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17. Well, there was a hell of a lot that was never taught in schools...
Thu Jun 18, 2020, 03:22 AM
Jun 2020

Everything that was passed over tended to paint whites in a negative light ... native American genocides? Nah...that was simply the fruits of "manifest destiny"... systemic exploitation of blacks through peonage? no, no, no...that was merely "maintaining the natural order" (so it looks like slavery, sounds like slavery and quacks like slavery, but I SWEAR...its not a duck.

THAT is why I have maintained to many that the "good old days" so many pine for and wanted to "go back to" are not the 1950's...it was the 1850's for them...though they would settle for anything between 1820 and 1880 really.

The murderous, exploitative TRUE history of the United States is quite different from what most people have internalized and believe. The truly terrifying thing to watch is the mental gymnastics required to continue to deny this reality, especially when it comes to the (FAKE) arguments against things like affirmation action or any other attempts at systemic corrections (or even systemic alleviation).

America the place has NEVER lived up to the potential of America the IDEA...and likely never will, but we are dangerously close to the point when we collectively stop TRYING to get better or stop striving to reach higher, correct the sins of the past when possible and build a better tomorrow. The hope of doing so is the last thing holding together this whole experiment in self-rule.

As imperfect and inadequate as it feels at times, there is only ONE party even trying to keep that dream alive today. And it is NOT the one in charge of stacking the courts through a captive Senate or the one actively blowing the response to the moment from the White House. I firmly believe that to my very core, but the first rule of holes is when you're in one, the first step is STOP DIGGING, and the only way for us to move forward is to really confront reality and accept that America was never "great" in the first place and in fact, its been down right evil quite often...

That was the subject of the documentary "13th" Caliman73 Jun 2020 #1
Thank you! Heartstrings Jun 2020 #2
I wish everyone KT2000 Jun 2020 #12
Black men in prisons aren't used for forced labor now, but they are making men rich from BComplex Jun 2020 #39
Actually, they are StarfishSaver Jun 2020 #46
Prisoners are still used to do public work, like picking up trash on public Blue_true Jun 2020 #59
Sad post but one every single white person in the US needs to read. PatrickforO Jun 2020 #3
No they didn't! Heartstrings Jun 2020 #4
Well, there was a hell of a lot that was never taught in schools... Moostache Jun 2020 #17
Amen, Moostache. Amen. BComplex Jun 2020 #40
EXcept I learned it in college obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #27
Kick for maximum exposure. Thanks for posting. nt oasis Jun 2020 #5
My pleasure.... Heartstrings Jun 2020 #6
K&R Solly Mack Jun 2020 #7
Thank you, so much. We SHOULD have been taught. I have already passed it on to a friend. Thanks. n/t Judi Lynn Jun 2020 #8
And a number of years ago I remember hearing about how the symbols on contemporary police fierywoman Jun 2020 #9
There's more . . . . . . no_hypocrisy Jun 2020 #10
Thanks for posting! PandoraAwakened Jun 2020 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author pecosbob Jun 2020 #15
Mandatory minimum sentencing...mainly a relic of the recent past, but insidious in its impact... Moostache Jun 2020 #18
Thanks! PandoraAwakened Jun 2020 #53
Yes, the entire war on drugs. Blue_true Jun 2020 #60
If only there were an esteemed psychiatrist someone could ask. N/T lapucelle Jun 2020 #43
... sheshe2 Jun 2020 #44
... lapucelle Jun 2020 #45
Yup. sheshe2 Jun 2020 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author PandoraAwakened Jun 2020 #55
I feel stupid MH1 Jun 2020 #56
Haaaaa! NurseJackie Jun 2020 #52
Post removed Post removed Jun 2020 #54
A couple of friends of mine are (although they might not call themselves "esteemed").... George II Jun 2020 #57
Hell, our schools barely talk about slavery, let alone peonage. nt SunSeeker Jun 2020 #13
And the ones that do teach about slavery say how wonderful it was Ilsa Jun 2020 #42
Neither did I...where I did learn about it was in... pecosbob Jun 2020 #14
+1 2naSalit Jun 2020 #33
This also shows one of the reasons why police got in the habit of watching Sloumeau Jun 2020 #16
Look no further than Dylan Roof and Walter Scott as a prime example... Moostache Jun 2020 #19
White people could make more money, not "society". It is a poor utilization of talent & ability Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2020 #24
Bingo!!!!!! Blue_true Jun 2020 #61
K&R for exposure!!!! diva77 Jun 2020 #20
"Slavery by Another Name" by Douglas Blackmon tells the story. Cities like Atlanta and.... EarnestPutz Jun 2020 #21
he won a Pulitzer for it too. TeamPooka Jun 2020 #22
It was only a few yrs ago that I learned slaves built the WH. White owners rented them to govt bobbieinok Jun 2020 #23
That book was heartbreaking. sheshe2 Jun 2020 #47
There is an excellent, Pulitzer Prize -winning book on this topic Tanuki Jun 2020 #25
K&R n/t Kitchari Jun 2020 #26
Shit. That's probably where the pattern began of targeting black people within the limits of the law Baitball Blogger Jun 2020 #28
And these same laws have been used to target protesters who protest for LIBERAL causes, BComplex Jun 2020 #41
K&R Solomon Jun 2020 #29
That system was slavery by another name. BSdetect Jun 2020 #30
This should also underscore the need to abolish PRIVATE prisons! lastlib Jun 2020 #31
Only 8 percent of incarcerated people are held in private prisons. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 2020 #32
The prison system is built on this framework. It's not reformable. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 2020 #34
Still JustGene Jun 2020 #35
Thanks for this important post. panader0 Jun 2020 #36
I had no idea how loaded the word "peon" is. blaze Jun 2020 #37
This is, of course, the origin of the "blacks are criminals" meme struggle4progress Jun 2020 #38
Lately I am learning a lot about what I didn't learn in History class, crickets Jun 2020 #48
You're welcome! Heartstrings Jun 2020 #51
Our prison system is legalized slavery Generic Brad Jun 2020 #50
The history of how Whites as a singular group treated Blacks in America is Blue_true Jun 2020 #58
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