for "drama" geardaddy Nov 2021 #22
C(O)NN has NEVER been neutral. Tommymac Nov 2021 #24
I would be shocked if she was not the object of constant, unsubstantiated smears. hay rick Nov 2021 #21
The bogus attacks on VP Harris are pissing me off LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2021 #25
CNN can go suck. hadEnuf Nov 2021 #30
The right and many on the left hate strong, independent women The Jungle 1 Nov 2021 #43
Ya know what they realized after we elected Obama? The next one might not be so nice. brewens Nov 2021 #44
TFG violated Social Contract by violating US Constitution Seinan Sensei Nov 2021 #46
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