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Lock him up.

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32. I hope when he's detained serving his life sentence before that
Wed Sep 16, 2020, 03:06 AM
Sep 2020
in a federal or a state prison, to pay for all the sufferings he is to be found guilty of, with all the real evidence of his lifelong crime spree, that you will already start to rest from there on.
God Bless You Brother pdxflyboy Sep 2020 #1
You speak for many. JohnnyLib2 Sep 2020 #2
+ 1. nt iluvtennis Sep 2020 #25
+100000 AZ8theist Sep 2020 #42
Thank you, Jack. crickets Sep 2020 #3
Always consider the source. To be admired by Trump indicates the recipient is some sort of immoral Karadeniz Sep 2020 #4
Right there with you, Brother. Stinky The Clown Sep 2020 #5
Amen! Well said, brother FakeNoose Sep 2020 #6
K & R Hulk Sep 2020 #10
This is positive thinking @ it's best!... Illumination Sep 2020 #20
Love it. nt iluvtennis Sep 2020 #26
Made my day!!! colorado_ufo Sep 2020 #48
K & R. nt okaawhatever Sep 2020 #7
Please consider submitting this OP as a Letter to the Editor... Laffy Kat Sep 2020 #8
I thought the same thing the second I finished reading it. Dem2theMax Sep 2020 #13
I thought this too leighbythesea2 Sep 2020 #15
NYT/Wash Post/ LA times zipplewrath Sep 2020 #51
Yes Kat, I will do that. Jack-o-Lantern Sep 2020 #9
Thank you for your witness MaryMagdaline Sep 2020 #11
Thank you for posting this. democrank Sep 2020 #12
As MM says, thank you for your witness Hekate Sep 2020 #14
Hearing your story brings tears to my eyes. All the sacrifices & lives lost doing what's Illumination Sep 2020 #16
K&R .. respect PoliWrangler Sep 2020 #17
Very powerful, very real. panader0 Sep 2020 #18
Nice and speaknow Sep 2020 #19
DU rec... SidDithers Sep 2020 #21
A touching story. Aussie105 Sep 2020 #22
Ya know what? colorado_ufo Sep 2020 #49
BOOM oldsoftie Sep 2020 #52
Thank You. TallMike Sep 2020 #23
There with you. Didn't serve in country but when asked I answered. flamin lib Sep 2020 #24
Thank you for your service MustLoveBeagles Sep 2020 #27
As did I Jamesm9164 Sep 2020 #28
Thank you Larissa Sep 2020 #29
Thank You! BadGimp Sep 2020 #30
Thanks for your story and the good work! burrowowl Sep 2020 #31
I hope when he's detained serving his life sentence before that Lock him up. Sep 2020 #32
The further the ruling class gets away from war, the more they worship it Withywindle Sep 2020 #33
So it goes, homes. MrScorpio Sep 2020 #34
My own experiences as an Infantry Platoon Leader showed me the same waste you saw Victor_c3 Sep 2020 #35
Thank you for your service... Freedomofspeech Sep 2020 #36
...and after he is in the ground rotting.... Grins Sep 2020 #37
Whoa. Talk about perspective... sarchasm Sep 2020 #38
No doubt. People will be dancing in the streets when Trumpy is gone. PatrickforO Sep 2020 #39
K&R Blue Owl Sep 2020 #40
Amen! Texin Sep 2020 #41
100% share your sentiment Dukkha Sep 2020 #43
My heart breaks each day for this. peacebuzzard Sep 2020 #44
K&R! ProfessorGAC Sep 2020 #45
Thank you for your service. My nephew picked up where you left off. Frustratedlady Sep 2020 #46
As part of a family whose members served in Vietnam, I now have tears in my eyes. Paper Roses Sep 2020 #47
You have written this so well KT2000 Sep 2020 #50
I simply cannot not respond to the comments. Jamesm9164 Sep 2020 #53
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