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Sun Apr 28, 2019, 03:36 PM Apr 2019

Trump's statement yesterday was a kick in the gut. [View all]

I thought I had become numb to the hideous and hateful things that spew forth from the mouth of Trump. Yesterday’s comments about doctors and mothers deciding whether or not to “execute” babies really touched a nerve.

This cretin, who wanted his second wife to abort his fourth child, shovels shit and raw meat to his base without even thinking. The termination of a pregnancy, especially at the stage he describes, is never the casual event to parents or caregivers that it would be to a soulless subhuman like him.

Our first child was a miracle who came out kicking and screaming when the doctor believed my wife’s six month pregnancy was not going to end in a live birth. All of the medical team went to heroic lengths to ensure his survival. I learned then that they are not dispassionate clinicians unaffected by the success or failure of a pregnancy.

Our third son was stillborn after a full term pregnancy. It was a very painful experience that was only made bearable by the care and compassion of the medical professionals at the hospital. They treated our child, who never took a breath, with the same love and respect they had for any newborn. They wrapped our son in a blanket and I would carry him to my wife’s hospital bed several times each day until she was discharged. They gave us comfort and closure.

We had a funeral for our tiny son and he was buried in a local cemetery. When we visited his grave on his birthdays, we would find fresh flowers that we were certain were placed by the nurse who attended to my wife during her hospital stay.

We have a president who has no human perspective on life’s most poignant experiences. He has no concept of humanity. His hateful words are worse than lies. They are poison to our society and paint hideous false images as dark as his heart.

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The pain he has unleashed for you and others who have lost children is unforgivable MaryMagdaline Apr 2019 #1
Notice how he has embraced the demonization of mothers AND doctors MaryMagdaline Apr 2019 #2
+1000 I am so sorry for your loss also, we have had the same FirstLight Apr 2019 #37
i am so sorry barbtries Apr 2019 #3
K&R smirkymonkey Apr 2019 #4
I can't imagine Ohiogal Apr 2019 #5
He says/tweets things without regard or empathy backtoblue Apr 2019 #6
So sorry for your loss Bettie Apr 2019 #7
So sorry for the pain your family went through. Just brutal that politicians reactivate your Karadeniz Apr 2019 #8
It is never easy to lose a child.... ProudMNDemocrat Apr 2019 #9
I'm so sorry for your loss... CaptainTruth Apr 2019 #10
And it will only get worse. spanone Apr 2019 #11
I believe you are right. notinkansas Apr 2019 #25
I am so sorry and you are spot on in calling it. "Wanted his second wife to abort his fourth child" Evolve Dammit Apr 2019 #12
He's a callous man with no compassion. ginnyinWI Apr 2019 #13
Trump is who he is, and what 40% of the American public wants to be... Wounded Bear Apr 2019 #14
He is not good enough to touch your loss lunatica Apr 2019 #15
This talk about 9th month abortions overlooks a fact. Shoonra Apr 2019 #16
Thank you, Shoonra, for your very thoughtful and informed dialogue. Haggis for Breakfast Apr 2019 #21
Brava!!! Very well said!! secondwind Apr 2019 #27
spot on LittleGirl Apr 2019 #29
Thank you for sharing something so difficult sop Apr 2019 #17
Yes. Who are these people? JanetJustice Apr 2019 #18
This is Trump's "welfare cadillac." hay rick Apr 2019 #19
I have a young relative who terminated her pregnancy at 26 weeks dflprincess Apr 2019 #20
I can't even imagine the kind of pain you and your wife went through NastyRiffraff Apr 2019 #22
My heart goes out to those who have suffered in losing a child. Collimator Apr 2019 #23
I have a child born with birth defects and therefore is severely retarded. demigoddess Apr 2019 #24
I'm sorry-- this must really hurt-- dawg day Apr 2019 #26
Ectopic pregnancy: Fatal to mother AND baby. colorado_ufo Apr 2019 #35
Sheesh - no kidding! calimary May 2019 #42
Brilliant summation of our current times.... diverdownjt Apr 2019 #28
I absolutely hate him. 47of74 Apr 2019 #30
!!!!! TommyCelt Apr 2019 #31
Every one of us must try to encourage his supporters to see reality BSdetect Apr 2019 #32
Trump is a narcissist. Narcissist have no empathy or remorse . Some years back a friend of mine SummerSnow Apr 2019 #33
God bless your words of wisdom. colorado_ufo Apr 2019 #34
I have a hard time believing that Trump has NEVER paid for, or been involved with a woman that has LiberalLovinLug Apr 2019 #36
Your story is a real heartbreaker, FightingIrish. calimary Apr 2019 #38
Thank you for your post DesertRat Apr 2019 #39
Nothing new. Limbaugh and others have been saying this for a while ... JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2019 #40
K&R, thanks for posting red dog 1 Apr 2019 #41
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