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19. The way I understand it is the federal government is paying these companies
Fri Jul 3, 2020, 11:52 AM
Jul 2020

make the vaccine before its final phase so if it works there will be millions of doses ready. That does not mean that any of these vaccines will work. This is a new approach. Usually, a company would have to do this on its own and it would cost them too much so they wait until they get the okay from the government that their vaccine may be given to people. This is a novel coronavirus.

They've developed a vaccine? cwydro Jul 2020 #1
Yep check out the ABC article above NewsCenter28 Jul 2020 #2
We'll see soothsayer Jul 2020 #4
They are testing vaccine candidates. LisaL Jul 2020 #34
They've developed a way to manipulate the stock market C_U_L8R Jul 2020 #13
THIS !!!! ☝🏾 I'm thinking I'm going crazy cause "the vaccine" is on all the money channels and ever uponit7771 Jul 2020 #32
Companies are rushing products to market. Laelth Jul 2020 #3
This soothsayer Jul 2020 #5
Yes. cwydro Jul 2020 #7
I'd like to see large-scale, longitudinal studies that show it works and doesn't kill anyone soothsayer Jul 2020 #6
Yes, antibody dependent enhancement is a real thing harumph Jul 2020 #15
In all likelihood, the most vulnerable would not be able to take it soothsayer Jul 2020 #22
I am old enough to remember breathless articles about HIV vaccines dsc Jul 2020 #8
Seriously? And I wonder who a post like this helps...hmmm Demsrule86 Jul 2020 #9
number of reasons lapfog_1 Jul 2020 #10
Thanks for the good information. milestogo Jul 2020 #11
One more to add. Igel Jul 2020 #31
Mostly good info Shermann Jul 2020 #14
They already had the SARS genome study but never developed a vaccine, still a long way to go Baclava Jul 2020 #12
Stop swallowing trump hype. Ms. Toad Jul 2020 #16
"People are hyping the early stages of development." +1, ... and it happens a lot during index uponit7771 Jul 2020 #33
I'll believe it when I see it but won't take it until tested properly. nt WePurrsevere Jul 2020 #17
Pfizer would be negative about succeeding with their vaccine? Would be bad PR. LiberalFighter Jul 2020 #18
The way I understand it is the federal government is paying these companies marie999 Jul 2020 #19
It's easy to develop a vaccine that doesn't work. Nevilledog Jul 2020 #20
+1000 soothsayer Jul 2020 #21
+1, exactly what happened in 1918 and one of the reasons there was a "2nd wave" there was uponit7771 Jul 2020 #36
There has never been a successful Coronavirus vaccine Bettie Jul 2020 #23
This right here... JCMach1 Jul 2020 #30
Nobody's thrown trillions of dollars customerserviceguy Jul 2020 #24
1. New technology. 2. It's pretty similar to the first SARS virus, which has some research. backscatter712 Jul 2020 #25
I hope Trump and Jared don't buy it all up. ananda Jul 2020 #26
There was a similar push for one of the earlier SARS viruses GulfCoast66 Jul 2020 #27
They did a lot of work on SARS meadowlander Jul 2020 #28
Don't believe the hype JCMach1 Jul 2020 #29
Of all the things to be concerned about. LisaL Jul 2020 #35
There had already been a lot of R&D on the corona virus before COVID 19. scarletlib Jul 2020 #37
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