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16. At the deepest level of their self-awareness, too many people do not like themselves
Sat Aug 14, 2021, 09:13 AM
Aug 2021

At the deepest level of their self-awareness, too many people do not like themselves

They are uncomfortable being alone because they do not like, do not accept their self as they understand that self to be.
The inability to be alone with one's self is too common.
There a near constant need for diversions, entertainments, etc. to distract from one's own discomfort as an individual.

Frustration grows in beings who are never satisfied with 'what is' and are continuously chasing some brass ring on the merry-go-round of their not merry lives.
Frustration leads to lashing-out anger and that is an impediment to what one wants, which is to be connected.
This is not a problem that percolates in saints, sages, monks, yogis, hermits and rishis.

Now imagine if one self-identified, not as some limited body-mind-sense-complex-being who always needs external fulfillment, but rather as though a bubble of the totality. Imagine being identifitied with the inside-whole that remains when the bubble bursts. A soap bubble film seems to have an inside and an outside but the reality is that the inside is non-different from the outside. The seeming separation of bubble from world is a thin, temporary, translucent film (a flim-flam) that doesn't really divide space into two.


Hard to imagine being that gullible. Watch a few videos and then totally believe the lies? Ziggysmom Aug 2021 #1
Anger at...something is a strong driver, whether on the right or left brooklynite Aug 2021 #3
I can see that happening with some people, because some people's beliefs aren't deeply grounded Silent3 Aug 2021 #4
A sound post. North Shore Chicago Aug 2021 #13
+1. Hortensis Aug 2021 #17
Your post sums up a lot of my feelings as well. yardwork Aug 2021 #25
Yes, I've pondered the issue of introversion/extroversion as a factor tanyev Aug 2021 #28
yeah it is really hard to believe and i just don't believe it !!!! sounds like a GOP myth. Trueblue1968 Aug 2021 #6
"Fall of the Cabal" is pretty well done Klaralven Aug 2021 #10
Think Alex Jones, a half sentence of truth combind with big fat ridiculous lies. Bluethroughu Aug 2021 #2
I totally believe this a real story written by a real person about themselves ... Hugh_Lebowski Aug 2021 #5
What part do you find unbelievable? yardwork Aug 2021 #26
The part where person goes overnight from a Bernie-supporting liberal Hugh_Lebowski Aug 2021 #29
I share your suspicion of Politico. yardwork Aug 2021 #32
My BS meter spiked. GulfCoast66 Aug 2021 #7
Why would this set off your BS meter? Silent3 Aug 2021 #18
Nothing in your post I can outright disagree with. GulfCoast66 Aug 2021 #42
Not as much of a stretch as some might first be inclined to think. Maru Kitteh Aug 2021 #8
Yes. This person was not moored to reality initially. Hortensis Aug 2021 #20
Story illustrates the power of anti-establishment populism andym Aug 2021 #9
Yes, and sadly this person's transformation from Bernie to Qanon is not the only one. PunkinPi Aug 2021 #12
Not to be paranoid but doesn't it seem like there's a concerted effort to put forth the idea Hugh_Lebowski Aug 2021 #30
In these cases the former far-left Sanders supporters became far-right Trump supporters andym Aug 2021 #36
I haven't seen a concerted effort saying that Qanon is far left. nt PunkinPi Aug 2021 #37
Not surprising that there are other examples of this phenomenon. andym Aug 2021 #31
Bingo! It always has that effect on some. Hortensis Aug 2021 #21
Careful reading suggests it was not because she was a big supporter of Bernie, karynnj Aug 2021 #38
Agree with you andym Aug 2021 #40
Imaginative bashing so early today! questionseverything Aug 2021 #11
I find it hilarious that people are rejecting this story. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #14
I'd buy that it's a amalgamation of characters/persons interviewed Hugh_Lebowski Aug 2021 #33
"Megan" didn't. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #34
No, no, I'm not a rabid, gullible lunatic - I was just . . . UPSET by the pandemic . .. hatrack Aug 2021 #15
At the deepest level of their self-awareness, too many people do not like themselves sanatanadharma Aug 2021 #16
Very informative Johnny2X2X Aug 2021 #19
I think the number of liberals falling for Qanon shit harumph Aug 2021 #22
For a few weeks I thought my kid was on the verge Generic Brad Aug 2021 #41
I saw the same thing. Specifically the Wayfair conspiracy theory. yardwork Aug 2021 #44
If you don't believe people can gravitate from the progressive left to the conspiracy theory fringe brooklynite Aug 2021 #23
Thank you. yardwork Aug 2021 #27
I haven't been there, but did they all turn into Qacks and Trumpophiles? Hugh_Lebowski Aug 2021 #35
In 2016, a lot of JPR posters were supporting Trump. yardwork Aug 2021 #43
I believe that -- but the story here does not ring true karynnj Aug 2021 #39
She was a Bernie-Bro who left the Democratic Party in 2016 FakeNoose Aug 2021 #24
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