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19. Republican messaging doesn't take the long view. But their objectives do.
Wed Nov 3, 2021, 09:18 AM
Nov 2021

Look at what they've destroyed (literally Democracy) in the last 50 years.

As for the 'I got mine fuck you' attitude, which includes "well it's on my kids and their kids to deal with that! I just want to live long enough to escape it!" - I have a RW sister and brother with these attitudes. STATED. Out loud.

AND they have their single issues: for the brother it's taxes and 'big guvmint'. The sister's concerns are 'socialism' and 'abortion'

BECAUSE their single issues are their focus, BOTH of them vote against their own best interests (BOTH live on social security, VA bennies and other so-called socialism - ALL of which WILL BE CUT/GUTTED/PRIVATIZED under our soon-to-be authoritarian/Nazi regime). But they CONTINUE voting for the Republicans who are going to do this to them AND everyone else regardless. Because: abortion, socialism, taxes, big guvmint.

And WHEN (not if) their social security is cut, gutted or gone, they'll blame DEMOCRATS for it. DEMOCRATS - who CREATED social security and Medicare - will be blamed for destroying these beloved programs they created. Even though it was Republicans who actually shoved them into the woodchipper.

These are not smart, focused or really even thinking people. My sister is one of those white non-college educated women who absolutely would have voted for Youngkin.

Brother is college-educated but driven by GRIEVANCE: against taxes, women, government, and how abused and mistreated white men are in America.

THESE are Republican voters. THESE are their thought processes and motivations. I can confirm all that because I live around it every day/every time I talk to them. They're killing themselves and everybody else with flaming ignorance and are too stupid to even know it. And too selfish to even give a damn.

Very well said. Thank you. n/t OneGrassRoot Nov 2021 #1
Matthew 6:31-32 Klaralven Nov 2021 #2
Matthew's ambiguity on the concept of "faith" as comfort food for the soul. jaxexpat Nov 2021 #21
I'm pretty sure it's all naturally set up to Backseat Driver Nov 2021 #52
K&R 2naSalit Nov 2021 #3
K & R spanone Nov 2021 #4
Some are brainwashed into thinking it's okay to live like shit, because everything is roses and cake brewens Nov 2021 #5
Karl Marx: "Religion is the opiate of the masses." lastlib Nov 2021 #23
Eventually becoming a most excellent and successful stimulating acellerant Backseat Driver Nov 2021 #51
I agree completely. NoSheep Nov 2021 #61
So they don't care about the future but they think long term. Ok. bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #6
The sad truth, you are correct. They fight harder too. Escurumbele Nov 2021 #10
Lincoln Project is a good example of this chia Nov 2021 #32
The Lincoln Project is getting wnylib Nov 2021 #39
Good insight. Thanks. chia Nov 2021 #59
Don't you mean "cheat" harder... Backseat Driver Nov 2021 #53
Any means necessary. Lie, cheat, steal. czarjak Nov 2021 #60
I think the intent was that the planners of the right do focus long term, but they present real-time Evolve Dammit Nov 2021 #18
Well said. c-rational Nov 2021 #36
K&R. Your first sentence sums up our nation's largest moral challenge. KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2021 #7
Love your MACA idea. KS Toronado Nov 2021 #17
Selfish people with short-sighted selfish goals. calimary Nov 2021 #41
You just gave me an idea KS Toronado Nov 2021 #55
+1 c-rational Nov 2021 #37
Think it's Rebl2 Nov 2021 #42
MACA Grasswire2 Nov 2021 #50
KnR MiHale Nov 2021 #8
And that is why when people say "History will not be kind to them" they don't care, they will be Escurumbele Nov 2021 #9
Perfectly written, PCIntern. spicysista Nov 2021 #11
John Maynard Keynes mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2021 #12
I feel like it is time for the United States to split into 2 distinct countries. The Libertarian LiberalArkie Nov 2021 #13
If it were only so simple. jaxexpat Nov 2021 #27
I doubt it. In the 60's I was station in the south and heard repeatedly we didn't lose the civil war usaf-vet Nov 2021 #44
Fundamentally society is at the end point of the wealth inequality pendulum swing Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2021 #14
Banana Republicans.N/T multigraincracker Nov 2021 #15
Your permission to repost and spread the word whyzayker Nov 2021 #16
Sure. PCIntern Nov 2021 #40
Republican messaging doesn't take the long view. But their objectives do. CousinIT Nov 2021 #19
Wow, man. That's perfectly right. jaxexpat Nov 2021 #29
The Laws of Stupid People an essay by an economist Collina explains a lot. Pepsidog Nov 2021 #35
That was my dad's favorite slogan. "IGMFU." calimary Nov 2021 #43
authoritarianism is a strategy for coping with a heritable mostly 'old world' masturbation disorder certainot Nov 2021 #20
I do not understand the logic of the right on this issue. The Jungle 1 Nov 2021 #22
Great post. I just think 1/2 the country who doesn't vote just doesn't care about much at all. The Evolve Dammit Nov 2021 #24
Democrats should start an "audit", set up in a warehouse, somewhere, counting every ballot, fwvinson Nov 2021 #25
Agree, hire cyber ninjas wildman76 Nov 2021 #34
Hurtful truth that needs to be said. Also, realize that they and Big Corps can think long ancianita Nov 2021 #26
The human species is unethical. We will burn up this agar plate. Check your thermometer. johnthewoodworker Nov 2021 #28
Libertarians have no morality and conservatives are racing to heaven zaj Nov 2021 #30
An inverse way of looking at this problem is how Republicans have credibility bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #31
When you believe in the rapture, climate change is not really an issue. Jon King Nov 2021 #33
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2021 #38
I think your point is spot-on. So what do we do about it? calimary Nov 2021 #45
Rise and Whine? PCIntern Nov 2021 #46
The GOP presents their views in easy to understand words and relatable slogans. llmart Nov 2021 #57
Never again can we justly wonder at Hitler's rise to power. RVN VET71 Nov 2021 #47
Very well put. PCIntern Nov 2021 #49
Why do polls act so schizophrenic? macmillan61 Nov 2021 #48
Good post Lollerskates Nov 2021 #54
These wealthy conservatives plan to move to more hospitable places as needed. jalan48 Nov 2021 #56
They believe, or their cover story is: giving people free stuff does not help Hamlette Nov 2021 #58
This is true even of the non-trumpian conservatives. quakerboy Nov 2021 #62
Can we somehow nominate you to speak at the next Democratic National Convention? LT Barclay Nov 2021 #63
That would be interesting.... PCIntern Nov 2021 #64
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