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Fri Aug 20, 2021, 12:17 PM Aug 2021

Dear MSNBC: please take Andrea Mitchell off the air [View all]

Her “reporting” if you can call it that, is really misinformation, which we all know is dangerous.

While her misinformation focuses on the situation in Afghanistan (Biden’s first speech today?; no mention of the agreement with the Taliban that TFG made?; sensationalizing the situation; not a single Democratic congressperson has been invited to discuss it while a Republican every damn day… on and on), the misinformation is just as damaging.

It’s well past time for her to retire.

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In press conferences, she doesn't want questions to be answered she just wants to argue Walleye Aug 2021 #1
Great minds and all that otchmoson Aug 2021 #21
One of her programs was difficult to watch. Baitball Blogger Aug 2021 #106
I. CAN'T STAND. HER. She's a GOPig wart hog. Trueblue1968 Aug 2021 #25
But, don't I hear every day that tbey are supposed to fight the.. TreasonousBastard Aug 2021 #95
We need a separate forum where people can complain about everyone. Nt USALiberal Aug 2021 #2
And another for the people who want to complain about the People Complaining About People Forum Act_of_Reparation Aug 2021 #7
If we have the first one no need for the 2nd? Get it yet?? USALiberal Aug 2021 #10
... Act_of_Reparation Aug 2021 #15
... Wednesdays Aug 2021 #46
Excellent! ZZenith Aug 2021 #73
That is how I feel while trying to listen to cable news. I just listened to an hour of True Blue American Aug 2021 #107
DU reminds me every day there are still people in the US that watch cable. cinematicdiversions Aug 2021 #41
Gee, thanks for the insult. 😜 ShazzieB Aug 2021 #48
TURN ON THE TV RIGHT FUGGING NOW! N/M BradAllison Aug 2021 #85
You are clearly Quanto Magnus Aug 2021 #74
I am hardly superior cinematicdiversions Aug 2021 #92
LOL Skittles Aug 2021 #98
+1000 Sherman A1 Aug 2021 #80
Well, some people watch cable to complain... brooklynite Aug 2021 #93
Cable news subforums wouldn't be a bad idea to be honest. Maybe a Discord, even. Sympthsical Aug 2021 #65
Good points!! Nt USALiberal Aug 2021 #66
Ten bucks says you fail to see the irony in your having said that. LanternWaste Aug 2021 #69
Fix your stolen quote! USALiberal Aug 2021 #83
Sounds serious, mes ami! LanternWaste Aug 2021 #105
The neocon 'journalist' wishes Cheney was still in charge dalton99a Aug 2021 #3
Did you make that up, or lillypaddle Aug 2021 #59
Since the Bush years whenever she comes on I change the channel kimbutgar Aug 2021 #4
that's the problem. if she retires she'll spend more time with her husband, and him with her certainot Aug 2021 #33
Yes I'd still work till I dropped dead if I had Alan Greenspan waiting for me at home ! kimbutgar Aug 2021 #56
I beat you by 15 minutes! Baitball Blogger Aug 2021 #5
Ah sorry I missed it. I was fuming so I needed to step away berni_mccoy Aug 2021 #6
Only way Rebl2 Aug 2021 #8
there is one simple solution. NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #9
Maybe like not watching people you don't like???? USALiberal Aug 2021 #12
Yes, that is applied here. I have been watching CNN at lunch but I do check in to see if there are berni_mccoy Aug 2021 #18
that's what people who think the rw radio monopoly is part of the free speech spectrum often say certainot Aug 2021 #35
I turned it all off 17 yrs ago NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #45
she should retire reality1 Aug 2021 #11
Letters, comments, posts and blogs should deluge MSNBC management. calimary Aug 2021 #13
They can track viewers. Nt USALiberal Aug 2021 #14
+1 reality1 Aug 2021 #29
The NBC brass won't know (or care, frankly) unless we tell them. calimary Aug 2021 #36
Amen, Turn it Off and Make Noise! McKim Aug 2021 #54
Please Don't Limit It to MSNBC The Roux Comes First Aug 2021 #16
Unfortunately ... LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #17
... and let them know! calimary Aug 2021 #37
andrea, please proceed llashram Aug 2021 #19
The most damaging of journalists are those whom you've been lead to believe are neutral. jaxexpat Aug 2021 #20
This answers all of the people saying "all MSM talking heads are bad" berni_mccoy Aug 2021 #31
She was horrible during the Obama years nt LittleGirl Aug 2021 #22
THIS. NoMoreRepugs Aug 2021 #23
When has she not been horrible? nt. druidity33 Aug 2021 #75
Indeed. nt LittleGirl Aug 2021 #97
Amen. Joinfortmill Aug 2021 #24
Amen Girl powers Aug 2021 #67
Ugh--ALL the talking heads! crimycarny Aug 2021 #26
She is completely unwatchable and has been for ages. Her interviewing skills airmid Aug 2021 #27
I simply refuse to BlueMTexpat Aug 2021 #28
And send them a note saying WHY!!! calimary Aug 2021 #38
! eom BlueMTexpat Aug 2021 #88
I bet money, they can't find many, if any, Democratic Congresspeople who will say anything but, Hoyt Aug 2021 #30
Other than her lack of insight reality1 Aug 2021 #32
Her, Chuck Todd, Ari Melber... Paladin Aug 2021 #34
+1 Chuck Todd Tetrachloride Aug 2021 #39
So they should only have people on their channel that you agree with? totodeinhere Aug 2021 #42
Yup. Only people I agree with. Kind of like this site. Paladin Aug 2021 #49
Thanks for your honesty. n/t totodeinhere Aug 2021 #52
There is, of course, the issue of basic professional ability. Paladin Aug 2021 #53
They only got rid of Chris Mathews because of sexual harassment allegations against him. totodeinhere Aug 2021 #60
Just as long as you're happy. (nt) Paladin Aug 2021 #62
I didn't say I'm happy. totodeinhere Aug 2021 #89
Switching over to Faux Noose ... LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #55
Don't lose any sleep over it. Paladin Aug 2021 #63
👍🏻👍🏻 LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #64
Shouldn't they at least be somewhat based in fact? treestar Aug 2021 #78
We need to avoid the slippery slope. If they take Andrea Mitchell off the air because you asked totodeinhere Aug 2021 #40
I will never forget the time Hillary Clinton snubbed Andrea in 2016 on election night. gordianot Aug 2021 #44
Hard for Maddows opponents treestar Aug 2021 #79
I don't know about that. The right wing lies all the time and I'm sure that a lot of totodeinhere Aug 2021 #91
There are actually have been posts from people "sick of Maddow"..... BradAllison Aug 2021 #86
I don't necessarily mind the criticism, ... aggiesal Aug 2021 #43
She can barely get a sentence out without getting all tongue-tied. She is well past her prime. Katinfl Aug 2021 #47
Afghanistan is going to control the narrative gab13by13 Aug 2021 #50
She can go Tbear Aug 2021 #51
Dear Mrs. Greenspan- Please take Chuck with you and work for the RNC. Much better fit. Evolve Dammit Aug 2021 #57
She should be put out to pasture... BlueIdaho Aug 2021 #58
She looks tired. dupagelib Aug 2021 #61
Give it to Alicia Mendenz ** UGADawg Aug 2021 #68
Not that it makes any difference tiredtoo Aug 2021 #70
wow, thank you - I cringe everytime I open a link here & it's an interview by Andrea Mitchell... bluboid Aug 2021 #71
The good news is the only people watching these screeds ecstatic Aug 2021 #72
I stream the audio of MSNBC. MoonchildCA Aug 2021 #76
No shit! BlueJac Aug 2021 #77
Don't like her Sherman A1 Aug 2021 #81
Recommended. H2O Man Aug 2021 #82
There are many who can replace her n Todd Deuxcents Aug 2021 #84
I guess in the end it's up to me. tavernier Aug 2021 #87
I think she was one the people that cheered the hell out of bush's lies. rockfordfile Aug 2021 #90
Her word retrieval has become terrible Poiuyt Aug 2021 #94
I watch MSNBC most of the day, but when AM comes on I switch to CNN. I haven't watched her on napi21 Aug 2021 #96
Hey, MSNBC! Here's a thought PJMcK Aug 2021 #99
Yes! Mike Nelson Aug 2021 #100
I stopped watching the news, but she's the last person I would watch MVP Kamala Aug 2021 #101
I agree!! pertello Aug 2021 #102
Mrs Greespan needs to go Shellback Squid Aug 2021 #103
Recalling "Her emails" and "Crooked Hillary is starting to stick" Zambero Aug 2021 #104
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