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42. I had always thought that all UVC was dangerous to humans, until a couple of months ago.
Fri Sep 4, 2020, 12:23 AM
Sep 2020

A couple of months ago there was a flurry of articles about using certain wavelengths of far UVC for sanitizing, saying that those particular wavelengths were safe. If you google"far UVC safe", you'll see what I mean. They may have all been based on the same study, I'm not sure.

Here's an excerpt from a recent study:

Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure is a direct antimicrobial approach4 and its effectiveness against different strains of airborne viruses has long been established5. The most commonly employed type of UV light for germicidal applications is a low pressure mercury-vapor arc lamp, emitting around 254?nm; more recently xenon lamp technology has been used, which emits broad UV spectrum6. However, while these lamps can be used to disinfect unoccupied spaces, direct exposure to conventional germicidal UV lamps in occupied public spaces is not possible since direct exposure to these germicidal lamp wavelengths can be a health hazard, both to the skin and eye7,8,9,10.

By contrast far-UVC light (207 to 222?nm) has been shown to be as efficient as conventional germicidal UV light in killing microorganisms11, but studies to date12,13,14,15 suggest that these wavelengths do not cause the human health issues associated with direct exposure to conventional germicidal UV light. In short (see below) the reason is that far-UVC light has a range in biological materials of less than a few micrometers, and thus it cannot reach living human cells in the skin or eyes, being absorbed in the skin stratum corneum or the ocular tear layer. But because viruses (and bacteria) are extremely small, far-UVC light can still penetrate and kill them. Thus far-UVC light potentially has about the same highly effective germicidal properties of UV light, but without the associated human health risks12,13,14,15. Several groups have thus proposed that far-UVC light (207 or 222?nm), which can be generated using inexpensive excimer lamps, is a potential safe and efficient anti-microbial technology12,13,14,15,16,17,18 which can be deployed in occupied public locations.

I hang it on the direction indicator lever. nt LAS14 Sep 2020 #1
If I hang it anywhere in my car NewJeffCT Sep 2020 #33
I voted Other. On the passenger seat, of course! CTyankee Sep 2020 #2
A good choice as long as you don't have any passengers. TexasTowelie Sep 2020 #9
Then they gotta hold it! CTyankee Sep 2020 #12
Great now I can't vote Midnightwalk Sep 2020 #11
Shift lever.... spanone Sep 2020 #3
I wear my facemask when I drive... orwell Sep 2020 #4
My work N95 I keep in a paper bag and wear it for a total of 8 hours my person procedure mask mucifer Sep 2020 #5
Never even thought to do that. jimfields33 Sep 2020 #6
Same here, I keep mine in my purse marlakay Sep 2020 #31
Honestly I think your doing good. jimfields33 Sep 2020 #41
On the passenger seat while driving, on the mirror when I pull into driveway. MerryBlooms Sep 2020 #7
On the turn signal lever... n/t Still Sensible Sep 2020 #8
My husband hangs his on his rearview mirror when he parks at home csziggy Sep 2020 #10
Well, it looks like I'm going to get some unusual stories with this thread. TexasTowelie Sep 2020 #18
The UV from the sunlight does sanitize it down here I the summer and the heat probably does also. LiberalArkie Sep 2020 #22
Windshields block 98%+ of all forms of UV light. Codeine Sep 2020 #27
That should be fine then.. I only need one of the backups about 1 time a month. LiberalArkie Sep 2020 #29
Also, the UVC is almost entirely filtered out by the atmosphere (ozone). sl8 Sep 2020 #39
UVc is the germicide. Codeine Sep 2020 #40
I had always thought that all UVC was dangerous to humans, until a couple of months ago. sl8 Sep 2020 #42
I use the gear shift in my Prius. jalan48 Sep 2020 #13
I keep mine in the console between the two front seats. Karadeniz Sep 2020 #14
My face mask hangs around my neck in the car. I sew my own face masks with a color coordinated ARPad95 Sep 2020 #15
Mine is in my purse or Bettie Sep 2020 #16
I started out hanging mine on the rear view mirror until one of my brothers Blue_true Sep 2020 #17
I hang it on my right ear. madaboutharry Sep 2020 #19
I do that a lot. Codeine Sep 2020 #23
"I ride my bike or walk so I don't have anywhere to hang my facemask." NT mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2020 #20
Dang it, TexasTowelie Sep 2020 #30
I have about 5 strung on my gearshift. dawg day Sep 2020 #21
What else are all those cup holders for? Klaralven Sep 2020 #24
Hanging things from the mirror is super-irresponsible Codeine Sep 2020 #25
In a hook in the kitchen. qwlauren35 Sep 2020 #26
I don't hang anything on my rearview mirror, unless my car is parked. GoCubsGo Sep 2020 #28
I hang my face masks from my car radio knob. marybourg Sep 2020 #32
Why would anyone obstruct their view of the road? Generic Brad Sep 2020 #34
Never on mirror SheltieLover Sep 2020 #35
Oh dear. cwydro Sep 2020 #36
I pull mine down around my neck stillcool Sep 2020 #37
Gear shift or passenger seat. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #38
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