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Covid Pas-de-Calais Aug 2021 #1
I chose Climate Change because I think it is going to overrun everything else on the list NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #2
+1 n/t Lulu KC Aug 2021 #3
+1 TXPaganBanker Aug 2021 #10
+1 Kaleva Aug 2021 #15
Voted "all of above," but most concerned about situations that help GOPers in 2022/2024 Hoyt Aug 2021 #4
yup. can't argue with that. NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #5
Glacial pace of justice system in response to imminent threats to democracy. meadowlander Aug 2021 #6
Being disenfranchised by domestic terrorists? ecstatic Aug 2021 #7
While on a daily basis I think more of COVID iemanja Aug 2021 #8
I've considered that too NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #9
Fear that we are losing our democracy. Nt spooky3 Aug 2021 #11
Staying sane & sober for another 24 hours RainCaster Aug 2021 #12
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2021 #13
Nothing matters except our right to vote questionseverything Aug 2021 #14
1000% right, but note it doesn't even merit a place in this list. OnDoutside Aug 2021 #22
Covid n/t OhioChick Aug 2021 #16
I 'PASSED'..here's why: 634-5789 Aug 2021 #17
I have a top 3 mnhtnbb Aug 2021 #18
Only 64% of democrats believe Voter Suppression is a problem uponit7771 Aug 2021 #19
Climate change and fascism (n/t) Spider Jerusalem Aug 2021 #20
Afghanistan, it's painful and the withdrawal problems we are seeing were preventable Amishman Aug 2021 #21
Voting rights [nt] Nexus2 Aug 2021 #23
Choosing the Big Lie because it makes dealing with the other issues that much harder Maeve Aug 2021 #24
"If there wasn't any planet..." jcgoldie Aug 2021 #25
Diseases come and go. Politics swing left and right. marie999 Aug 2021 #26
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