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Dial H For Hero

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Thu Jul 23, 2020, 01:56 PM Jul 2020

Man shown kneeling on 2-year-old's neck jailed [View all]


MOOREFIELD TOWNSHIP, Clark County, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- A man shown on social media kneeling on the neck of a 2-year-old boy is in jail. Photos of a man kneeling on the child with the banner comment "BLM Now" had been circulating on social media before The Clark County Sheriff's Office began investigating. "Two divisions of the Clark County Sheriff's Office immediately began an investigation to determine the location of the incident and the identities of the individuals involved," a sheriff's office statement reads.

Deputies were able to make contact with the mother, the child shown in the photo and the man also in the photo. That man, identified as 20-year-old Isaiah Jackson, was arrested immediately for a Parole Authority holder from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

The child, whose identity is not being released, was taken to a hospital, where he was found to have not been injured because of the incident shown in the photo. The sheriff's office says the child's mother was unaware of the incident or the photo until the sheriff's office began investigating.

Investigators say they have prepared a case against Jackson and is awaiting the Clark County Prosecutor's Office to determine "the scope and breadth of the felony charges that will be supported."
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My god! A two year old...god, does this idiot feel like a man now, kneeling on a child's neck? SWBTATTReg Jul 2020 #1
Wtf DetroitLegalBeagle Jul 2020 #2
Agreed, we can only hope they'll throw the book at him. Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #3
Here's the creep MagickMuffin Jul 2020 #4
i say ..... he should not be allowed to live. trueblue2007 Jul 2020 #86
That's just stupid. Codeine Jul 2020 #93
why? SiliconValley_Dem Jul 2020 #97
Kid wasn't hurt? Laelth Jul 2020 #5
You think this isn't felony child abuse? Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #6
So who is holding this kid's arms in this photo???? Bayard Jul 2020 #8
Another adult. Both should go to jail. nt Blue_true Jul 2020 #12
Interesting question. Laelth Jul 2020 #17
Looks like child torture. Crunchy Frog Jul 2020 #9
I hope this POS dies in prison. jcmaine72 Jul 2020 #10
It is child abuse. The baby looks terrified. Blue_true Jul 2020 #11
I didn't see any picture in the linked article. Laelth Jul 2020 #14
You should see the picture. It's horrifying. nolabear Jul 2020 #15
I did, finally. Laelth Jul 2020 #18
The mom says that she didn't know about the incident until police started questioning. nt Blue_true Jul 2020 #21
Then how did those two gentlemen manage to get custody of her child? Laelth Jul 2020 #22
She is likely afraid. One of them may be her boyfriend, and maybe even the child's Dad. Blue_true Jul 2020 #32
The man on the neck is her boyfriend. meadowlander Jul 2020 #39
So we can assume that she consented ... Laelth Jul 2020 #40
People have children removed from their care and are charged EllieBC Jul 2020 #44
She didn't know about it. She left the kid alone with him meadowlander Jul 2020 #46
Or she wasn't home at the time. Codeine Jul 2020 #58
No, we can't kcr Jul 2020 #119
Anyone involved should be in prison. EllieBC Jul 2020 #30
Oh get off it. Codeine Jul 2020 #88
The man arrested has assault and domestic violence charges. EllieBC Jul 2020 #90
Yes, serious shit like putting your knee on the neck of a toddler needs a serious response kcr Jul 2020 #126
The picture of the child is in one of the replies to the OP. nt Blue_true Jul 2020 #20
I saw it, eventually. Laelth Jul 2020 #26
Your body of work in the thread is astounding. TheProle Jul 2020 #65
welcome to DU gopiscrap Jul 2020 #132
Sorry I missed this. Thank you. TheProle Aug 2020 #133
That's the stupidest thing I've read for a long time Yeehah Jul 2020 #112
Wow. It is not protected speech when it is child abuse. kcr Jul 2020 #127
Stop. Fucking. Digging. nt Codeine Jul 2020 #57
I recognize that my opinion is contrary to prevailing thought. Laelth Jul 2020 #63
Morally wrong? SharonClark Jul 2020 #69
I think it's fair to characterize Codeine Jul 2020 #80
I have consistently called this political stunt ill-advised. n/t Laelth Jul 2020 #82
Listen, I get that the "lock them up for life" Codeine Jul 2020 #73
Fair enough. Laelth Jul 2020 #76
You're asserting that considering this to be child abuse is an act of immorality? Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #75
I concede, CONSISTENTLY, that what is depicted is child abuse. Laelth Jul 2020 #78
You stated that prevailing thought is morally WRONG (capitals yours). Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #83
Stop being obtuse. Codeine Jul 2020 #92
I can see I phrased that poorly. The poster did acknowledge that this was child abuse. Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #96
It's more specifically the cries to Codeine Jul 2020 #98
As stated below, the poster finds calls for any jail time at all to be immoral, not just those Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #101
This doesn't rise to the level of felony abuse. nt Codeine Jul 2020 #103
What I find morally wrong is the prevailing notion that the perps should be imprisoned. Laelth Jul 2020 #95
Emotional injury in toddlers *is* injury. meadowlander Jul 2020 #100
Well, it's a good thing you don't get to set child abuse laws. kcr Jul 2020 #125
The photo wasn't in the initial article. Laelth Jul 2020 #16
Protected political speech... give me a break. n/t demmiblue Jul 2020 #51
I don't have any breaks to spare. Laelth Jul 2020 #52
Child abuse is okay as long as there's no detectable Crunchy Frog Jul 2020 #59
No. Child abuse is not OK. Laelth Jul 2020 #71
"Well-meaning"? Codeine Jul 2020 #94
They are well-meaning. Laelth Jul 2020 #104
The desperation to excuse this is really sickening. Codeine Jul 2020 #60
Desperation? Laelth Jul 2020 #89
I agree with your final statement. Codeine Jul 2020 #91
We'll give the man a cookie then alphafemale Jul 2020 #64
If you look up his charges he is a fine individual EllieBC Jul 2020 #72
"Well-meaning," his chief DU defender tells us. (n/t) SMC22307 Jul 2020 #84
Being anti-racist does not mean excusing crap like this. alphafemale Jul 2020 #85
The child is crying and was probably terrified. You keep saying he wasn't "hurt." SMC22307 Jul 2020 #70
WTF? jcmaine72 Jul 2020 #7
Looking only at the photo, I'm having trouble disagreeing. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #13
What do you make of the caption? Laelth Jul 2020 #19
Could be. I'm not convinced he committed abuse, though. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #23
Nor am I. Laelth Jul 2020 #33
It's working to inflame the Trump base Ex Lurker Jul 2020 #38
Interesting. Laelth Jul 2020 #42
Basically, that the left is guilty of the very things they claim to be against Ex Lurker Jul 2020 #45
He did hurt the child... he just didn't kill him. SMC22307 Jul 2020 #77
The guy that had a knee on the baby looked racially mixed. Blue_true Jul 2020 #25
They got a brown guy in the photo to hold the child's arms. Laelth Jul 2020 #28
You don't need to use an actual child to make that political message. meadowlander Jul 2020 #41
Mother consented, one way or another. Laelth Jul 2020 #47
You can't consent to someone abusing your child. meadowlander Jul 2020 #48
I concede that this was a stupid stunt. Laelth Jul 2020 #49
Stupid stunt? jcmaine72 Jul 2020 #105
I can't believe some of the posts on this thread. Crunchy Frog Jul 2020 #24
Seemed like desperation to push a narrative to me. nt Blue_true Jul 2020 #27
Child abuse is never ok. Only trash can excuse it. EllieBC Jul 2020 #29
Do you agree that there was no intent to hurt the child? Laelth Jul 2020 #31
I'm not jumping down your rabbit hole with you. Crunchy Frog Jul 2020 #34
I get it. Laelth Jul 2020 #36
If it were a black child Mossfern Jul 2020 #53
Thank you! jcmaine72 Jul 2020 #107
Yes it is possible to abuse a child without killing it. Crunchy Frog Jul 2020 #35
What are you getting out of this? Laelth Jul 2020 #37
Intent to hurt the child isn't the test for child abuse or neglect. meadowlander Jul 2020 #43
He's a criminal out on parole for multiple SharonClark Jul 2020 #66
Clearly you don't have children Beaverhausen Jul 2020 #67
Well said. SharonClark Jul 2020 #74
But...but...it was just some well-meaning hijinks gone awry! jcmaine72 Jul 2020 #106
What's the marker that makes this abuse? WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #54
The child's obvious terror and distress. meadowlander Jul 2020 #55
A distressed child does not necessarily indicate abuse is happening. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #56
How would you feel if two people ten times your size and weight meadowlander Jul 2020 #61
I'm not convinced he's putting any weight at all on that kid's neck. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #68
Pinning a defenseless crying child to the ground for a photo op is abuse meadowlander Jul 2020 #79
Is the kid pinned, or did the camera capture a moment? WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #108
If the actions by adults causing that distress are clearly documented in the image meadowlander Jul 2020 #129
that child is wearing a fucking diaper Beaverhausen Jul 2020 #81
I'm not sure what you're getting at here. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #109
A child that young should not be under the knee... Beaverhausen Jul 2020 #113
No. Are you saying it would have been acceptable if the kid weren't in diapers? WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #120
what the fuck? Beaverhausen Jul 2020 #128
If he'd lost his balance he could have snapped that baby's neck like a twig. Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #87
Is "if" child abuse? WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #110
Yes, it is kcr Jul 2020 #121
Comparable to driving drunk with a child in the car? Huh. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #123
Yes. kcr Jul 2020 #124
Oh fuck me. nt Codeine Jul 2020 #62
The only problem I have with this sarisataka Jul 2020 #50
The image/situation is awful, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions based on one Sinclair report n/t Mersky Jul 2020 #99
Just for the record, here's his record: Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #102
What's his conviction history? WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2020 #111
I don't know. He was on probation, so he had to have been convicted at least once. Dial H For Hero Jul 2020 #131
Image of a sheriff's badge is an interesting lead-in for the SINCLAIR broadcasting piece Mersky Jul 2020 #114
I'm not really sure what other explanation EllieBC Jul 2020 #115
A grainy photo with a social media tag doesn't quite explain what has occurred Mersky Jul 2020 #116
But you are. There is no explanation of that photo that isn't child abuse. kcr Jul 2020 #122
I just served on a jury for this OP A HERETIC I AM Jul 2020 #117
Source info Blecht Jul 2020 #118
SO? A HERETIC I AM Jul 2020 #130
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