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9. And nothing about the Foreign Corrupt practices.
Sun Mar 31, 2019, 09:08 AM
Mar 2019

I’m not a skeptic, but I also wasn’t surprised that the Mueller didn’t contain an outright statement of collaboration between Trump, his campaign and the Russian government. That last phrase seems critical to me, Russian government. We talk about oligarchs, but don’t seem to understand what that means. If a small cartel of extremely wealthy people are pulling the strings of the government, would they let the government get it’s hands dirty when it found a kindred spirit running for election in a hostile country?

Donald Trump has come out as being opposed to the Foreign Corrupt Practices laws. He is a white collar criminal the Trump Tower Moscow was a kickback scheme. This is more about institutionalizing kickbacks to the oligarchs, which Trump believes himself to be.

As such I wasn’t surprised that there was nothing to convict him of collaborating with the Russian Government, he was working with the governors of the government. Legally it’s not the same thing.

Now we’ve established that he didn’t collaborate with the government, how about the Foreign Corrupt Practices. There wasn’t any word of him not being guilty of those. Should I assume that Bill Barr put out what he did because there was ample evidence of that?

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