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Tue Mar 10, 2020, 11:31 AM Mar 2020

Are you following CDC's advice for over 60's? [View all]

42 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
'There's no place like home': I'm over 60 and staying home
17 (40%)
'Only the good die young': I'm over 60, but I'm not worried cause I've been bad
3 (7%)
I'm under 60, but will stay home
5 (12%)
I'm under 60 and will continue to move about
2 (5%)
None of the above
4 (10%)
Added per request: over 60 but can't stay home due to work
11 (26%)
Added per request: under 60 but can't stay home due to work
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Yes htuttle Mar 2020 #1
YES. onecaliberal Mar 2020 #2
Tucson just cancelled a Book festival event that draws 100,000 MLAA Mar 2020 #5
I'm not 60 but my husband is. He had a stroke 3 years ago and is diabetic. onecaliberal Mar 2020 #10
Yes indeed. gademocrat7 Mar 2020 #3
Over 60 and I need to work full time to keep my job. milestogo Mar 2020 #4
Ditto for part of my work. And I have a chronically ill spooky3 Mar 2020 #7
Sending your pet healing thoughts! 😻🐶🐸🐭🐰🐥🐴🦜🐠 MLAA Mar 2020 #19
Thank you so much!!!! spooky3 Mar 2020 #43
Same here. onecaliberal Mar 2020 #11
Same for my husband Freddie Mar 2020 #28
Easy peasy, I'm all bunkered in and can probably procon Mar 2020 #6
Going old school: I have a big back up supply of books in case the 'dang internet' goes out 😬 MLAA Mar 2020 #15
That's a good idea. procon Mar 2020 #22
Our son is getting married April 18 Freddie Mar 2020 #8
Very difficult decisions. MLAA Mar 2020 #12
My husband's niece was to be married in August in Ireland CountAllVotes Mar 2020 #37
Wow Freddie Mar 2020 #48
Not staying home - Ms. Toad Mar 2020 #9
Glad you've developed good habits. MLAA Mar 2020 #17
Under 60, still trying to limit my interactions. dewsgirl Mar 2020 #13
I'm 67 PCIntern Mar 2020 #14
Do you work in an industry where you interact with a lot of people? MLAA Mar 2020 #16
I'm a dentist and am going to get sick. PCIntern Mar 2020 #26
Damn, so sorry to hear that. MLAA Mar 2020 #30
You're welcome PCIntern Mar 2020 #32
About 2 months ago (before Corona) I had a dentist appointment MLAA Mar 2020 #45
You're a human being... PCIntern Mar 2020 #47
We're still walking with our friends in the morning malaise Mar 2020 #18
A baggie full of alcohol and paper towels is brillian! GemDigger Mar 2020 #21
It's cheap too malaise Mar 2020 #23
Wow! You exercise in a bar? Why didn't I think of that. llmart Mar 2020 #58
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah malaise Mar 2020 #60
Is that why they are called barbells? MLAA Mar 2020 #64
Hehehehehehe malaise Mar 2020 #66
My parents are in their 70s and flying tomorrow Takket Mar 2020 #20
I'm Rebl2 Mar 2020 #24
I'm trying to limit my interactions. Raftergirl Mar 2020 #25
I have a compromised immune system and am almost 65. redstatebluegirl Mar 2020 #27
I would stay at home, but my youngest is expecting her son AJT Mar 2020 #29
Glad you are driving. I keep a container of Clorox wipes in the car MLAA Mar 2020 #34
I have them in the car too. AJT Mar 2020 #57
Over 60, but neither my husband or I have serious medical problems karynnj Mar 2020 #31
Add this to poll: I'm over 60 and wish to stay home but have to go to work mdelaguna Mar 2020 #33
I will see if I can edit it, that is a good point. Thank you. MLAA Mar 2020 #36
Added options to the survey if you want to change your vote. MLAA Mar 2020 #40
I work in a school. If it's a true pandemic, I'm dead anyway Bucky Mar 2020 #35
Good luck 😬😷😬😷 MLAA Mar 2020 #38
I'm in my 30s and in excellent health Amishman Mar 2020 #39
Now you have an excellent excuse for staying way from people. MLAA Mar 2020 #41
I just turned 66. I'm retired, healthy and staying home, however... pdxflyboy Mar 2020 #42
As much as possible... N_E_1 for Tennis Mar 2020 #44
Good luck with the hip replacement! MLAA Mar 2020 #46
I gotta work. no work , no pay. and I don't make a whole bunch KG Mar 2020 #49
The way we've treated the planet and climate change MLAA Mar 2020 #51
I am but my 80 year old Trump supporting FIL is ignoring it. He's here right now. Kaleva Mar 2020 #50
How about telling him you are implementing social distancing MLAA Mar 2020 #52
My wife, his daughter, would nix that idea! Kaleva Mar 2020 #55
Yep. nt The_jackalope Mar 2020 #53
As mentioned before on DU, I am "financially quarantined" Backseat Driver Mar 2020 #54
I'm 42 and in excellent health. a la izquierda Mar 2020 #56
70 and in excellent health. safeinOhio Mar 2020 #59
Over 60 here. Handwashing, hand sanitizer, avoiding large groups:yes. But I still go to the gym pool Nay Mar 2020 #61
I keep a Clorox wipes in the car and wipe down all surfaces MLAA Mar 2020 #63
I do something similar -- I have hand sanitizer in the car, and when I get in I wipe Nay Mar 2020 #67
I am over 60 and have made a few changes Runningdawg Mar 2020 #62
We're all under 60 Bettie Mar 2020 #65
Polls are often overbroad in their options. Igel Mar 2020 #68
Sure hope he is right! MLAA Mar 2020 #70
Staying home except for medical appointments. n/t totodeinhere Mar 2020 #69
I am being cautious Chainfire Mar 2020 #71
Got my fingers crossed for you both MLAA Mar 2020 #72
I cancelled two shanti Mar 2020 #73
How about over 70, lives in NYC and doesn't see anything problematic about going into the streets? dhol82 Mar 2020 #74
Wish I could go to Buddha Bodai vegetarian restaurant in NYC Chinatown! MLAA Mar 2020 #75
Thanks. :) keep passing that place but have never stopped in. Now, I have to. :) dhol82 Mar 2020 #77
I liked going to dim sum at Buddha Bahai. MLAA Mar 2020 #79
Over 60 and staying home as much as possible.. luvs2sing Mar 2020 #76
I'm working. Great excuse to avoid coworkers. Throck Mar 2020 #78
Love any excuse to be a hermit🙂 MLAA Mar 2020 #80
I am 49 and limiting my exposure Marrah_Goodman Mar 2020 #81
60 and must work...retail pecosbob Mar 2020 #82
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