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31. Nope!...very conscious of where my left foot is..simply ready...been doing it
Mon Jul 12, 2021, 10:32 AM
Jul 2021

more than 50 years..would you believe I have an 04 Avalanche, took off the showroom floor..just turned 100,000 miles..and have same break shoes..very well maintained - gorgeous black beauty,

The only problem I have in AZ, my Pats stickers, and Red Sox trailer hitch..always get comments in the grocery store parking lot..here is my baby..from all sides...


There was a lot of good roadwork here. ananda Jul 2021 #1
no one told the lady on my GPS stillcool Jul 2021 #2
Turn around at the next possible exit. Turn around at the next possible exit. sarcasmo Jul 2021 #5
recalculating...she tells me stillcool Jul 2021 #6
I don't trust her in downtown areas with many one way streets. sarcasmo Jul 2021 #21
More logical keithbvadu2 Jul 2021 #3
Oh good fun! mahina Jul 2021 #4
We don't drive like crazy, we just know where we're going Blue_Adept Jul 2021 #8
True titletownie, no patience for gawkers... asiliveandbreathe Jul 2021 #13
You know what? I feel you because we almost got killed once mahina Jul 2021 #22
WHAT?. LOL...oh, okay...I liken crazy to aggressively defensive...my office was 50 miles asiliveandbreathe Jul 2021 #12
Two footed? Meaning your brake lights are on all the time? A HERETIC I AM Jul 2021 #25
Nope!...very conscious of where my left foot is..simply ready...been doing it asiliveandbreathe Jul 2021 #31
Massachusetts is among the safest states in which to drive. Mariana Jul 2021 #15
That's astonishing. mahina Jul 2021 #23
Pedestrian fatality rates in Massachusetts are below the US average. Mariana Jul 2021 #29
Thank you for that. mahina Jul 2021 #33
Long commutes in heavy traffic at relatively low speed in the Northeast Klaralven Jul 2021 #28
Those center dividers greatly improve the flow of traffic, too. Mariana Jul 2021 #30
Yeah, it wrapped up a few months ago overall. Blue_Adept Jul 2021 #7
I didn't realize there were any states left with the old format. I thought everyone had changed madinmaryland Jul 2021 #9
I'm at Old Exit 45 right now. Croney Jul 2021 #10
Noticed this last week when we went to Lenox Raftergirl Jul 2021 #11
I need to make a trip back to the homeland. Your mention of Lenox brings back some fond memories of CentralMass Jul 2021 #16
Going to see JT with Raftergirl Jul 2021 #18
Wow I bet that is going to be awesome concert CentralMass Jul 2021 #20
I think I am confused sanatanadharma Jul 2021 #14
Holy crap! Treefrog Jul 2021 #17
Here are the new I90 exit numbers. Raftergirl Jul 2021 #19
It's the system that the majority of states use Blue_Adept Jul 2021 #24
Still not a fan. Raftergirl Jul 2021 #32
That's good to know. I haven't been down that way since Covid started, but Vinca Jul 2021 #26
We noticed this when we drove from Boston to the tip of Cape Cod DFW Jul 2021 #27
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