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58. Poor messaging is the most commonly cited reason for the loss, but where are the solutions?
Wed Nov 3, 2021, 08:19 PM
Nov 2021

I'm rather sick of seeing or hearing overly broad statements such as "we suck at messaging" and "we are being out-messaged by the Republicans" from Democrats or people of the liberal persuasion. These are incredibly lazy arguments that have proven to be popular in liberal circles as poor substitutes for thoughtful discussion.

1. We are communicating our agenda and vision.
2. We don't have Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, right-wing religious leaders, and a slew of right-wing talk radio programs to help spread our message and carry water for us.

If the argument is that we are not communicating effectively enough, then the most important consideration is, what practical steps should we be taking right now to more effectively communicate our vision to voters? What are key practical takeaways from this failed campaign that will help future campaigns? These are the types of discussions we should be having, not 500 variations on "we suck at messaging".

All this for one greedy little man. rickyhall Nov 2021 #1
And one greedy little woman. lagomorph777 Nov 2021 #20
Neither of which Susan Calvin Nov 2021 #43
Oh, hell no. lagomorph777 Nov 2021 #83
Dear Moderates and Progressives JustAnotherGen Nov 2021 #2
A million times this Sunsky Nov 2021 #5
How dare the President and the other 48 stand in the way of the CentralMass Nov 2021 #40
Who said that? Sunsky Nov 2021 #53
Exactly JustAnotherGen Nov 2021 #50
Progressives aren't grandstanding, FoxNewsSucks Nov 2021 #6
+1 demmiblue Nov 2021 #9
+2 Celerity Nov 2021 #25
+3 TheRickles Nov 2021 #30
+1000 bluewater Nov 2021 #42
+ a million. nt Susan Calvin Nov 2021 #44
This right here Bettie Nov 2021 #57
+1... myohmy2 Nov 2021 #69
Hear, hear! nt DLevine Nov 2021 #71
I'm right there with you. yardwork Nov 2021 #77
Bothsiderism qazplm135 Nov 2021 #10
ikr bluewater Nov 2021 #52
This isn't a bothsidesdoit issue. Act_of_Reparation Nov 2021 #17
Right. The infrastructure bill that already passed the Senate question everything Nov 2021 #23
No, just the radical minority in the Dem caucus wellst0nev0ter Nov 2021 #27
You said it! Susan Calvin Nov 2021 #45
We have an infrastructure bill passed by the Senate. oldsoftie Nov 2021 #31
What's teh Ole Political edict Cryptoad Nov 2021 #35
The Progressives aren't fucking around and grandstanding. You must have them confused Autumn Nov 2021 #51
+1 n/t area51 Nov 2021 #60
Sorry, I don't agree with this at all. yardwork Nov 2021 #76
Wh's saying that it is? It's also bad to call Manchin & Denim Vest "moderate" as that's not what themaguffin Nov 2021 #3
There was a phrase for that, but it was banned in 2016. LT Barclay Nov 2021 #66
100% this! EVERYONE of my Dem friends are just waiting with dread for Greybnk48 Nov 2021 #4
That says it all right there. FoxNewsSucks Nov 2021 #7
Speaking of everything going to the wealthy DENVERPOPS Nov 2021 #67
McAuliffe probably avoided that topic because FoxNewsSucks Nov 2021 #84
Thanks FNS DENVERPOPS Nov 2021 #88
K&R Wicked Blue Nov 2021 #8
... demmiblue Nov 2021 #11
Manchin, the Reeps, and all the Corporatists are not interested in voters... ananda Nov 2021 #22
Mr. Burns Has The Right Of It, Ma'am The Magistrate Nov 2021 #12
Let's Go Manchin, Let's Go Sinema. Nt Fiendish Thingy Nov 2021 #13
OK, but what if the only thing that motivated Democrats in 2020 was Trump on the ballot? bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #14
UNtil Something Actually Gets Done Me. Nov 2021 #15
Sad irony Trueblue Texan Nov 2021 #16
Moderate isn't as moderate as it sounds Vogon_Glory Nov 2021 #18
I disagree Raven123 Nov 2021 #19
Progressives are supposed to bend over and smile. You must always kowtow to a moderate. johnthewoodworker Nov 2021 #21
As long as it is labeled socialist, as long as self described socialists like question everything Nov 2021 #24
Recommended. H2O Man Nov 2021 #26
One other thing Old Crank Nov 2021 #28
Where is your 26 percent number coming from? onenote Nov 2021 #37
From another post in general Old Crank Nov 2021 #47
This is the post I saw onenote Nov 2021 #48
The answer is to VOTE. Just damn vote. Joinfortmill Nov 2021 #29
The answer is earn votes quakerboy Nov 2021 #62
Let's see..... 2Gingersnaps Nov 2021 #32
Manchin is even beyond McConnell's wildest dream come true world wide wally Nov 2021 #33
The reason that McAuliffe lost is that Youngkin ran a better campaign onenote Nov 2021 #34
This is my view, as well. JudyM Nov 2021 #36
Yep. nt Susan Calvin Nov 2021 #46
Thanks. I wish we could upvote posts. NT mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2021 #70
Simply WRONG, WRONG, thinking, people won't vote infrastructure, BBB, or 1-6. Jon King Nov 2021 #38
So vote for the "COVID is fake but treat it with horse medicine" party SouthBayDem Nov 2021 #68
Great Headline. Thanks. zentrum Nov 2021 #39
I cannot post the expletives I've assigned these two here Aviation Pro Nov 2021 #41
Joe Manchin won't be happy? Tough shit! calimary Nov 2021 #49
The obvious reason we lost hooverville Nov 2021 #54
Some Sound Points Here, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #55
And some distressing ones, also. marble falls Nov 2021 #56
True, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #61
Poor messaging is the most commonly cited reason for the loss, but where are the solutions? Moebym Nov 2021 #58
Hire some kind of PR? Get Mad Ave admen and Hollywood Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2021 #65
Trump and Republicans haven't made a peep about voter fraud in Virginia since Glenn Youngkin won keithbvadu2 Nov 2021 #59
Not quite true FBaggins Nov 2021 #72
Virginia was not about BBB. eilen Nov 2021 #63
Maybe that was McAuliffe's problem. He is too moderate as Republicans are starting to run Quixote1818 Nov 2021 #64
Pieces like this are common after a tough election - but miss the point FBaggins Nov 2021 #73
A good start empedocles Nov 2021 #78
Not only that but Republican-lite is also a fail because there are so few of them around anymore bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #74
This isn't about moderates vs. progressives. yardwork Nov 2021 #75
Again. The President & the Speaker wanted, and knew, Dems badly needed a House bill empedocles Nov 2021 #79
Virginia has enacted popular progressive legislation in the past two years onenote Nov 2021 #87
I agree with Biden disndat Nov 2021 #80
He lost Virginia because of Manchin, Sinema, and racists. nt Roisin Ni Fiachra Nov 2021 #81
Virginia rejected racists like Corey Stewart and Ken Cucinelli onenote Nov 2021 #86
Joe Mancin killed McAuliffe's chances & it seems he did it on purpose. lark Nov 2021 #82
That's just nonsense. onenote Nov 2021 #85
I agree with you on this Bettie Nov 2021 #89
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