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Yeah!! Thekaspervote Dec 2020 #1
Which trump case? MoonRiver Dec 2020 #2
Pennsylvania SoonerPride Dec 2020 #3
Thanks. Next, Texas faux lawsuit... MoonRiver Dec 2020 #5
Can we count this as a loss? Cirque du So-What Dec 2020 #4
I think it's magic number 50 StarfishSaver Dec 2020 #6
51 I think sweetloukillbot Dec 2020 #11
Marc Elias seems to think so: GopherGal Dec 2020 #13
The 50th Case Lost was in Georgia! Cha Dec 2020 #18
The 50th Case Lost was in Georgia.. Marc Elias.. Cha Dec 2020 #17
Suck it Donny you fat piece of shit Blue Owl Dec 2020 #7
And the Supremes cilla4progress Dec 2020 #8
I'm so elated. k&r Kahuna Dec 2020 #9
Lol people over at Conservative Reddit are stunned. bearsfootball516 Dec 2020 #10
yeah now they'll start insisting the supreme court is "liberal" because of this. unblock Dec 2020 #12
"DAMN YOU, Amy Coney Barrett!!!" StarfishSaver Dec 2020 #14
I don't really care about imaginary Internet points, so... bbernardini Dec 2020 #19
Is this the case before Alito this morning? C_U_L8R Dec 2020 #15
Yes.And it was never going to be decided by Alito alone. onenote Dec 2020 #23
It seems a short satisfying smackdown. C_U_L8R Dec 2020 #24
I guess that was me Sucha NastyWoman Dec 2020 #25
It been over for a while malaise Dec 2020 #16
Game, set, and match! Initech Dec 2020 #20
The fat lady sang a long time ago Dave in VA Dec 2020 #21
The fat lady just wheezed her last aria, The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2020 #22
And Donny loses again Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2020 #26
But did the fat lady also get high? The show is not over until she does Hassler Dec 2020 #27
Yes, I have to admit I am breathing much easier. BobTheSubgenius Dec 2020 #28
There's a line forming at the SC. Texas & others are next up for this shitshow.... KY_EnviroGuy Dec 2020 #29
So, 9 or so red states are suing multiple blue states? GopherGal Dec 2020 #30
This was posted on another thread, responding far better than I could..... KY_EnviroGuy Dec 2020 #31
Elias coming up on CNN GopherGal Dec 2020 #32
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