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Awsi Dooger

(14,565 posts)
20. Rice
Mon Aug 10, 2020, 02:47 PM
Aug 2020

Her speeches and personality would be phenomenal. It would be fantastic every day as they screamed Benghazi and she methodically dissected the totality of Trumpism.

None of the others have her raw ability, IMO.

I think this would be an easy call for Biden if not for Rice's appearances on those Sunday talk shows immediately following Benghazi. I could understand his worry about those clips but I think he's got to be confident enough to understand that blaming Rice for Benghazi would be like somebody else trotted out to take the blame for Hillary's emails.

Who do you want Biden to pick for Veep? [View all] Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 OP
I like Kamala and Susan, but any of these are acceptable to me. redstatebluegirl Aug 2020 #1
Michelle Obama! broiles Aug 2020 #2
I get the general ides she's not interested Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 #5
Both y'all... demmiblue Aug 2020 #7
Michelle Obama! broiles Aug 2020 #3
i would love her too but shes got no experience for Veep.. samnsara Aug 2020 #10
I have a few I like more than others, but I really don't care all that much... demmiblue Aug 2020 #4
Once again-- I DON'T CARE. It's Joe's choice, and I'm good with any of them. TreasonousBastard Aug 2020 #6
Kamala -- she's a fighter LSparkle Aug 2020 #8
im with you.. i want a proven pit bull and Kamala and Val are top of my list.. samnsara Aug 2020 #11
You Do Realize That He Reportedly Interviewed Gretchen Whitmer Last Week sfstaxprep Aug 2020 #9
I used the list in the article Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 #13
I don't care Horse with no Name Aug 2020 #12
Does anyone in America who is not a beautician have a parlor? Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 #15
It isn't a parlor game, it is the media stoking this. demmiblue Aug 2020 #16
I want TheFarseer Aug 2020 #14
I think whoever the pick is will be met with "concern" by Biden opponents Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 #17
Joe Lieberman. Bleacher Creature Aug 2020 #18
Whitmer is apparently on Biden's list, but not on this poll Fiendish Thingy Aug 2020 #19
Rice Awsi Dooger Aug 2020 #20
He was there and Rice was not freelancing. judeling Aug 2020 #24
I kinda just closed my eyes and selected one jorgevlorgan Aug 2020 #21
No gretchen whitmer? jorgevlorgan Aug 2020 #22
Who people on DU want is irrelevant Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #23
Warren, Abrams, Bass, Rice; all are good... appalachiablue Aug 2020 #25
That the Governor of Michigan is nowhere on this list is telling. Baltimike Aug 2020 #26
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