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71. Not going to happen.
Fri Jul 3, 2020, 09:46 AM
Jul 2020

Don't just read The Constitution. Also read "Library of Congress Research Service Memorandum Overview of Electoral College Procedure and the Role of Congress November 17, 2000" and "Taegan Goddard's Electoral Vote Map How Are Electors Chosen". Also, the House can elect the president but the only way it can happen is if no one receives a majority of electoral college votes. But they have to choose from the 3 people who get the most electoral votes, and in this scenario, the electoral votes aren't counted so they can not vote for President and the Senate can not vote for vice-president so The Speaker of the House becomes president at noon on January 20, 2021.

Then Nancy Pelosi gets sworn in as POTUS. nt Baltimike Jul 2020 #1
Nope. Not how it works. boston bean Jul 2020 #2
Yup...EXACTLY how it works. Baltimike Jul 2020 #3
From THE CONSTITUTION Baltimike Jul 2020 #6
You are incorrect. You are applying a different scenario. boston bean Jul 2020 #14
No. StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #18
States do not have power to prevent electoral college from meeting Kaleva Jul 2020 #44
Hmmm StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #61
Election of 1876, four states ensured that the election went to the guy who lost Bettie Jul 2020 #78
How fast can we get statehood for DC? Ilsa Jul 2020 #80
Republicans control 26 state delegations in the current congress Trumpocalypse Jul 2020 #83
Great point StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #84
Then switch it off. tman Jul 2020 #4
No I won't. Knowledge even if it scares one is power. boston bean Jul 2020 #9
Make sure the knowledge is accurate... brooklynite Jul 2020 #32
Educate thyself. I have tried to and obviously failed you. boston bean Jul 2020 #33
The segment on "Morning Joe" spelled out a completely legal and very possible scenario.. A HERETIC I AM Jul 2020 #41
I don't need to watch it; I read the actual article... brooklynite Jul 2020 #62
The two in NC won't swing our state dsc Jul 2020 #75
Yeah...that's not gonna happen. bearsfootball516 Jul 2020 #5
Or it might. You are not an infallible prognosticator. Beware of normalcy bias. Celerity Jul 2020 #27
He'll quit before then essme Jul 2020 #7
It could only mean one thing - civil war FakeNoose Jul 2020 #8
I honestly just think we'd sit on our hands again soothsayer Jul 2020 #15
I honestly just think we'd sit on our hands again FelineOverlord Jul 2020 #60
Trump isn't worth it! FM123 Jul 2020 #42
boston, I feel the same way. I felt sick to my stomach. badhair77 Jul 2020 #10
Yeah these were not fruit loops who were discussing this and they genuinely felt boston bean Jul 2020 #11
NEWSWEEK Article Fla Dem Jul 2020 #58
Oh for Christ's sake TheCowsCameHome Jul 2020 #12
Well, keep an eye on that dude Donoghue that Barr just promoted soothsayer Jul 2020 #13
A trump* 2nd term would make Reagan's 2nd term look like a solid patch of cognitive leadership Siwsan Jul 2020 #16
not going to happen beachbumbob Jul 2020 #17
Watching Trump's poll numbers plummet and seeing no end to it in sight Mr. Ected Jul 2020 #19
If being scared shitless evokes no response beyond Cirque du So-What Jul 2020 #20
There must be civic organization understanding this very real risk and educate others. boston bean Jul 2020 #24
Bookmarking rzemanfl Jul 2020 #26
+100000000 Celerity Jul 2020 #29
This was not something bb just dreamed up. It was on Morning JOe, Lots of Dems are scared shitless CTyankee Jul 2020 #34
I know. Everyone, it seems, has to make a post of their very own. Cirque du So-What Jul 2020 #36
I don't think that show is interested in not warning us of a distinct possibility of a national CTyankee Jul 2020 #37
Uh, no Cirque du So-What Jul 2020 #38
Get a video of that portion of the show. They had some good hard evidence to back up their claim. CTyankee Jul 2020 #39
I'm familiar already, thank you Cirque du So-What Jul 2020 #40
Why so much passive aggressiveness? boston bean Jul 2020 #43
Perhaps you're right. Anger won't get directed toward our common enemies this way. Cirque du So-What Jul 2020 #47
Knowing something like this is possible would make one boston bean Jul 2020 #48
Other people need to vote too Cirque du So-What Jul 2020 #59
Good thank you. I will continue on how I think is best boston bean Jul 2020 #64
St. Augustine said Cirque du So-What Jul 2020 #67
Nice saying. boston bean Jul 2020 #70
Well this post will surely solve everything. MrsCoffee Jul 2020 #66
Right back atcha Cirque du So-What Jul 2020 #68
Just because it was on tv doesn't mean it's true. Kaleva Jul 2020 #45
Did Lincoln claim the vote was tainted and challenge the boston bean Jul 2020 #50
Every state holds their own convention. Kaleva Jul 2020 #52
And....... boston bean Jul 2020 #53
No where in the constitution does it say that every state must hold an electoral college convention Kaleva Jul 2020 #56
Not sure. But not positive. boston bean Jul 2020 #69
There is a flaw in this scenario dansolo Jul 2020 #65
I believe the OP is concerned with a potential, not an absolute. LanternWaste Jul 2020 #55
for it to even be a possibility, there has to be (supposed) truth to it. Kaleva Jul 2020 #57
This is out of line. SlogginThroughIt Jul 2020 #77
Do you really think that the Republicans Chainfire Jul 2020 #21
Yeah I do. boston bean Jul 2020 #25
+100000000 Celerity Jul 2020 #30
Okay i guess we should just cancel the election..I mean if they said helpisontheway Jul 2020 #22
Who said that besides you? boston bean Jul 2020 #23
While theoretically possible I don't see this playing out Buckeyeblue Jul 2020 #28
1,000,000 X 1,000,000 oasis Jul 2020 #63
Yea, I heard that as well. Fairly sobering... SKKY Jul 2020 #31
I'd like to believe that course of events wouldn't happen either. badhair77 Jul 2020 #35
Guess the old tired.."Trump won't leave office if defeated" no longer has traction Bengus81 Jul 2020 #46
Where in the constitution does it say the every state must send a delegation? Kaleva Jul 2020 #49
I'm more concerned certain Repuke led states will cancel elections and appoint electors due to CV. roamer65 Jul 2020 #74
The anti Trump citizens of those states would never stand for that Sugarcoated Jul 2020 #85
Who do they claim is interfering? DFW Jul 2020 #51
On the show they said China. China is printing fraudulent ballots. boston bean Jul 2020 #54
Not going to happen. marie999 Jul 2020 #71
YAY ! dweller Jul 2020 #79
Okay folks, I'm giving up... brooklynite Jul 2020 #72
🦠 roamer65 Jul 2020 #73
I dont think the Supreme Court will play along with this crooked scheme. honest.abe Jul 2020 #76
It's almost like the media WANT this scenario to happen Blaukraut Jul 2020 #81
Bunker Bitch thinks he's going to order the military to attack Americans storming the gates? WyattKansas Jul 2020 #82
+1. Fool me twice shame on me. radius777 Jul 2020 #86
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