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6. RW media
Fri Nov 5, 2021, 12:51 PM
Nov 2021

Has been out there a very long time. It relentlessly hunted Bill and Hillary Clinton all the way back to when he was Governor of Arkansas. How ever did he get elected? TWICE! He spoke to the American people in simple easy to understand terms, he told his own story of growing up, then he looked dead into the camera and told the whole country "I feel your pain." And the DEMS hopped on his coat tails and rode that message all over the country. Obama did it, the audacity of hope and Yes We Can. And liberals rose to the occasion and flooded the streets, town halls, rallies, etc. And yes we did! Biden has the same ability, he's real, a normal guy. Anyone remember the summer the tea party invaded every town hall with their tales of death panels? All their rallies out in the streets? How about all the anti-vaxers now, the let's all go storm the capital yahoos? They are ALL out there, getting their faces on the news every chance they get. Where are all the counters to them? Where are all the sane parents in these out of control school board meetings? Where are the people who believe in the science when all these nut jobs are outside of schools harassing the kids with their stupidity? The woman in the video is exactly right. People respond and react to how they feel. Not to a 3 trillion bill and a bunch of statics. We are failing miserably to spark feelings. Instead of excuses on a message board, we should ALL be in the streets backing up Biden and his plans and telling people, in simple terms, We feel your pain, Yes we can, and preach the Audacity of Hope!

Steve (Schmidt) [View all] cilla4progress Nov 2021 OP
Yak #3476 about what we "should" do, but not one word about TreasonousBastard Nov 2021 #1
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How, then, do we overcome their built-in advantage? Moebym Nov 2021 #3
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