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7. The Strategy on the Fort Complex is already to back off to
Tue Aug 14, 2012, 11:19 PM
Aug 2012

secondary containment lines and burn out a good portion of Red Buttes Wilderness and nearby other National Forest lands on CA-OR border of the Klamath and Rogue River NFs.

The ICS Teams have led gutless, expensive, and ecologically incompetent landscape level fire suppression stratagies more often than not in the past 20 years in the Klamath Mountains. Shameful.


It's been so hot and dry I'm surprised there aren't more Beaverhausen Aug 2012 #1
At the risk of annoying certain folks (not on DU) nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #2
Weather Underground says my area (San Fernando Valley) is kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #3
The cooling trend is expected nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #4
I just can't fathom how it's even possible that we could have ONLY kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #5
No, you're in the 90s next week pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #6
It's been all the way to the upper 80s and 90s on the coast in San Diego County nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #9
What mountains got to over 100 degrees? Certainly not the San Bernardinos. It was 82 here today. cherokeeprogressive Aug 2012 #16
The Strategy on the Fort Complex is already to back off to PufPuf23 Aug 2012 #7
Point your compass rose way south nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #8
Not exactly a new debate rather decades of common sense. PufPuf23 Aug 2012 #12
Absolutely true nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #13
More like a 30 year old debate. n/t cherokeeprogressive Aug 2012 #17
News last night reported multiple fires in NoCal, too (Lake County) pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #10
I got water in the truck nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #11
A few years ago during the Butler 2 fire in the San Bernardino Mtns my wife took 4 cases of Snickers cherokeeprogressive Aug 2012 #20
Good for your wife! pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #23
Just a Reminder of why we pay taxes & decent wages to Fire Fighters shintao Aug 2012 #14
Agreed. they deserve more than our thanks nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #15
HOLY ALL-CAPS BATMAN Care Acutely Aug 2012 #18
Copied and pasted headline exactly as written nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #19
It's a newspaper for deaf people. Brickbat Aug 2012 #21
Updated: Fire claims 1,800 acres east of Temecula, two firefighters injured nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #22
Oh no! I'm planning to go to Temecula this sunday for wine tasting. Beaverhausen Aug 2012 #24
Buck Fire East of Temecula 40 Percent Contained nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #25
Update, Marine Corp joins the fight nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #26
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