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Wed Aug 28, 2019, 01:22 PM Aug 2019

If a friend threatens you during a political discussion do you forgive him? [View all]

1. The man is stupid and has some issues;

2. The man is a far right wing Evangelical Christian but will not admit it and claims to be a "messianic Jew;"

3. The man did not think of apologizing but appealed to me by saying he forgives people because some people have issues (which he clearly has);

4. I get whataboutism from him, when he managed to get around my blocks I told him that he threatened me and that was the reason why I blocked him, to which his first response was "you threaten."

The threat was to the effect of "Let's take this debate to the next level, I will destroy you." I have no idea what he thinks he can do but that is irrelevant. No friend of mine threatens me. Ever.

As an aside:

I have a hard time justifying this friendship because of his idiotic soft racism and stupidity alone. This however us the perfect justification for dumping him.

Oldest friend though. It isn't easy yet I feel better without.

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Friendship over
33 (97%)
Give him more opportunities to abuse me.
1 (3%)
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He isn't your friend. maxsolomon Aug 2019 #1
Children can be friends too. Cary Aug 2019 #5
Yes, but leftieNanner Aug 2019 #22
Indeed Cary Aug 2019 #49
I don't know exactly what kind of "threats" you're talking about specifically Proud Liberal Dem Aug 2019 #2
Sounds like you've already made your choice. Caliman73 Aug 2019 #3
Not so much validation as much as discussion Cary Aug 2019 #6
Well, then you have to think of it in terms of what this person adds versus what they take from you. Caliman73 Aug 2019 #14
Put your friend in time out. Then walk away. FM123 Aug 2019 #4
"Put your friend in time out. Then walk away." mitch96 Aug 2019 #19
Yes, it really is sad. FM123 Aug 2019 #29
Fortunately I have no friends like that! Floyd R. Turbo Aug 2019 #7
Fortunate indeed. Cary Aug 2019 #11
Yep! I divorced myself from every puke I knew during the Bush years! ✌🏻 Floyd R. Turbo Aug 2019 #16
Define "threaten" brooklynite Aug 2019 #8
4th paragraph from the bottom Cary Aug 2019 #10
Still don't see the threat brooklynite Aug 2019 #20
"Let's take this debate to the next level, I will destroy you." Polybius Aug 2019 #66
We keep a lot of old friendships on life support when we should really just let them go. Gidney N Cloyd Aug 2019 #9
I read something recently that makes me agree Bradshaw3 Aug 2019 #32
With a profile like that, all I can say is I'm surprised you haven't thrown him out a window Aristus Aug 2019 #12
40% of the electorate Cary Aug 2019 #17
We do, sure. But so do they. Aristus Aug 2019 #42
Unfortunately, my sister shares her life with a redneck, alcoholic Republican. flying_wahini Aug 2019 #13
While I am sure that you love your sister, why on earth would avebury Aug 2019 #31
The problem is that I want to see the rest of my family during the holidays. flying_wahini Aug 2019 #37
I dropped one of my friends for making Downtown Hound Aug 2019 #15
What is it that you want to achieve from this thread? Doodley Aug 2019 #18
"Achieve?" Cary Aug 2019 #27
Friendships fade. This one has imploded. dawg day Aug 2019 #21
Thanks. I did walk away. Cary Aug 2019 #23
You have to get super-rude with these people. "I find your racism DEPLORABLE and no longer want you Maru Kitteh Aug 2019 #69
I unloaded on him Cary Aug 2019 #70
And that is a good question Cary Aug 2019 #25
Interesting how all the elements weave together.. Cary Aug 2019 #28
I tell my conservative friends that ... Whiskeytide Aug 2019 #24
Ha! Cary Aug 2019 #26
Almost lifelong friend Timewas Aug 2019 #30
I recently blew up an online friendship nocoincidences Aug 2019 #33
Nope don't miss him Cary Aug 2019 #44
It can be a tough call gratuitous Aug 2019 #34
Cut him loose. And please do so immediately. Paladin Aug 2019 #35
His consequences are irrelevant to me Cary Aug 2019 #46
Lose the friend, skip prison. It'll all work out. Best of luck. (nt) Paladin Aug 2019 #48
Yep. Thanks. Cary Aug 2019 #50
I couldn't be friends with a conservative very easily qazplm135 Aug 2019 #36
I couldn't be friends with a conservative very easily" mitch96 Aug 2019 #58
"Well! I know somebody who's not getting invited to the Revolution!" struggle4progress Aug 2019 #38
"Get some help. Come back when you are better and we'll talk." CTyankee Aug 2019 #39
Is it a friendship that stretches back to childhood? Turin_C3PO Aug 2019 #40
Friends are as friends do lunatica Aug 2019 #41
I don't associate with racists. nt RandiFan1290 Aug 2019 #43
I try to keep my distance from willfully ignorant people. lpbk2713 Aug 2019 #45
He is a crypto thumper Cary Aug 2019 #47
My experience is that, in those cases, the friendship is over either way sandensea Aug 2019 #51
We cannot know what he thinks Cary Aug 2019 #55
He's brainwashed alright sandensea Aug 2019 #59
Being a decent human being I feel sorry him Cary Aug 2019 #60
I'm sure he does. That makes the brainwashing that much sadder sandensea Aug 2019 #61
Yep, the Powell memo Cary Aug 2019 #62
If he doesn't apologize... TheRealNorth Aug 2019 #52
I just had to block my favorite brother-in-law. secondwind Aug 2019 #53
I understand Cary Aug 2019 #57
There are different levels of so called friends. LiberalFighter Aug 2019 #54
Though I have no such friends DFW Aug 2019 #56
I refuse to remain friends with anyone who supports this evilness and this ooky Aug 2019 #63
Cut the cord. smirkymonkey Aug 2019 #64
Cognitive dissonance Cary Aug 2019 #65
What I Would RobinA Aug 2019 #67
Yes, that's the threat. Cary Aug 2019 #68
Cut him off. He's a fucking piece of shit. backscatter712 Aug 2019 #71
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