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8. You know those five stripes represent the five pillars of Islam, right?
Wed Sep 26, 2012, 07:11 PM
Sep 2012

It has to be true because I read it on Facebook.

I like to look up at night and think about all the photons from the Universe falling on my retina. tridim Sep 2012 #1
On a hot day I visualize a sphere the size of earth's orbit cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #3
See: Dyson Sphere. Ikonoklast Sep 2012 #7
I give a problem like that to my algebra students central scrutinizer Sep 2012 #9
QED, tama Sep 2012 #78
Thanks for this. Smickey Sep 2012 #2
I suspose there also could have been more than one big bang as well. ZombieHorde Sep 2012 #4
In fact, that seems to be a consequence of the inflationary theories caraher Sep 2012 #5
Well yea, our big bang (or whatever it is) is still banging. So it's happening now. tridim Sep 2012 #6
You know those five stripes represent the five pillars of Islam, right? Blue_In_AK Sep 2012 #8
This speculative theory as I understand it cpwm17 Sep 2012 #30
I just love how this theory expresses itself as a fractal. tridim Sep 2012 #48
I think it is almost guaranteed that our Universe isn't alone. cpwm17 Sep 2012 #31
In that context, "right now" has no meaning. GreenStormCloud Sep 2012 #110
"If it was possible somebody out there would have already done it"... bhikkhu Sep 2012 #10
Jack Chalker's Well World series covered that CBGLuthier Sep 2012 #98
way too deep Dedicated Mind Sep 2012 #11
I challenged my kids by asking musiclawyer Sep 2012 #12
to me, this photo just reinforces my own humble opinion ldf Sep 2012 #13
Orgasms RobertEarl Sep 2012 #15
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. CrispyQ Sep 2012 #22
No offense, but... eqfan592 Sep 2012 #26
Perhaps you could enlighten everyone with your wisdom cpwm17 Sep 2012 #29
I`ll take a stab at one... opiate69 Sep 2012 #36
This is what I was talking about. eqfan592 Sep 2012 #64
no worries. glad I could help and even happier I got it basically right! lol opiate69 Sep 2012 #99
You don't trust science cpwm17 Sep 2012 #39
Yes. Except there are no infinities, and if there were we could not observe them. bemildred Sep 2012 #42
"I don't understand this, so they can't either." Oy. (nt) Posteritatis Sep 2012 #44
pretty much pokerfan Sep 2012 #72
I agree 100% about there being no beginning of time. Brewinblue Sep 2012 #79
Nope, the rebounding cyclic universe idea is NOT gaining support. GreenStormCloud Sep 2012 #111
That doesn't help much cthulu2016 Oct 2012 #114
I'd be interested to get your take on one of my latest essays (reposted here): coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #102
We're alone. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #14
The Fermi Paradox isn't a "paradox" at all. EOTE Sep 2012 #17
Forget "visits". The galaxy should be saturated with radio noise. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #19
Of course it's just a belief. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be having this conversation. EOTE Sep 2012 #25
Question 1) there's only one electromagnetic spectrum lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #27
Question number one isn't really a question, it's a statement and a specious one at that. EOTE Sep 2012 #32
Allow me to chime in bongbong Sep 2012 #49
Sure, but not radio signals sent with the expressed intent of being found. EOTE Sep 2012 #50
Yummy bongbong Sep 2012 #105
Great movie (and book). EOTE Sep 2012 #109
a) they were answers to your questions. b) "specious" means plausible-looking falsehood. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #59
Specious means factually wrong, but pleasant looking. EOTE Sep 2012 #60
Your argument is undermined by the hyperbole deployed. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #61
Sorry, but you're working with a lot of fail here. eqfan592 Sep 2012 #65
The "available data" includes one datapoint of a planet with life. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #68
It's a baseline assumption that flies completely in the face of all probability. eqfan592 Sep 2012 #71
No it doesn't. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #76
One data point? eqfan592 Sep 2012 #80
Things that science has no evidence to be possible, are assumed to not exist cpwm17 Sep 2012 #75
There is also no evidence of Earth sized planets outside the solar system cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #81
Your belief is that advanced technological civilizations would be using our technology which is in EOTE Sep 2012 #92
I'm not operating on belief. You are. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #94
There is no intelligence to speak of. EOTE Sep 2012 #97
Clap louder Peter! lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #104
You appear to place rather a large amount of faith in your position. LanternWaste Sep 2012 #107
On the contrary, I place none at all. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #108
Oh, and another thing. EOTE Sep 2012 #93
No, I was trying to sort out your gibberish. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #95
If you're going to quote someone, you should actually use their words. EOTE Sep 2012 #96
Dude, you really should just stop. eqfan592 Sep 2012 #101
Some science fiction writers have dealt with that cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #45
This is one of my favorite sites: CrispyQ Sep 2012 #21
I get a weird sense when visiting that site, kind of like a fear of heights. EOTE Sep 2012 #33
A person could get lost in this website. Amazing! LuckyLib Sep 2012 #53
Excellent post, cthulu2016. Thanks. n/t pampango Sep 2012 #16
What pampango said! villager Sep 2012 #91
I (and some others I'm sure) immediately thought of this: KatyMan Sep 2012 #18
But no matter how you do the math, the answer is still 42. nt JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2012 #20
+1 blogslut Sep 2012 #57
Yes, our metrics are useless outside of local scale/local space. bemildred Sep 2012 #23
Good observations, and I'd like to add: Amonester Sep 2012 #24
I came to this following conclusion long ago WCGreen Sep 2012 #28
Somebody who wanted to control other people invented god, I think...nt fadedrose Sep 2012 #35
I read it all, and sort of understood it... fadedrose Sep 2012 #34
The cake grew, and as it's cooling, it's getting smaller fadedrose Sep 2012 #54
That has always been a hot topic of debate. Open or closed universe? cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #62
I wondered about the light.... fadedrose Sep 2012 #66
It doesn't block the sun from us here. We're pretty close. cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #82
That's not dark matter, that's a buncha Photino Birds. Angry Photino Birds! Zalatix Sep 2012 #73
Einstein said, God does not play dice. Eddie Haskell Sep 2012 #37
When I was in high school, I used to stare up at the night sky and ponder... Speck Tater Sep 2012 #38
You hated social studies class but yet here you are on DU. There's an irony coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #103
Those who don't learn from history... Speck Tater Sep 2012 #106
The only plausible reason I can think of why a young person like you would coume to hate coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #112
BAck when I was in school, 60 years ago, memorizing names and dates Speck Tater Oct 2012 #113
I am so sorry. That regurgitation of trivia is so NOT what history (as coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #117
The history I have always been interested in is... Speck Tater Oct 2012 #118
In the 1960s, this type of history (known variously as 'Social History') became coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #120
I have always wondered if there is an end to space. RebelOne Sep 2012 #40
Our space probably does no go on and on. cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #41
and once it ends if it ends are there many others like it outside of where it ends JI7 Sep 2012 #63
More problems with the Fermi "paradox" Spike89 Sep 2012 #43
It's quite a treat to think about things like this. Alduin Sep 2012 #46
I always take some comfort from Giordano Bruno who pointed out that... Tom Rinaldo Sep 2012 #47
I'm going to hide under my desk now. nt Deep13 Sep 2012 #51
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Sep 2012 #52
What WE think of as "The Universe" is just a tiny atom in the fingernail of a giant. n/t cherokeeprogressive Sep 2012 #55
. Zygoat Sep 2012 #88
One night when I was 9 years old Canuckistanian Sep 2012 #56
K&R! The universe is estimated to have 200 Billion galaxies and growing. JaneyVee Sep 2012 #58
....Yet there are pea brains right here on earth..... RagAss Sep 2012 #67
But ... I want to meet Mister Wuggles! Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #69
Calling Morris-Thorne... Calling Morris-Thorne... Zalatix Sep 2012 #70
Well, never say never cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #84
Very cool OP thanks. rudycantfail Sep 2012 #74
is the universe conscious? Zygoat Sep 2012 #77
If it is, it is on a very slow time scale cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #85
or very fast Zygoat Sep 2012 #86
Fun stuff ismnotwasm Sep 2012 #83
What? Zygoat Sep 2012 #87
Sure, though perhaps it could have been phrased better cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #89
It can't be any bigger than the notions here... littlemissmartypants Sep 2012 #90
Your magisterial post caused me to remember a quote from coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #100
CD nails it again. Thanks for this. n/t VOX Oct 2012 #116
Every object in our known existence has an inside and an outside. Is the universe inside something? VOX Oct 2012 #115
Or this: DiverDave Oct 2012 #119
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