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17. SG-1, eppy name - 2010 . . .
Sat Dec 5, 2020, 05:35 PM
Dec 2020

President Kinsey of earth, made an alliance with the Aschen, an alien group that that SG-1 discovered. Their alliance encompassed their advanced science and tech which humanity shared and enjoyed, including a vaccine against aging. But alas, the vaccine purpose was to sterilized mankind to extinction.

I thought about that eppy when I read the title.

RWers equals to "end days".

Do they know that COVID-19 can cause their dicks to go soft? N/T s-cubed Dec 2020 #1
Uhh, onethatcares Dec 2020 #9
Yeah, why would they have to sterilize women in that case? lunatica Dec 2020 #12
That wouldn't be a bad thing among the freepers. CatMor Dec 2020 #2
But, But what about being pro-life? KWR65 Dec 2020 #4
I meant the less of them the better. CatMor Dec 2020 #7
" what about being pro-life?" mitch96 Dec 2020 #20
Ah, Newest Reality Dec 2020 #3
hmm so they don't trust their lord and savior trump? mucifer Dec 2020 #5
As the saying goes: stupid people shouldn't breed. . . DinahMoeHum Dec 2020 #6
They mean sterilizing only MAGAT women lunatica Dec 2020 #8
I'll be happy to get my vaccine sooner. we can do it Dec 2020 #10
NO Me. Dec 2020 #11
That should reduce the number of abortions. So what are they bitching about Walleye Dec 2020 #13
good, airheads. more for the deserving... sprinkleeninow Dec 2020 #14
That's stupid but it *will* cause spontaneous abortions. Kablooie Dec 2020 #15
That's silly ... e'erone knows the nanobots in it rearrange your DNA and make you gay socialists mr_lebowski Dec 2020 #16
SG-1, eppy name - 2010 . . . Iliyah Dec 2020 #17
Some time ago I referenced the Aschen in a post....no one got it. Nevilledog Dec 2020 #21
This is one of the conspiracy theories being promoted by Roosh V... keep_left Dec 2020 #18
Someone should ask them if that's the case, yonder Dec 2020 #19
In a more general way, this is standard antivaxx propaganda ... J Magarac Dec 2020 #22
If they trust God or Jesus will protect them, they should be protected if they get the vaccine too. TheBlackAdder Dec 2020 #23
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