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Mon Sep 6, 2021, 04:26 PM Sep 2021

10 Types of Cashiers You Meet at The Supermarket (Video + Poll) [View all]

That's a pretty comprehensive list. Can you think of any others? Add a comment to describe the one/s that were omitted from this list.

POLL QUESTION: Which of these is your least favorite one to encounter?
10 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
The Dependent Cashier
0 (0%)
The Slow-Poke
4 (40%)
The Speedy Cashier
0 (0%)
The Rookie
0 (0%)
The Organizer
0 (0%)
The Diva
0 (0%)
The Chatty Cashier
0 (0%)
The Detective
0 (0%)
The Texter
2 (20%)
The Judgemental Cashier
4 (40%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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So many stores are trying to shift everyone to self-check out lately, I'm just glad to see a human hlthe2b Sep 2021 #1
The Bad Attitude Cashier luvs2sing Sep 2021 #2
I've seen as many bad behavior customers in my days as bad behavior cashiers NewHendoLib Sep 2021 #3
I was looking for a humorous tongue-in-cheek video... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #5
my "favorite" fellow shoppers are the ones that park their carriage in the middle of the aisle NewHendoLib Sep 2021 #7
At costco, they do that... then WALK AWAY to explore other aisles. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #13
Gotta agree. luvs2sing Sep 2021 #18
working the deli before holidays was the worst. Man, do I have stories! NewHendoLib Sep 2021 #19
As do I. Yikes. luvs2sing Sep 2021 #21
I'll share my working at the deli story ChubbyStar Sep 2021 #47
Cashiers are best when they're professional bucolic_frolic Sep 2021 #4
The self-checkout option seems to be dependent on the neighborhood too. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #10
I'm lucky they's a Publix here XanaDUer2 Sep 2021 #6
Helping you to load groceries? Is that normal, or by-request only? NurseJackie Sep 2021 #14
Normal XanaDUer2 Sep 2021 #15
Used to be normal here, but it went away with Covid Retrograde Sep 2021 #26
They Do It For My Wife, Here ProfessorGAC Sep 2021 #38
It is a normal Publix thing alphafemale Sep 2021 #55
Same here, though I never let them go to my car with me. Treefrog Sep 2021 #48
Having worked as a cashier, there are two types of customers-- Aholes and decent. Hoyt Sep 2021 #8
Try waiting tables. Try being a bartender. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #11
Service jobs would be great if it wasn't for customers Clash City Rocker Sep 2021 #27
For Bartenders,... ProfessorGAC Sep 2021 #44
There were the friendly-drunks, the sad-drunks, the flirty-drunks, and the mean/angry-drunks. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #45
Oh, I know. Was always too clumsy for food service. Hoyt Sep 2021 #58
I like to talk to cashiers wryter2000 Sep 2021 #9
That one made me laugh. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #12
How about Beatlelvr Sep 2021 #17
You have baggers in your grocery store? NurseJackie Sep 2021 #29
We do sometimes wryter2000 Sep 2021 #35
Last time I saw "baggers" (or "bag-boys") ... we were still using PAPER BAGS!! NurseJackie Sep 2021 #39
Publix has baggers. I bring my own totes and they always thank me for that. Treefrog Sep 2021 #49
I often hear: "These totes are nice! Where did you get them?" NurseJackie Sep 2021 #50
I bought mine at various stores. Treefrog Sep 2021 #52
I love Publix! XanaDUer2 Sep 2021 #56
The comedian, a subset of the chatty cashier Retrograde Sep 2021 #20
Shovel. Duct-tape. Zip-ties. Plastic sheeting. Bowie knife. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #23
We had one really sweet guy wryter2000 Sep 2021 #37
This on Labor Day? Seriously? iemanja Sep 2021 #22
These are real cashiers and they obviously have a sense of humor... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #24
I think on this of all days iemanja Sep 2021 #25
Clearly they're able to laugh at themselves... wouldn't you agree? NurseJackie Sep 2021 #30
So you oppose Biden iemanja Sep 2021 #33
... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #34
unsurprising iemanja Sep 2021 #40
I feel the same. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #42
Seriously? Treefrog Sep 2021 #53
The cashiers at my local supermarket are all great. hunter Sep 2021 #28
Good. I really like cashiers. wryter2000 Sep 2021 #41
I had a wonderful experience at the self-checkout today. Turbineguy Sep 2021 #31
I Seldom Have Problems With Cashiers Jim G. Sep 2021 #32
Yeah, I bet they think that's hilarious. Treefrog Sep 2021 #51
Maybe Not Hilarious, But Pleasant Anyway Jim G. Sep 2021 #54
Trader Joe's and Costco take care of nearly all my needs. Trader Joe's asks if they can help me... Hekate Sep 2021 #36
I love telling Publix mana gers XanaDUer2 Sep 2021 #43
union cashiers are the best DBoon Sep 2021 #46
Did Grocery for 43 years Sherman A1 Sep 2021 #57
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