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Mon Feb 11, 2019, 04:50 PM Feb 2019

antisemitism vs criticism of Israel [View all]

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Rep. Omar did the right thing by apologizing for what she said. It crossed the line from being critical of Israel to using antisemitic stereotypes.

That being said - the conflation of Israel and Judaism that Rep. Omar seems to have made is not unique to antisemites. Although I haven't encountered it here on DU, I've experienced it elsewhere from people who are otherwise very progressive.

I have been accused of antisemitism as recently as last week. My transgression? Expressing disagreement with Israel's policy of building settlements in the West Bank and sympathy with Palestinians who feel oppressed.

I find it offensive. I was raised Gentile, but my wife and daughter are Jewish.

Judaism is a vibrant, diverse group of communities bound by religious and cultural traditions dating back centuries or even millennia. It has tenaciously survived repeated attempts at extermination and genocide, and its gifts to the world - cultural, literary, philosophical, artistic, scientific, and (in my case, at least) personal - are tremendous and outsized compared with the size of the Jewish population worldwide.

Israel is a nation state founded in 1947. It has long been a staunch US ally, and (based in part on my own experiences in Israel) its people have built and defended a remarkable national infrastructure in a hostile region during its short existence. But that doesn't mean I have to agree with everything its government does.

I speak up frequently against US policy. That doesn't make me anti-American. Same principle.

I realize I'm probably speaking to the choir here, but I can't imagine I'm the only one here who feels trepidation when criticizing Israeli policy. Israel is not the same as Judaism.

Added on edit - I should have added "culinary" to the broad list of Jewish contributions. I've managed some success with my efforts to adopt them. Evidently, one or two of my in-laws called me "Latke Goy" over the holidays.

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Thank You!!!! LovingA2andMI Feb 2019 #1
You're not alone. Harker Feb 2019 #2
thank you, cab67 saidsimplesimon Feb 2019 #3
I don't think criticism of Isreal is anti-semitic in and of itself theboss Feb 2019 #4
It's not a simple thing. cab67 Feb 2019 #9
I would never call Israelis Nazis. Here is now Israelis are like Nazis. theboss Feb 2019 #18
you have a different term for it? cab67 Feb 2019 #22
other than the Nazi comparison, what if someone actually does those things? Kurt V. Feb 2019 #26
I would argue that anti semites don't criticize Israel so much as they criticize Jews, Volaris Feb 2019 #31
If Israel played Mexico in soccer and you cheered for Mexico, some would call you an anti Semite NightWatcher Feb 2019 #5
Interesting and relevant analogy, given that Israel faces a raft of discrimination in international tritsofme Feb 2019 #8
The story behind Marty Glickman and the 1936 Olympics was a precursor to what you're saying. George II Feb 2019 #11
If the Miami Heat played Maccabi Tel Aviv in an exhibition game I would root for the former DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2019 #20
Thank you! I have also been perplexed by this. Shell_Seas Feb 2019 #6
I never feel concern when criticizing particular actions/policies of the Israeli government on DU. LanternWaste Feb 2019 #7
Perhaps it wasn't the thought behind what was said, but it was what actually was said.... George II Feb 2019 #10
Does this mean that,,,,, Cryptoad Feb 2019 #12
If the antisemites are critical of BiBi wellst0nev0ter Feb 2019 #21
I feel the same way about Israel as I do the United States. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2019 #13
Even the US Senate has taken up consideration of the bullshit anti-BDS clauses due to AIPAC lobbying pecosbob Feb 2019 #14
Completely agree with you! Lonestarblue Feb 2019 #15
Thanks!! n/m 3_Limes Feb 2019 #16
Now could we get an HONEST SCVDem Feb 2019 #17
That's never made sense to me. cab67 Feb 2019 #25
Israel and AIPAC know they would not survive for long if they were Magnitsky'd pecosbob Feb 2019 #19
As a kid growing up, my entire life has seen Middle East warring Miigwech Feb 2019 #23
I don't think countries have "rights" the way human beings do. cab67 Feb 2019 #24
Balanced and well-said! nt B Stieg Feb 2019 #27
K&R Martin Eden Feb 2019 #28
Her comments were anti semitic Meowmee Feb 2019 #29
Farrakhan doesn't get a lot of support from mainline Democrats. cab67 Feb 2019 #30
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