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24. Please don't forget that Texas
Sat Feb 20, 2021, 12:45 PM
Feb 2021

is gerrymandered to hell and back. Like most Southern states, there are hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised voters who could easily turn Texas blue, were the system not rigged to keep them from casting their votes. Voter suppression is a huge problem. Writing off the South as a lost cause ignores the many, many POC and LGBTQ+ folks who live there and want change.

We should always be mindful of the marginalized people who are stuck living in areas controlled by Confederate sympathizers and progress-hating conservatives. Those marginalized people WILL remember this at the ballot box, but first they need to get to the ballot box. Hopefully Stacy Abrams and her team can make sure that they do.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet: [View all] tblue37 Feb 2021 OP
They'll Forget This By The Time LYIN' TED Is Running In 2024 nt sfstaxprep Feb 2021 #1
Or they will simply say Mr.Bill Feb 2021 #5
Yep jayschool2013 Feb 2021 #15
Sometimes I think if it were not for Mr.Bill Feb 2021 #18
Seems like Republicans are all takers. LakeArenal Feb 2021 #2
Come election day these ******* will scream about the evils of dems and socialism Fullduplexxx Feb 2021 #3
It's like a brain-disabling disease, that defies natural explanation Blue Owl Feb 2021 #4
Hell, they'll campaign on (lying about) it. Grokenstein Feb 2021 #6
I tweeted back at this maroon. MontanaMama Feb 2021 #9
Holy Crap! Lies! Duppers Feb 2021 #10
It's a good thing AOC forgot about the senators who voted against helping CaptYossarian Feb 2021 #7
NOT... lame54 Feb 2021 #8
Lacking his trademark snarky humour, but as incisive as ever. BobTheSubgenius Feb 2021 #11
...but I'm not holding my breath bluboid Feb 2021 #12
Come election time Cruz will just say that he cannot see raising taxes for silly infrastructure world wide wally Feb 2021 #13
Well maybe Rebl2 Feb 2021 #20
We'll need to remind the MSM about it and make sure they haven't normalized it out of sight. Ford_Prefect Feb 2021 #14
Nope, a Democratic party member could hand them each $1600 dollars and they would still Ferrets are Cool Feb 2021 #16
suthners would eat dirt, so long as the gots they guns & bibbles. KG Feb 2021 #17
I am reminded of a Sam Houston quote flotsam Feb 2021 #19
It's hard to believe that people would still vote for Reeps in Texas. ananda Feb 2021 #21
that's because, Abbott and Cornyn are White in Repub. minds... RicROC Feb 2021 #22
God I hate white supremacy shit! ananda Feb 2021 #23
Please don't forget that Texas Xanthera Feb 2021 #24
How will they know? Who will tell them? 3Hotdogs Feb 2021 #25
It's $3.4 million now! tblue37 Feb 2021 #26
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