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Methinks snowybirdie Feb 2021 #1
Methinks crack. sop Feb 2021 #7
Or Meth! ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #28
don't they know how to cut a mic Skittles Feb 2021 #2
None of them really do Midnightwalk Feb 2021 #21
excellent analysis Skittles Feb 2021 #43
Dominion is suing everybody who defamed it. Marcuse Feb 2021 #3
This! genxlib Feb 2021 #9
It's like watching drunk people argue theneworiginal Feb 2021 #4
Jim Acosta: "The anchor here sure gets extra firm with MyPillow guy..." IcyPeas Feb 2021 #5
This is like what happened when this douchebag popped out of my medicine cabinet. Midnight Writer Feb 2021 #6
Uhhhhh what? Midnightwalk Feb 2021 #24
Have you noticed that after sleeping on one of ol' Mikes pillow Arkansas Granny Feb 2021 #34
BeschlossDC 12m Does not seem as if Mr. Pillow has been getting a good night's sleep. riversedge Feb 2021 #8
Mike bdamomma Feb 2021 #10
Their attorneys have told them they need to dial it back. redstatebluegirl Feb 2021 #11
Once a crack head always a crack head. nt Popcorn 51 Feb 2021 #12
Bwahahahahaha! DonaldsRump Feb 2021 #13
I suppose we have to wait until Friday for all this evidence to be revealed. n/t Laelth Feb 2021 #14
Right, while Lindell cilla4progress Feb 2021 #17
Two weeks. kacekwl Feb 2021 #26
too crazy for newsmax cilla4progress Feb 2021 #15
Don Yawn has something on Foam Dome. Baked Potato Feb 2021 #16
Separated at birth: Mike Lindell and WWE manager Paul Bearer. Efilroft Sul Feb 2021 #18
How does he keep all that coke out of his moustache? eShirl Feb 2021 #19
What's with the flags in the background? Deuxcents Feb 2021 #20
They are afraid of a giant lawsuit. kacekwl Feb 2021 #22
Disgusting that they zentrum Feb 2021 #23
The Newsmax attorney was standing off to the side of the hosts with a taser and bear spray. Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2021 #25
lolololol Celerity Feb 2021 #38
The perfect consultant for dipshit45 spanone Feb 2021 #27
Golfers! Look At This Picture! ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #31
... Celerity Feb 2021 #40
Bwahahahahahaaa!!!! spanone Feb 2021 #41
"Too crazy for Newsmax" is a unprecedented class of GOP wackos struggle4progress Feb 2021 #29
Give me a break! Dread Pirate Roberts Feb 2021 #30
Translation: Newsmax doesn't want to be sued by election machine companies. FSogol Feb 2021 #32
Rupert Pupkin, only worse Mike 03 Feb 2021 #33
That guy's gone off the deep end. cwydro Feb 2021 #35
Dominion should sue them just for inviting him on knowing what he'd say. TeamPooka Feb 2021 #36
When you have lost Newsmax then you know you are batshit crazy. Nt helpisontheway Feb 2021 #37
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! malaise Feb 2021 #39
I think it's time we cash in on the grifters that have been cashing in on the grifters. W_HAMILTON Feb 2021 #42
If you look on YouTube, people are furiously swearing that they'll never watch Newsmax again. Crunchy Frog Feb 2021 #44
Just . . . . WOW. Maru Kitteh Feb 2021 #45
that was funny nt orleans Feb 2021 #46
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