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63. As an aside, I think you hit on the culture war we're in.
Fri Feb 7, 2020, 04:35 PM
Feb 2020

It’s more of an urban/rural divide than anything else.

In cities, you can see your tax dollars at work; there’s public transport, street repair, libraries, etc. In rural areas, you don’t; so they see government as taking their taxes and not giving them anything in return. We could argue that national defense helps them, and law enforcement helps them, but these are not as visible as public works projects. In most rural areas, law enforcement will not arrive fast enough in an emergency, so they rely on gun ownership for self-defense.

In this light, the D and R labels seem more like a symptom than the cause. I post this mostly to get us thinking of other ways to talk to any remaining rural voters who are not yet subsumed by the cult of Trump.

K&R wryter2000 Feb 2020 #1
Fantastic! BeckyDem Feb 2020 #2
May every other state follow suit. GoCubsGo Feb 2020 #3
How about adding safeinOhio Feb 2020 #4
In Virginia? RVN VET71 Feb 2020 #38
The north also had Thomas and Sheridan. Both were as important as Grant and Sherman. nt Blue_true Feb 2020 #72
In the South? We've had wars after the Civil War IronLionZion Feb 2020 #48
I'm all for a "Donald J. Trump Memorial Urinal" in all federal government building restrooms. Brother Mythos Feb 2020 #67
Ya know what's crazy? happybird Feb 2020 #54
Who took the King out, republicans? Blue_true Feb 2020 #73
It's a short but weird story: happybird Feb 2020 #77
Actually Grant, Thomas, Sheridan and Sherman. Blue_true Feb 2020 #71
Yay, blue Virginia! nt spooky3 Feb 2020 #5
In 2017 and 2019, we came (to the pollls), we saw (GOP evil), we conquered (the VA gov't) lagomorph777 Feb 2020 #17
Did I hear DENVERPOPS Feb 2020 #31
Every election year DENVERPOPS Feb 2020 #33
It sure as hell did NOT work in VA in 2017 and 2019. lagomorph777 Feb 2020 #34
Lago DENVERPOPS Feb 2020 #40
It works with their base. But their base is a shrinking % spooky3 Feb 2020 #45
As an aside, I think you hit on the culture war we're in. Qutzupalotl Feb 2020 #63
"In its place, the House bill proposed that the state replace it with Election Day, the first Tuesda spooky3 Feb 2020 #6
Thanks for the heads up! Dennis Donovan Feb 2020 #7
Thanks for posting. It is great news! nt spooky3 Feb 2020 #10
So many good things Ohiogal Feb 2020 #8
You can! I believe OH is on the cusp of greatness too! lagomorph777 Feb 2020 #18
I am enjoying living in Blue Virginia. phylny Feb 2020 #9
I hear you Va Lefty Feb 2020 #11
I'm close to you - VA05 phylny Feb 2020 #28
Mine did and we are so thrilled! lagomorph777 Feb 2020 #19
Throw their statues in the trash, or recycle them dalton99a Feb 2020 #12
Convert them into public urinals. lagomorph777 Feb 2020 #20
Up cycling. nt littlemissmartypants Feb 2020 #37
Boom! lagomorph777 Feb 2020 #42
Both men also violated the oath they took as officers in the US Army... Wounded Bear Feb 2020 #13
Does this mean a day off work to go vote? PWPippinesq Feb 2020 #14
Yep! Dennis Donovan Feb 2020 #15
I agree. PWPippinesq Feb 2020 #25
Agreed! nt crickets Feb 2020 #41
if you work for the state Skittles Feb 2020 #74
For state employees, yes. Some business will follow suit, some won't. nt Blue_true Feb 2020 #75
Great idea! This needs to happen in all states. nt Chalco Feb 2020 #16
No, we need early voting and vote by mail Retrograde Feb 2020 #61
If Virginia doesn't have early voting, it will get it now that democrats control things. Blue_true Feb 2020 #76
Yep. And a only a mere 155 years since the end of the war... B Stieg Feb 2020 #21
Better late than never. We now have a Democratic governor and a Democratic Nitram Feb 2020 #23
Good points, all! B Stieg Feb 2020 #27
Yep. Better Late than Never. I hope this goes nationwide. calimary Feb 2020 #49
As a Virginian, it makes me proud that the Democratic majority is righting numerous wrongs Nitram Feb 2020 #22
It's so encouraging Ohiogal Feb 2020 #24
+1 Blue_Tires Feb 2020 #57
So shines a good deed in a weary world. (nt) Paladin Feb 2020 #26
Va Senate passed a bill allowing for damage insurance instead of security deposit underpants Feb 2020 #29
Wonderful! It'll pass: VA's house, senate and gov are ALL for it. Hortensis Feb 2020 #30
Good! Rider3 Feb 2020 #32
This is why I voted straight Democratic tickets for over two decades. rogue emissary Feb 2020 #35
And why I have voted straight Democratic tickets for decades, too. calimary Feb 2020 #50
Cue republican lawsuits. AtheistCrusader Feb 2020 #36
Go, Virginia! ConstanceCee Feb 2020 #39
That is great news! pandr32 Feb 2020 #43
They're on a roll!! Go VA. 58Sunliner Feb 2020 #44
Virginia needs to be the blueprint for OH, GA, FL, AZ, NC, PA scheming daemons Feb 2020 #46
! struggle4progress Feb 2020 #47
About Time marieo1 Feb 2020 #51
Bravo Virginia! n/t NY06DemSoc Feb 2020 #52
Election Day is the important occasion! Mopar151 Feb 2020 #53
How patriotic! No more celebrating traitor generals who killed US soldiers to protect slavery! SunSeeker Feb 2020 #55
Long overdue Blue_Tires Feb 2020 #56
Election Day Holiday! Brilliant! cp Feb 2020 #58
WOW! pazzyanne Feb 2020 #59
Election Day Holiday !!! Yes !!! TryLogic Feb 2020 #60
Good, honoring traitors to the USA for Progressive dog Feb 2020 #62
To quell the outrage they should rename it "Extra Day Off During Hunting Season Day." dameatball Feb 2020 #64
Don't hate on good hunters Mopar151 Feb 2020 #80
I understand. The post was not about "good hunters" just a jab at those who would be dameatball Feb 2020 #81
If you use the term: Mopar151 Feb 2020 #82
VA getting bluer and bluer every day! paleotn Feb 2020 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author softydog88 Feb 2020 #66
We've had many steps backward under traitortrump. This is a nice step forward amuse bouche Feb 2020 #68
Wow! Great news! We needed that at the end of a tough week. nt cry baby Feb 2020 #69
Those who say there is no difference between democrats and republicans in the modern era, Blue_true Feb 2020 #70
Republican business owners can still give their employees a paid holiday for Lee/Jackson. keithbvadu2 Feb 2020 #78
Two-fer - brilliant! hatrack Feb 2020 #79
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