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Wed Jul 14, 2021, 12:15 PM Jul 2021

I don't love this country, [View all]

never have. I don't feel some emotional connections that some call patriotism.
I don't hate it either. It's an okay country, better than some, worse than others. I live here by accident of birth and family history. My life works for me living here. And most of the people I love live here. If I had to move to another country, I wouldn't be bereft.
That said, I believe it is my duty as a citizen of America to do what I can to improve the lives of all who live here. Not out of some patriotic fervor, but because morally and ethically it is the right thing to do.

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I don't love this country, [View all] edhopper Jul 2021 OP
Your last sentence is perfect. Thanks! madinmaryland Jul 2021 #1
Differing Definitions liberalgunwilltravel Jul 2021 #31
My thoughts as well. Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2021 #2
The only group I identify with edhopper Jul 2021 #3
Lol! Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2021 #7
I do. dawg Jul 2021 #4
I'm curious. Can you explain why or is it just something we are "taught" to do? Ferrets are Cool Jul 2021 #9
There's lots to love about this country. dawg Jul 2021 #12
Well written reply PJMcK Jul 2021 #13
Good post. I can agree with it. wnylib Jul 2021 #26
You should make THAT an OP! Well said. oldsoftie Jul 2021 #43
Thanks for the reply Ferrets are Cool Jul 2021 #50
No doubt we'd have a blast chatting over coffee or drinks! dawg Jul 2021 #56
yep uponit7771 Jul 2021 #61
Yes EXACTLY 👍 Raine Jul 2021 #64
Patriotism has always been Disaffected Jul 2021 #5
Patriotism has always been linked to nationalism and thus to borders and isolationism. erronis Jul 2021 #25
Yes, Disaffected Jul 2021 #29
But now they're "my country, Trump". oldsoftie Jul 2021 #44
Too many people don't distinguish wnylib Jul 2021 #28
ditto that thought. erronis Jul 2021 #33
Well stated. Ferrets are Cool Jul 2021 #6
I think we are shifting back to the 1789-1865 mindset. roamer65 Jul 2021 #8
Good point. JFK60 Jul 2021 #62
Right on! bluestarone Jul 2021 #10
I love this country, it just embarrasses the shit out of me. A HERETIC I AM Jul 2021 #11
Wow, I agree with every single word you just said. Bleacher Creature Jul 2021 #14
Thanks! A HERETIC I AM Jul 2021 #16
great movie about the Maori in present times, 1994, "Once were Warriors" Shellback Squid Jul 2021 #17
A 1st cousin of mine that I've known moonscape Jul 2021 #51
I pretty much feel the same as you do. smirkymonkey Jul 2021 #15
I fly the Mexican Flag at my house in California MenloParque Jul 2021 #18
Amor liberalgunwilltravel Jul 2021 #37
I have lived there. July Jul 2021 #60
I totally agree. cyndensco Jul 2021 #19
Part of that comes from privilege BradAllison Jul 2021 #20
Watch it, buddy. I was born in Mississippi! In the Delta. deurbano Jul 2021 #57
Well said wendyb-NC Jul 2021 #21
Yes! USAFRetired_Liberal Jul 2021 #22
I agree, and I never really understood the whole TxGuitar Jul 2021 #23
I do. edbermac Jul 2021 #24
never understood why I have to 'love this country or leave it' y'know just coz some meme. KG Jul 2021 #27
It's the attitude of authoritarian bullies. They don't care if they are wrong MarcA Jul 2021 #40
Agree! DemUnleashed Jul 2021 #30
Gasp!!! But but but - what about "my country right or wrong"? calimary Jul 2021 #32
But you do hug a flag when you see one right? j/k hibbing Jul 2021 #34
I've only seen ONE person in my entire LIFE do that... oldsoftie Jul 2021 #45
Would it be wrong obnoxiousdrunk Jul 2021 #35
Certainly not. oldsoftie Jul 2021 #49
I agree with you. Tribalism on a grand scale leads to totalitarian governments I believe. jalan48 Jul 2021 #36
I feel pretty much the same Jilly_in_VA Jul 2021 #38
Aruba! oldsoftie Jul 2021 #46
ah yup..... bahboo Jul 2021 #58
K&R spanone Jul 2021 #39
No system is any better than the people of which it consists. MarcA Jul 2021 #41
Citizens are people who ask: "What should we do?" zaj Jul 2021 #42
Love It Or... lame54 Jul 2021 #47
I'll take John Lennon for the win..... multigraincracker Jul 2021 #48
I'll second that Deuxcents Jul 2021 #54
Feel the same. SammyWinstonJack Jul 2021 #52
My Grandmother always told me Texasgal Jul 2021 #53
Nailed it. My EXACT sentiments. 634-5789 Jul 2021 #55
Times Change, People Change & Counties Change...But I do love this country... Stuart G Jul 2021 #59
I am glad I was born in Australia... uriel1972 Jul 2021 #63
Great post Ed canetoad Jul 2021 #65
I never felt American until I moved away. betsuni Jul 2021 #66
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