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29. The Republican party was founded by abolitionists who wanted to end slavery.
Tue Jan 29, 2019, 04:53 PM
Jan 2019

Just goes to show how much race defines our politics.

I fucking hate Republicans. [View all] 47of74 Jan 2019 OP
When you meet the devil, hatred is the right response. FiveGoodMen Jan 2019 #1
I say that several times a week katmondoo Jan 2019 #2
Me too! DownriverDem Jan 2019 #22
To a point... brooklynite Jan 2019 #4
Indeed!! Duppers Jan 2019 #21
There are NO good republicans. Not one. onecaliberal Jan 2019 #27
Sadly they have earned our hatred. olegramps Jan 2019 #38
I don't hate them however - walkingman Jan 2019 #3
Sometimes the line between hate and despise seem to cross and its takes too much positive thought in2herbs Jan 2019 #7
I pretty much just hate them. smirkymonkey Jan 2019 #10
That's okay because I HATE them enough for both of us. SammyWinstonJack Jan 2019 #11
So, in other words, you hate them. It's okay. So do I. Texin Jan 2019 #14
In other terms, you hate approximately 50% democratisphere Jan 2019 #5
Methinks that number is too high rurallib Jan 2019 #15
More like 30%... I hate them too! backscatter712 Jan 2019 #17
i reiterate that several times a week. barbtries Jan 2019 #6
Hatred can save your life! lunatica Jan 2019 #8
Yep, rather like swearing... Duppers Jan 2019 #24
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2019 #9
Welcome to DU bdamomma Jan 2019 #13
it's unanimous bdamomma Jan 2019 #12
That is always on the tip of my tongue... BlueJac Jan 2019 #16
I can remember a time when I just didn't understand them. Texin Jan 2019 #18
Me, too. lillypaddle Jan 2019 #19
Republicans Are A Disease PaulX2 Jan 2019 #20
I don't hate them sarge43 Jan 2019 #23
They're a cancer to this country! LW1977 Jan 2019 #25
Me too! Rizen Jan 2019 #26
I've said it for years Rorey Jan 2019 #28
The Republican party was founded by abolitionists who wanted to end slavery. Yavin4 Jan 2019 #29
Then it was remade by Southerners wanting to keep slavery. SunSeeker Jan 2019 #33
It is ok to hate bigotry. That is all they are. nt SunSeeker Jan 2019 #30
Agree! 100% UCmeNdc Jan 2019 #31
Close your eyes, and wish all that on them. sandensea Jan 2019 #32
You are not alone Roadside Attraction Jan 2019 #34
Send them a card with a large cash donation postmarked with Intelligent Mail Bar Code. IADEMO2004 Jan 2019 #35
No shit. 47of74 Jan 2019 #44
Well i hated them because they only care about THEMSELVES BUT now bluestarone Jan 2019 #36
#1 a million times! riversedge Jan 2019 #37
I thought I hated Bush. Looking back, compared to my hatred of Trump, I really loved Bush. Pepsidog Jan 2019 #39
Bush ground my gears, but not the way this guy does. 47of74 Jan 2019 #45
It helps my nerves to try and understand them and... KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #40
Watched the show about Ted Bundy, serial killer, on Netflix. morningglory Jan 2019 #41
You are not alone. There are days.... Hekate Jan 2019 #42
I grew up hearing my late Dad in the 60's saying, " dirty stinking lousy republicans" kimbutgar Jan 2019 #43
I've come to hate their instigators but the rank and file are just jimlup Jan 2019 #46
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