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46. Yep. That's actually my point.
Fri May 31, 2019, 05:53 PM
May 2019

Build the case that tRump is a criminal and a liar and a con man and a tax cheat and cares only about himself and will break any and every law to promote and protect himself and his interests. Do it with witnesses, on the teevee and keep doing it. Go into election season with months of THAT, dammit, instead of waffling around with political calculations and boohoo! The pukes won't convict him.

For once, can we please take the fight to them, instead of letting them set the terms of the debate? Please?

By impeaching Trump we will not be complicit like republicans in giving away our Democracy standingtall May 2019 #1
Thank you for that wasupaloopa May 2019 #2
Who says that won't ever happen? ehrnst May 2019 #11
I don't know for sure it won't happen but if an inquiry isn't opened soon standingtall May 2019 #12
We have 18 months. ehrnst May 2019 #13
We don't even have the full 18 months unless we are going to pull a Comey standingtall May 2019 #16
Again - you think you have better judgement than Pelosi as to if we are ready to start? ehrnst May 2019 #17
Why don't you ask Elizabeth Warren the these same questions standingtall May 2019 #19
Comey didn't hurt Clinton's chances of winning. Honeycombe8 May 2019 #24
I still think what Comey did hurt her and so did Jill Stein standingtall May 2019 #29
Belief and facts are two different things. Honeycombe8 May 2019 #38
Russia,Stein,Comey and the usual republican cheating standingtall May 2019 #41
I understand you believe Comey interfered. But there are no facts indicating that. Honeycombe8 May 2019 #45
But there really are no concrete facts in regards to Comey standingtall May 2019 #47
https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-comey-letter-probably-cost-clinton-the-election/ spooky3 May 2019 #58
The polls that were wrong? They don't prove anything of the sort. TwilightZone May 2019 #64
Based on what? Trumpocalypse May 2019 #14
Here you go standingtall May 2019 #18
Doesn't support your argument Trumpocalypse May 2019 #20
I want to see him going to jail in handcuffs. RainCaster May 2019 #3
I posted this about a week ago. Control-Z May 2019 #4
Most people don't watch hearings. Honeycombe8 May 2019 #26
K & R Control-Z! Nevermypresident May 2019 #28
The problem will be that we will alll see two different proceedings marylandblue May 2019 #39
I'm afraid that's wishful thinking. Captain Stern May 2019 #52
I can still remember my Dad being absolutely glued to the TV Crunchy Frog May 2019 #56
We all were.. mountain grammy May 2019 #60
That's not how media works anymore. Codeine Jun 2019 #70
By impeach the stuff from the mueller report becomes common knowledge. rusty quoin May 2019 #5
Impeach and convict then escort him out of the white house. shraby May 2019 #6
He can't be "convicted," if he can't be indicted. Impeachment by the House won't remove him.nt Honeycombe8 May 2019 #23
1. The Grand Jury documents that are being withheld would be handed over to the House -- pnwmom May 2019 #7
Is there a law saying that the GJ docs must be given to the House, for impeachment? nt Honeycombe8 May 2019 #25
More info here: pnwmom May 2019 #27
So there's no law, but it's possible. nt Honeycombe8 May 2019 #32
There would be no need to go through the DOJ. It would be directly between the GJ and the House, pnwmom May 2019 #33
It's no guarantee. It's only possible. It would be appealed and left to a Court to decide. Honeycombe8 May 2019 #34
Here's from another source. (And laws can be disputed too. It's also a law that the IRS pnwmom May 2019 #36
People in DU were misreading the tax return-IRS law. Honeycombe8 May 2019 #40
The point is that it is up to the JUDGE to decide, not Barr or the DOJ. pnwmom May 2019 #44
Any order to disclose that material is appealable jberryhill May 2019 #55
I understand. But the question I was addressing was whether there was a "law" pnwmom May 2019 #57
And what I'm saying is... jberryhill May 2019 #59
#2. That's not what that means madville May 2019 #37
Not according to James Madison, one of the Founding Fathers. pnwmom May 2019 #42
That's just an opinion from their debates during ratification madville May 2019 #48
The Constitution says pnwmom May 2019 #51
Exactly madville Jun 2019 #66
It doesn't sound like a stretch to me at all, especially when anyone can read pnwmom Jun 2019 #67
The modern SCOTUS would have to make a ruling madville Jun 2019 #68
And that SCOTUS is top-heavy with "originalists." nt pnwmom Jun 2019 #71
MINIMUM 1. Public should know about Red Don's crimes, 2. Hurt republicans politically. Both can be uponit7771 May 2019 #8
Public Hearings! shanny May 2019 #9
Don't need impeachment for public hearings Trumpocalypse May 2019 #15
Yep. That's actually my point. shanny May 2019 #46
Impeachment isn't necessary for that. nt Honeycombe8 May 2019 #22
Duh. shanny May 2019 #54
She's a better strategist than you think. marylandblue May 2019 #43
She's smart enough to know shanny May 2019 #53
I've heard "we can walk and chew gum at the same time" marylandblue Jun 2019 #65
"We talk about trump all the time." Indeed we do--on his terms. shanny Jun 2019 #69
Democrats are not losing their enthusiasm. marylandblue Jun 2019 #72
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2019 #10
It records his crimes, for historical purposes, and will remain on his Presidential record. Honeycombe8 May 2019 #21
I want him Faux pas May 2019 #30
Many people are visual learners. guillaumeb May 2019 #31
I want impeachment hearings C_U_L8R May 2019 #35
At minimum....an official and more complete historical record The empressof all May 2019 #49
I don't have any illusions that he will be removed madville May 2019 #50
I believe the more political damage done to Trump during the House investigations, sop May 2019 #61
Impeachment will show that Trump's conduct is unacceptable. Qutzupalotl May 2019 #62
Trump will resign riverwalker May 2019 #63
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