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27. I don't quite get it. What are we supposed to do with this pic?
Thu Aug 27, 2020, 07:10 PM
Aug 2020

There are obvious conclusions, of course, I just want to be sure. Same night but where? Did she actively take part in this protest and was nearby when the murders happened?
All we have with this tweet is a grainy photo and no actual source or confirmation.

Edit: Apparently the one who took the actual photo disagrees:

That explains a lot about her son. No Vested Interest Aug 2020 #1
She seems nice. Nevilledog Aug 2020 #2
ROFL at the timing of all these malaise Aug 2020 #22
We thought so. Nevilledog Aug 2020 #23
She seems nice. Dream Girl Aug 2020 #3
She seem nice IggleDuer Aug 2020 #4
Jesus - the kid never had a chance ribrepin Aug 2020 #5
Kick dalton99a Aug 2020 #6
Complicit... regnaD kciN Aug 2020 #7
this all the way RT Atlanta Aug 2020 #11
That is sad. CentralMass Aug 2020 #8
K&R musette_sf Aug 2020 #9
This!👆 SheltieLover Aug 2020 #16
Hopefully, jeopardy awaits. dchill Aug 2020 #10
Is this real? demmiblue Aug 2020 #12
A normal mother would be grieving and guilt-ridden. She is probably ecstatic about her son did. LonePirate Aug 2020 #13
O.M.G. Alliepoo Aug 2020 #14
Spent all her money on guns and ammo for herself and her charming offspring, The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2020 #15
! ornotna Aug 2020 #17
priorities man! lol Thomas Hurt Aug 2020 #20
Seriously? 3catwoman3 Aug 2020 #18
A family that fascisms together. . . nt Codeine Aug 2020 #19
The apple does not fall from the tree it seems. ProudMNDemocrat Aug 2020 #21
If this is for real it is DISGUSTING! consider_this Aug 2020 #24
That's just nasty. Can't wait to see what her prison dating profile looks like. TheBlackAdder Aug 2020 #25
sheesh! if that's really her? She'e dressed like some half-ass nazi rockfordfile Aug 2020 #26
I don't quite get it. What are we supposed to do with this pic? Hav Aug 2020 #27
Special Forces - Seal Team Six - Sniper Division magicarpet Aug 2020 #28
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