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16. Is Afghanistan even a "country" in the sense
Tue Aug 17, 2021, 11:29 AM
Aug 2021

that we understand that word?

From what I've seen and read, the people of "Afghanistan" are more likely to see themselves as members of a particular community, what we condescendingly refer to as "tribes"--or subjects of a local power--so called warlords. The idea of Afghanistan exists pretty much only in the capitol, and even there pretty much only among the elites.

As with so much of the Middle East, Africa, and southwest Asia, the various "nations" as defined today represent lines drawn on the maps of European colonialists. These lines were drawn with western interests and politics in mind, and generally paid no attention to local realities of history, culture, language, ethnicity or religion.

I could be all wrong about this--so if anyone has a different take please feel free to share.

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