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8. The repubs bet it all on one number and they're gonna lose...
Sun Aug 26, 2012, 09:02 PM
Aug 2012

Plus, loook at all the things they have piled up
that people are not ready to support:

Woman's rights
Reducing people's ability to vote
Threaten medicare
Threaten social security
Continue to shift money to the wealthy
Say they'll deregulate business when it's obvious
that business has no loyalty and is only focused
on earning as much as possible
Lying, manipulating and creating propaganda in order
to confuse the voting public (didn't Tokyo Rose go
to prison for doing the same thing?)
Manipulating ballot counts
Allowing Citizens United

Who can possibly vote for these cheats?
They have no ethics!

And why isn't the judiciary branch putting safeguards in place
to guarantee a clean election?
Why don't they take ads that misrepresent off the air?

Why can elected officials spend two years doing nothing
for the American people and still get paid $180K?

Without a doubt - VOTE THEM OUT!!

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