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67. Mr President elect
Thu Jan 7, 2021, 07:19 PM
Jan 2021

Release the kids in cages, and pack them full of these Sons of bitches, and have all Latinos guards and staff care for them. Covid, ah it’s a hoax, fuck them, a silver blanket, stale bread and Flint water. “Be best” way to deal with em. Also every Trump klan arrest, save a gage for them. And Rudy. Lock em up!!!

Every single terrorist should have been zip tied & arrested on the scene. CottonBear Jan 2021 #1
No. Trump would have pardoned them. They should be located, and then rounded up at Squinch Jan 2021 #8
Good point Hekate Jan 2021 #52
I have to agree with you. CottonBear Jan 2021 #60
That eventuality is galling to everyone that has a sense of history, or of integrity, or both. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #104
Except, he'll have his minions find out who his little fascist thugs Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2021 #106
Trump's Monuments Act (signed in June targeting BLM protesters) Might Mean Up to 10yrs in Prison. TheBlackAdder Jan 2021 #58
looks like a bad zoom meeting n/t KayF Jan 2021 #2
was gonna say musette_sf Jan 2021 #5
on meth. BlueNProud Jan 2021 #6
some are too fat to be meth users DBoon Jan 2021 #18
Mainlining Velveeta. BlueNProud Jan 2021 #22
Now THAT got a chuckle out of me! Not an easy thing to do. /nt sdfernando Jan 2021 #45
Thanks for insulting fat liberals. CCExile Jan 2021 #76
Nah. I'm just liberally tubby. erronis Jan 2021 #97
🤪😂 Walleye Jan 2021 #7
Oh my, while the last 24 hours Seiad Jan 2021 #98
Waiting for Trump to pardon photographs. n/t moonscape Jan 2021 #3
🤣 Stardust Jan 2021 #112
Anyone know the what they call a group of idiots? a gaggle, a flock? Thomas Hurt Jan 2021 #4
A fuckwad. Squinch Jan 2021 #10
HA! Stardust Jan 2021 #111
A group of crows MURDER doc03 Jan 2021 #12
A murder, A flamboyance? I'd go with herd Walleye Jan 2021 #14
a klan DBoon Jan 2021 #19
small groups of the klan were called a klavern, maybe they are a klavern Thomas Hurt Jan 2021 #23
A MAGA? (n/t) GopherGal Jan 2021 #21
A TRUMP RALLY BruceWane Jan 2021 #28
A Magamony Cartoonist Jan 2021 #32
A doxxing of idiots MineralMan Jan 2021 #35
Oh well done. You gave me my first chuckle since this insanity started. Hekate Jan 2021 #53
LOL. Many of them are going to get surprise visits MineralMan Jan 2021 #54
A covidiot. Hugin Jan 2021 #68
A hazard. meadowlander Jan 2021 #71
RABBLE ailsagirl Jan 2021 #94
a Custer Fluck ... since they're losers as well. nt eppur_se_muova Jan 2021 #99
I kinda like the oG name Sgent Jan 2021 #113
Get them on a path to prison Midnightwalk Jan 2021 #9
A good start. BusyBeingBest Jan 2021 #11
They're fucked. dware Jan 2021 #13
I do love the guy with the ID tag around his neck Walleye Jan 2021 #17
That was his work ID Johnny2X2X Jan 2021 #30
Excellent. All true. They all should be punished Walleye Jan 2021 #39
They could have covered their faces with masks PatSeg Jan 2021 #31
With these MAGAT's, dware Jan 2021 #34
I know PatSeg Jan 2021 #50
Very true, dware Jan 2021 #63
Even dumber than I'd imagined PatSeg Jan 2021 #102
Exactly they were sure their god would get them off somehow Walleye Jan 2021 #41
Seriously PatSeg Jan 2021 #47
Same here: "Look at me! I'm a pointless thug!" Hekate Jan 2021 #75
They are fucked unfuckables! . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2021 #84
+100. nt dware Jan 2021 #89
After the way justice was thwarted for the "ranchers" who took over a park in Oregon...... jaxexpat Jan 2021 #92
There's been a sea change, dware Jan 2021 #93
AG Garland will be a busy fellow indeed. The iron is exquisitely hot and striking is long past due. jaxexpat Jan 2021 #108
+100. dware Jan 2021 #109
I'm not sure, but I think one big difference is that thucythucy Jan 2021 #107
You can bet that if any of these wall climbers had fallen to the ground NoRoadUntravelled Jan 2021 #15
I think one of them did fall and was taken to the hospital, don't know his condition,or if true Walleye Jan 2021 #20
I'd read that one of the fatal 'medical emergencies' intrepidity Jan 2021 #82
That's right thanks. I didn't have a good source on that Walleye Jan 2021 #91
Hoping the database has the ID and rap sheets. Arne Jan 2021 #16
top row, 4th from the left has been identified and fired. The dumbass wore his work badge. GemDigger Jan 2021 #24
2nd one on 2nd row dweller Jan 2021 #25
I would label this picture "The Dregs of Humanity". llmart Jan 2021 #26
Pretty clear pics. cwydro Jan 2021 #27
DJTJ???? Middle Row 7th pic? demtenjeep Jan 2021 #29
No way. Mouth too small and beard too red nt intrepidity Jan 2021 #87
Such a nice bunch Chainfire Jan 2021 #33
White beard top row fifth from the right looks like same guy who got laid out at Million MAGA greenjar_01 Jan 2021 #36
Man, those antifa impersonators really did their cosplay homework! gratuitous Jan 2021 #37
Bullshit. FBI can track their phones and know instantly who was there and where they went. Midnight Writer Jan 2021 #38
Maybe because the list of ones that they know broke in. Some remained in streets. nt USALiberal Jan 2021 #43
Not everyone is dumb enough to not use a burner phone at such events. Kaleva Jan 2021 #44
A cluster flock MLAA Jan 2021 #40
A clustertrump. nt tblue37 Jan 2021 #48
Even better 🙂 MLAA Jan 2021 #51
And, helped them Plan the Terrorist ATTACK?! Cha Jan 2021 #42
They shouldn't charge any of them until Biden is President. Trump will pardon them all. n/t twin_ghost Jan 2021 #46
Shared on social media Sugarcoated Jan 2021 #49
Duck Dynasty and Dukes of Hazard cast alikes AmericanCanuck Jan 2021 #55
FBI should make all the Capitol Police turn over their cell phones Thrill Jan 2021 #56
Where's Donnie's photo WA-03 Democrat Jan 2021 #57
Don't forget, the FBI infiltrates groups like this. Mr.Bill Jan 2021 #59
Do you think Russian and other foreign agents could've been there too? CottonBear Jan 2021 #61
Quite possible. n/t Mr.Bill Jan 2021 #62
Several of those pictures have been identified...can't wait for the arrests and perp walks. Nt Fiendish Thingy Jan 2021 #64
K&R...nt Wounded Bear Jan 2021 #65
Hmm... I don't see Orange Julius Caesar or Hawley's pictures included. Hugin Jan 2021 #66
Mr President elect Traildogbob Jan 2021 #67
Lololol griloco Jan 2021 #73
Great list of benefits these miscreants should have for the next 5-20 years. Losers!! erronis Jan 2021 #100
Someone should spread the word Colorado Liberal Jan 2021 #69
"Low IQ" TomDaisy Jan 2021 #70
Some have already been identified. Two were fired this morning from their jobs.... George II Jan 2021 #72
What a box of animal crackers. nt Xipe Totec Jan 2021 #74
Just like that BLMist FBI!!! griloco Jan 2021 #77
Winners all! Three hots and a cot for ten years! Score. byronius Jan 2021 #78
Oh goody, a list for Trump to pardon! nt intrepidity Jan 2021 #79
posted on twitter trueblue2007 Jan 2021 #80
LOL thank you all for one of the best batch of comments ever housecat Jan 2021 #81
How many of those look liike antifa? Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2021 #83
Where's Jake Angeli, aka QShaman? intrepidity Jan 2021 #85
I don't see the one with the sidearm and the cuff-ties. That MFer needs to be found and charged. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #86
If this is the same one I'm thinking about, someone in twitter has already not only Vivienne235729 Jan 2021 #105
Good. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #110
#4 wore his work badge; IDed; now fired. #14 IDed as the son of a judge. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2021 #88
Where are the other 5000 photos? Tommymac Jan 2021 #90
And this is only a handful of them - there were hundreds of them in/on/surrounding the Capitol. nt iluvtennis Jan 2021 #95
How does ANYONE see these shitheads as patriots? dchill Jan 2021 #96
I haven't seen this many virgins Dukkha Jan 2021 #101
K&R MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #103
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