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6. Just sent a text to my evangelical sister about it.
Sat May 23, 2020, 01:52 PM
May 2020

She's probably going to crack eventually. Her husband is a Republican and "he misses church so much". Waah!

He's also disabled and needs her help to even get in there.

They've been watching their church's online services, but it's probably just a matter of time until they cover themselves with "Jesus blood", or whatever, some Sunday morning and then get sick.

Asshole is pandering to his dwindling base malaise May 2020 #1
+1 exactly (nt) mr_lebowski May 2020 #2
If they do as he suggests they'll dwindle some more. dem4decades May 2020 #3
Yes...and? malaise May 2020 #5
Along with the rest of us. Ms. Toad May 2020 #8
You say that like UpInArms May 2020 #11
And he is playing golf . . Iliyah May 2020 #10
Apples and Oranges, Herr Twitler Yonnie3 May 2020 #4
Just sent a text to my evangelical sister about it. Buckeye_Democrat May 2020 #6
Church A?! superpatriotman May 2020 #7
Church-goers just gotta get their next fix, like alcoholics. Buckeye_Democrat May 2020 #9
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