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Mon Apr 12, 2021, 04:28 PM Apr 2021

Here's an example of my white male privilege. [View all]

I went out on a walk in the tiny little unincorporated town in California I lived in for 35 years. It was after midnight. I stopped in front of the little corner market a few blocks from my house to look at the bulletin board on the front wall of the store, since people posted things for sale and other stuff on it. There was a light shining on it. I had lived there for over 5 years at the time.

So, while I was doing that, a private security guy pulled up, parked and got out of his car and yelled, "FREEZE!" at me. I turned to look at him and he had his hand on his pistol. What did I do?

I looked the rent-a-cop guy in the eye and said, "What the fuck are you doing with your hand on your gun? Are you planning to shoot me for looking at the public bulletin on a store I patronize almost every day? What is wrong with you?"

He started in about me acting "suspiciously." I said, "How is looking at a well-lighted public bulletin board suspicious?"

He got back in his car and sped off down the street.

Why? Because I'm a white male. I can do things like that without worrying about some cop or other armed security person mistaking a pistol for a Taser and killing me.

Anyone who doesn't recognize their privilege needs to take another look at themselves.

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Same here. Aristus Apr 2021 #1
So he would have given you a ticket Haggard Celine Apr 2021 #7
That's for sure... Aristus Apr 2021 #8
Probably, had he been black and in a shitty car, he'd get a ticket. Black and in a nice car, Rabrrrrrr Apr 2021 #16
That's true. Haggard Celine Apr 2021 #22
Nailed it 100 percent. Solomon Apr 2021 #58
Not only that, but they appear to be somewhat color-blind. TexasTowelie Apr 2021 #64
There is nothing worse than a rent a cop DENVERPOPS Apr 2021 #35
I had a cop walk up to the car singing "good morning to you" Hassin Bin Sober Apr 2021 #51
Yep! Double standards need to go... Karadeniz Apr 2021 #2
"Acting suspiciously" True Dough Apr 2021 #3
I generally watch my language on DU. MineralMan Apr 2021 #4
My husband (white) got stopped for "gliding" through a stop sign Freddie Apr 2021 #5
Yeah. I one stopped at a traffic light, looked around, and drove on. MineralMan Apr 2021 #9
I never have seen anyone complain about getting out of a ticket until this thread. Treefrog Apr 2021 #38
I'm reading the point of the OP differently.. Permanut Apr 2021 #50
Exactly! BlueMTexpat Apr 2021 #56
Ok You were the one claiming Daunte Wright had a warrant for armed robbery. Solomon Apr 2021 #59
I got out of the ticket because I'm an old white man. MineralMan Apr 2021 #71
Fortunately he did not taser you or pepper spray you to near death!!! RKP5637 Apr 2021 #6
That was why when I would go walk at night misanthrope Apr 2021 #10
We used to live in a very small town and my husband who worked nights would Luciferous Apr 2021 #61
'He got back in his car and sped off down the street. Why?' elleng Apr 2021 #11
He got fired shortly after that. MineralMan Apr 2021 #13
Good. elleng Apr 2021 #14
He realized he fucked up, and MM's response by calling the security company proved it. BradAllison Apr 2021 #63
If you are white, ask yourself this question: Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #12
Nope. Never happened to me, either. MineralMan Apr 2021 #15
Never, of course; elleng Apr 2021 #17
It's happens to me relatively frequently and Ms. Toad Apr 2021 #20
Interesting. Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #21
And I'm usually driving a beater. Ms. Toad Apr 2021 #23
I know what you mean about being stopped at that hour. Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #24
It's different communities that are stopping me. Ms. Toad Apr 2021 #27
My son-in-law has Jilly_in_VA Apr 2021 #37
No, but every time I've been pulled over they ask for license, registration and insurance. Treefrog Apr 2021 #39
What I'm talking about, and what black friends have told me Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #43
I'm white and in almost 30 years of driving I've only been pulled over once meadowlander Apr 2021 #53
My white guy story.... Jon King Apr 2021 #18
Keep posting, MM. We need your wisdom and perspective. brush Apr 2021 #19
I haven't gotten my shot yet, but when I do I will want to get out ... YoshidaYui Apr 2021 #25
Um, and here's another: You can actually GO outside at Midnight whathehell Apr 2021 #26
That is true. The thing about privilege is MineralMan Apr 2021 #33
Yes, and when we have privilege, be it of gender or race, we should whathehell Apr 2021 #34
Yes, exactly. MineralMan Apr 2021 #44
Very well spotted. Treefrog Apr 2021 #40
Thanks... whathehell Apr 2021 #55
Excellent point. calimary Apr 2021 #46
Thanks, Calimary. whathehell Apr 2021 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Apr 2021 #28
Very, VERY similar to my "traffic stop" analogy, and absolutely spot on. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author quickesst Apr 2021 #30
No doubt in my mind. paleotn Apr 2021 #31
As a white female, I have benefited over the years from white privilege. Bluepinky Apr 2021 #32
Excellent example. And WTF was the "security" guard doing except being a paranoid a-hole?? Evolve Dammit Apr 2021 #36
When my sons started driving I mcar Apr 2021 #41
White female privilege Jilly_in_VA Apr 2021 #42
My wife is a retired nurse who, shall we say, Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #69
Cops and ER nurses Jilly_in_VA Apr 2021 #72
Thank you for posting this MM Ferrets are Cool Apr 2021 #45
And white blonde female privilege is even worse. McCamy Taylor Apr 2021 #47
Tell them MM malaise Apr 2021 #48
I'm a middle class white gal and liberalhistorian Apr 2021 #49
I'm a lucky to be alive white guy..... fantase56 Apr 2021 #52
Back when I worked nights Woodwizard Apr 2021 #57
A big example of white privilege is a white person can ask a cop questions. Solomon Apr 2021 #60
This security guard appears to be trigger-happy and a threat to your community dlk Apr 2021 #62
Well, he got fired. MineralMan Apr 2021 #65
Without a doubt, there is a double standard dlk Apr 2021 #66
Don't count on it arlyellowdog Apr 2021 #67
absolutely true... Locrian Apr 2021 #68
Amen arlyellowdog Apr 2021 #70
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