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Response to WhiskeyGrinder (Reply #1)

Teen Vogue? Really? [View all] Odoreida Aug 2020 OP
Teen Vogue has been writing on these topics for some time. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2020 #1
Post removed Post removed Aug 2020 #2
Maybe you should take an aspirin underpants Aug 2020 #8
🤣🤣🤣 live love laugh Aug 2020 #19
What'd it say? WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2020 #21
???? N/t Lulu KC Aug 2020 #10
Yeah they've knocked it out of the park for a few years underpants Aug 2020 #3
+1 Lulu KC Aug 2020 #5
Do you think a significant number of Teen Vogue readers are landlords? Progressive Law Aug 2020 #4
teen vogue lol nt msongs Aug 2020 #6
Have you checked it out? I was surprised how political it is. In a good way. catbyte Aug 2020 #11
Actually, Teen Vogue is pretty cutting edge politically catbyte Aug 2020 #7
+1 chia Aug 2020 #13
+1 Withywindle Aug 2020 #22
I'd never heard it out that way; that police were put in place to protect property captain queeg Aug 2020 #9
People (slaves) were the property police were initially created to protect. live love laugh Aug 2020 #14
To serve and protect...Whitey. CaptYossarian Aug 2020 #24
yeah...in the vacuum of media.. stillcool Aug 2020 #12
Is there a link to the original tweet? whttevrr Aug 2020 #15
The younger generation is more progressive than the older generation JonLP24 Aug 2020 #16
"Really" what? What's your point that I am missing? nt live love laugh Aug 2020 #17
Teen vogue isn't for spoiled rich girls. They are for all teen girls JI7 Aug 2020 #18
After 2016, they went very hard for politics, typically from a progressive orientation bluedye33139 Aug 2020 #23
If it were a magazine for young men, would the reaction be the same? Squinch Aug 2020 #20
+1000 smirkymonkey Aug 2020 #26
Free housing for everyone BannonsLiver Aug 2020 #25
Here is the article blogslut Aug 2020 #27
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