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6. Destroying a statue does not tell people what this person did.
Sun Jul 5, 2020, 07:40 AM
Jul 2020

Putting these statues in museums with a history of what these people did, does.

May I ask why? nt doc03 Jul 2020 #1
I didn't do it bigtree Jul 2020 #2
I got the joke Flo Mingo Jul 2020 #11
Because Columbus and his men raped and killed and tortured and enslaved multitudes Squinch Jul 2020 #4
Back in that day don't you think anyone else would doc03 Jul 2020 #8
You want to continue to glorify Columbus? That's on you. Squinch Jul 2020 #9
Post removed Post removed Jul 2020 #12
"What about African's that sold their own people into slavery?" Nature Man Jul 2020 #39
Are you saying it didnt happen? doc03 Jul 2020 #41
I'm saying that I'm African-American Nature Man Jul 2020 #57
What exactly is stopping people from mass-raping 9 year old children again then? ck4829 Jul 2020 #10
People are not idolizing him for that. So I guess doc03 Jul 2020 #13
What is it about 1865 that only after that year should atrocities be acknowledged? Squinch Jul 2020 #20
It doesn't matter what I think it is the people doc03 Jul 2020 #37
Those people are never going to vote for Biden, no point in trying to coddle them. n/t Humanist_Activist Jul 2020 #43
I think you are wrong, there are former Democrats doc03 Jul 2020 #56
What you are doing, Nature Man Jul 2020 #58
If anyone is moved to either not vote or vote Trump over Humanist_Activist Jul 2020 #60
You do realize that Columbus was fired from his position as governor of Hispaniola because of... Humanist_Activist Jul 2020 #42
He commited genocide and was a child molester. Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #44
Wtf is this nonsense? PTWB Jul 2020 #65
No dude, just no. MrsCoffee Jul 2020 #67
We can exempt people born into a system and being part of it krispos42 Jul 2020 #30
Memorializing racist, psychopathic butchers isn't OK. PTWB Jul 2020 #31
Aside from mass genocide you mean?? jcgoldie Jul 2020 #36
Yup Nature Man Jul 2020 #46
Somehow, I think a few other states will join Colorado in replacing Columbus Day hlthe2b Jul 2020 #3
We have Indigenous Peoples Day in California, too tishaLA Jul 2020 #108
The statue sits in the Little Italy neighborhood of Baltimore, near the harbor struggle4progress Jul 2020 #5
I agree it only helps Trump. nt doc03 Jul 2020 #7
why? bigtree Jul 2020 #16
I don't care who is doing it but that is what leads doc03 Jul 2020 #35
again, Democrats aren't toppling statues bigtree Jul 2020 #45
Who do you think is being blamed for it? When doc03 Jul 2020 #53
'Trump spoke' bigtree Jul 2020 #59
I could careless what a traitor says rockfordfile Jul 2020 #101
Thank you for your concern Nature Man Jul 2020 #49
It doesn't matter if it is "this" or something else... Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #52
Um Nature Man Jul 2020 #79
I could careless what a Nazi network says rockfordfile Jul 2020 #100
I don't agree with that rockfordfile Jul 2020 #19
Yes. It's a big deal to Italian Americans who were lynched Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #15
Then we need to pick another Italian figure to glorify. Italian Americans of good faith, Squinch Jul 2020 #22
Meh Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #26
That is a truly disgusting, not to mention inaccurate, post. Squinch Jul 2020 #28
It most certainly IS accurate Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #29
Sorry, no. It really isn't. And your logic is fucked up too. You are essentially saying that Squinch Jul 2020 #32
Sorry reality just gobsmacked you Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #33
Sorry, you really aren't telling me anything that I don't know a lot about. Our posts crossed Squinch Jul 2020 #34
That's bullshit. They were also there to proselytize Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #40
Where did I claim it was false that the Aztecs sacrificed slaves? I never said that. Squinch Jul 2020 #47
Yet....they did Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #62
You keep saying I said the Aztecs didn't sacrifice slaves. You made that up. I never said that. Squinch Jul 2020 #68
You did say it Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #72
Link to where I said it. Because I never did. I actually understand the history. I know Squinch Jul 2020 #74
Did you celebrate the 4th yesterday? Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #81
I said simply that your post was disgusting and inaccurate. Which it was. Squinch Jul 2020 #86
Meh. Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #91
you are a terrible person SiliconValley_Dem Jul 2020 #92
But I'm not a hypocrite! Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #94
but you claimed concern for 'Italian Americans who were lynched' in one post bigtree Jul 2020 #95
Nope. I'm not unmoved at all Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #97
Thank you for this post. Saved ME the time of typing it out. Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #54
I think a lot of people don't actually know the facts about Columbus. They are truly horriffic. Squinch Jul 2020 #69
Thom Hartmann educated me about 12 years ago Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #76
I'm reading now about the Puritans and what they did to the natives. Squinch Jul 2020 #78
But you still live here Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #83
my 'ancestors' were brought here against their will bigtree Jul 2020 #85
We are taught early on in schools (at least when you are my age) and with television Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #84
I'll definitely read this. Thank you. Squinch Jul 2020 #89
Columbus was evil rockfordfile Jul 2020 #105
Doubling down? Nature Man Jul 2020 #82
It doesn't matter about different times. Once a pos mass murder always rockfordfile Jul 2020 #102
Southern Italians are still not considered "white" in some places Nature Man Jul 2020 #51
So they, more than anyone, should know that it is not OK to glorify a man who Squinch Jul 2020 #71
Columbus wasn't an 'immigrant,' he was a colonizer bigtree Jul 2020 #17
I don't object to the statue being removed: I object to mobs of self-righteous nitwits struggle4progress Jul 2020 #23
This is a good point, independent of the merit of the statue. nt coti Jul 2020 #87
there are three Columbus statues in Baltimore bigtree Jul 2020 #88
Yet you enjoy the fruits of his work. Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #27
you first. bigtree Jul 2020 #50
I'm not complaining Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #66
Africa? Nature Man Jul 2020 #73
It's not racists Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #75
Columbus never set foot in what is now the United States Nature Man Jul 2020 #77
that's a generous reading bigtree Jul 2020 #80
I agree rockfordfile Jul 2020 #103
+1 nsd Jul 2020 #24
It's gonna piss off the Italian population Polybius Jul 2020 #55
you mean in Baltimore bigtree Jul 2020 #64
Most of us Democrats are reasonable moderates Polybius Jul 2020 #98
I support taking them down and replacing with a true Italian American rockfordfile Jul 2020 #104
Not by toppling them Polybius Jul 2020 #107
Destroying a statue does not tell people what this person did. marie999 Jul 2020 #6
too late for that bigtree Jul 2020 #14
Anarchy kentuck Jul 2020 #18
which Democrat? bigtree Jul 2020 #21
which Democrat? kentuck Jul 2020 #25
why an African-American? bigtree Jul 2020 #38
Excellent points! kentuck Jul 2020 #48
One person's "lawlessness" Nature Man Jul 2020 #61
+1. We have no business worshiping some genocidal maniac who never set foot in America dalton99a Jul 2020 #70
This is not the result of Trump but a long time coming. Trump is a symptom not the disease. N/T Humanist_Activist Jul 2020 #63
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! malaise Jul 2020 #90
oh my god bigtree Jul 2020 #93
There was a DUer who spent copious time malaise Jul 2020 #96
That's hilarious Solly Mack Jul 2020 #99
Good one, Emily! betsuni Jul 2020 #106
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