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Wed Apr 7, 2021, 01:34 PM Apr 2021

Why are republicans afraid? [View all]

From local writer Mike McFreely Fargo ND

Republicans are afraid.

Afraid of Black people. Afraid of brown people. Afraid of red people. Afraid of yellow people. Afraid of women. Afraid of young people.

Afraid of young people voting. Afraid of people of color voting. Afraid of voting rights. Afraid of democracy.

Afraid of science. Afraid of medicine. Afraid of knowledge. Afraid of public education. Afraid of universities. Afraid of professors. Afraid of teachers.

Afraid of experts. Afraid of doctors. Afraid of Anthony Fauci. Afraid of masks. Afraid of vaccines. Afraid of vaccine passports. Afraid of vaccine chips. Afraid of things that don't exist.

Afraid of history. Afraid of the truth. Afraid of those who tell the truth.

Afraid of books. Afraid of newspapers. Afraid of objectivity. Afraid of facts.

Afraid of wind towers. Afraid of solar power. Afraid of environmentalists. Afraid of the Green New Deal. Afraid of Greta Thunberg. Afraid of change.

Afraid of the media. Afraid of the New York Times. Afraid of the Washington Post. Afraid of MSNBC. Afraid of CNN.

Afraid of Twitter. Afraid of Facebook. Afraid of Google. Afraid of big tech. Afraid of the government. Afraid of the establishment.

Afraid of Democrats. Afraid of Black Lives Matter. Afraid of antifa. Afraid of Democratic Socialists.

Afraid of Bernie Sanders. Afraid of AOC. Afraid of Elizabeth Warren. Afraid of Nancy Pelosi. Afraid of Barack Obama. Afraid of Kamala Harris. Afraid of Joe Biden. Afraid of Mitt Romney. Afraid of Liz Cheney. Afraid of RINOs.

Afraid of athletes. Afraid of kneeling. Afraid of the NFL. Afraid of Colin Kaepernick. Afraid of the NBA. Afraid of LeBron James. Afraid of Major League Baseball.

Afraid of Hollywood. Afraid of actors. Afraid of the Academy Awards. Afraid of musicians. Afraid of the Grammys. Afraid of Broadway shows. Afraid of late-night comics. Afraid of "Saturday Night Live."

Afraid of ABC. Afraid of CBS. Afraid of NBC. Afraid of NPR. Afraid of PBS.

Afraid of Starbucks. Afraid of Coke. Afraid of Nike. Afraid of Delta Airlines. Afraid of Citigroup. Afraid of what Trump tells them to be afraid of.

Afraid of a $15 minimum wage. Afraid of unions.

Afraid of Mexicans. Afraid of Asians. Afraid of Muslims. Afraid of Somalians.

Afraid of caravans. Afraid of refugees. Afraid of immigrants. Afraid of diversity.

Afraid of the FBI. Afraid of the CIA. Afraid of the Deep State.

Afraid of homosexuals. Afraid of bisexuals. Afraid of same-sex marriage. Afraid of transgenders. Afraid of transgender kids. Afraid of bathrooms.

Afraid of big cities. Afraid of coastal cities. Afraid of Chicago. Afraid of Portland. Afraid of Minneapolis.

Afraid of California. Afraid of New York. Afraid of blue states. Afraid of Washington, D.C. Afraid of Puerto Rico.

Afraid of the world.

Afraid of social justice. Afraid of equality. Afraid of fairness.

Afraid of elites. Afraid of academics. Afraid of intellectuals.

Afraid of Planned Parenthood. Afraid of Obamacare. Afraid of Medicare.

Afraid of the truthful past. Afraid of the truthful present. Afraid of the future.

So afraid of the future.

Why are Republican so afraid?

It must be exhausting.

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Why are republicans afraid? [View all] Greyhead Apr 2021 OP
Thanks for making me realize just why I'm afraid of reTHUG fascists! abqtommy Apr 2021 #1
Good one! world wide wally Apr 2021 #2
Which is FINE with me! calimary Apr 2021 #23
All of them are threats to a Republican. Kid Berwyn Apr 2021 #3
Agree! Ideas are living things and can't be shot dead, only made stronger. MoriaeEncomium Apr 2021 #49
Simple answer? DEbluedude Apr 2021 #4
Don't forget hate radio Leith Apr 2021 #22
There are two ways of living in the world sanatanadharma Apr 2021 #5
Great post. Vinca Apr 2021 #6
I'm afraid Harker Apr 2021 #7
They ain't afraid of no virus! Midnight Writer Apr 2021 #8
And they ain't afraid of guns! sop Apr 2021 #14
But, these pseudo christians are not afraid of going to Hell. BarbD Apr 2021 #9
I think it a dominance-control issue fueled by paranoia bucolic_frolic Apr 2021 #10
Great post! Thank you for sharing with us. liberalla Apr 2021 #11
That's exactly what I ask republicans, why are you such scary cats? Pepsidog Apr 2021 #12
"Fear is the path to the dark side...fear leads to anger...anger leads to hate...hate leads to Qanon." PurgedVoter Apr 2021 #13
You should create a bumper sticker... mac2766 Apr 2021 #35
Indeed. IrishAfricanAmerican Apr 2021 #37
It's a brain thing. They'll find something to be afraid of. Boogeyman, Great Pumpkin lindysalsagal Apr 2021 #15
They're told what to be afraid of FakeNoose Apr 2021 #41
They're afraid of those things... SergeStorms Apr 2021 #16
👍 Joinfortmill Apr 2021 #17
Well, when you put it like that I almost feel sorry for them....Nah Biophilic Apr 2021 #18
The brainwashed are always afraid of everything - EXCEPT that for which they were brainwashed peppertree Apr 2021 #19
This is a powerful idea. mahina Apr 2021 #20
Political arrested development nuxvomica Apr 2021 #21
Brilliant. Nt BootinUp Apr 2021 #24
It is hormonal. ffr Apr 2021 #25
K&G. Greyhead FTW. multigraincracker Apr 2021 #26
Because at their core they are cowards. llmart Apr 2021 #27
Republican brains are different from democratic I_UndergroundPanther Apr 2021 #28
Rank and file; they've been conditioned by decades of heavy propaganda by RW media, Crunchy Frog Apr 2021 #29
And Democrats have nothing to fear but fear itself. Kablooie Apr 2021 #30
Tons of guns will protect them! moondust Apr 2021 #31
They don't seem to be afraid of Covid-19 Raine Apr 2021 #32
It's because they believe all these things are... Blue Owl Apr 2021 #33
Fundy churches that preach hellfire Wicked Blue Apr 2021 #34
Fear is the "go too" emotion for half of the population at any given time. jaxexpat Apr 2021 #36
They feel threatened. And they are, so their fear is justified. dchill Apr 2021 #38
Many of them cling to old MYTHS that they... Buckeye_Democrat Apr 2021 #39
Weak & Mediocre IbogaProject Apr 2021 #40
People are generally motivated by either Love or Fear GETPLANING Apr 2021 #42
Never saw so much fear on a single page, must be a painful experience. MoriaeEncomium Apr 2021 #43
Well said. Welcome to DU. TomSlick Apr 2021 #48
Thanks Much. Trying to visit at least once a day. MoriaeEncomium Apr 2021 #52
I try to check in every day. TomSlick Apr 2021 #53
The Bible: Be grateful in all things. marble falls Apr 2021 #51
They're pols. politruk Apr 2021 #44
In a post a minute ago. . . NQAS Apr 2021 #45
If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest you watch the opening clip of The Newsroom. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #46
I totally agree they are afraid of all of these things. We should BLAME republicans and FOX NEWS. usaf-vet Apr 2021 #47
Exceptional post, thanks. White Rage appalachiablue Apr 2021 #50
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