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Sun Aug 19, 2018, 08:05 AM Aug 2018

POV On Omarosa: She Is Not Trump's Mini-Me. More Likely, She Hated His Guts Since Day 1 [View all]


POV On Omarosa: She Is Not Trump’s Mini-Me. More Likely, She Hated His Guts Since Day 1
Saturday August 18, 2018 · 8:41 PM EDT


The fact that she’s African American leads some to claim she’s a stereotypical “Black bitch” but, in my opinion, that simply reveals more about them, not her.

No — Trump didn’t create her and she’s no Trump mini-me. Omarosa has consistently used her skills, knowledge and talents in the same way to advance her career since she entered the public eye. One may dislike or reject the public persona she created and the path she chose to achieve her goals. But she is, across the board, her own woman.

Why I Think Omarosa Likely Hated Trump Since Day 1.

All of the above plus this: she has seen him behind the scenes and knows exactly what he’s capable of — which, after the pussy-grabbing tape, is clearly far worse than the horrors he reveals in public — and she’s fully aware of his power to dispose of her or destroy her at will. There is no way she ever truly “respected” such a man as a “mentor.” It’s far more likely she hated him, as I hated the boss I described above yet continued to work for him.

I have no doubt Trump used the N-word behind the scenes on The Apprentice, along with other vicious invective and sundry pussy-grabbing in word and/or deed. I have no doubt Omarosa was shocked and disgusted by him yet made a calculated decision to stay in his orbit for — yes — career opportunities.

Personally, I don’t consider her choice to do so different than many of the famous women who came forward in the #MeToo discussion and admitted they remained silent because their abusers had the power to advance (or destroy) their careers. I don’t recall any of those women being criticized as “opportunists.”

When Omarosa made the “bow down to Trump” remark on TV after he won the GOP nomination, my spidey-sense kicked in. It was over the top even for the renowned Reality TV Villain. My gut told me she knew her remark would win favor with Trump. She was right. Soon after, Omarosa was asked to join the Trump election campaign and had to sign an NDA.

When he won the presidency and created a top-paying position for Omarosa, she did two things I find significant:

She did not sign an NDA.

She entered the West Wing with her iPhone app on “record.”

It’s worth repeating: she entered the West Wing with her iPhone app on “record.”

Think about it — why would she make these recordings? Simply and solely to exploit an opportunity? I don’t think so. Opportunity was the cherry on top of a cake that Omarosa’s been baking a long time.

I think she made those recordings because Omarosa hates Trump’s guts, has always hated his guts, and she intended to come for him.

The fact that Trump didn’t see her coming is a testament to his misogynist, racist, rich white boy, ignorant blind spot. A blind spot I have no doubt Omarosa sized up the moment she met him.

Next time you see her interviewed on TV, pay attention to her eyes. They reveal it all.

I do not judge her. In fact, I applaud her. You go girl.
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That would be so beautiful... Kath2 Aug 2018 #1
And then dies and falls on top of him at the end Hortensis Aug 2018 #23
True Kath2 Aug 2018 #44
Clinical sociopath? BlueWI Aug 2018 #60
Perhaps, but years of behaviors, including choosing to live Hortensis Aug 2018 #61
Thanks for the context. BlueWI Aug 2018 #62
It has to be well worth reading for people with Hortensis Aug 2018 #64
Great post malaise Aug 2018 #2
I hope you are right Perseus Aug 2018 #3
What i now say: OMAROSA, YOU GO GIRL. Tell us all the stuff you know about Trump !!! trueblue2007 Aug 2018 #59
I read somewhere that she got on the Apprentice as a way to silence her from suing someone else. TheBlackAdder Aug 2018 #4
Melania's body language sure seems saying she loathes him. I think she has no interest in the ... marble falls Aug 2018 #5
It sure seemed like she was trying her best to get him elected. mucifer Aug 2018 #6
Guaranteed Job for her in the White House... Basement Beat Aug 2018 #56
Sorry - I see it as COLLUSION - between Trump and Omorosa hexola Aug 2018 #7
The white house job was a payoff in the first place... hexola Aug 2018 #8
Omarosa is One on One w/ Rev. Al Sharpton right now on MSNBC OxQQme Aug 2018 #9
She's alway struck me as just like him- Warren_Pointe Aug 2018 #10
Difference Trump always had his white privilege HipChick Aug 2018 #12
That's because she is BannonsLiver Aug 2018 #47
I'm not sure shameful opportunist is better than bitter ex hanger on mythology Aug 2018 #11
Amen to that. shanny Aug 2018 #43
All That Adds Up To Amarosa Being His Mini Me PaulX2 Aug 2018 #13
Mini Me turned against Dr. Evil robbob Aug 2018 #19
Rev. Sharpton will replay the interview next up on MSNBC n/t OxQQme Aug 2018 #14
This all makes sense to me now PatSeg Aug 2018 #15
+1000 smirkymonkey Aug 2018 #22
And unfortunately for Trump PatSeg Aug 2018 #30
Omarosa saw an opportunity True Blue American Aug 2018 #16
Yeah, she might hate his guts, but ... JustABozoOnThisBus Aug 2018 #17
Of course I'll just wait until her book is at the library. Crowman2009 Aug 2018 #26
Go to the link for the pic. Grins Aug 2018 #18
This will be history we would not have had without cpamomfromtexas Aug 2018 #20
It's an interesting theory robbob Aug 2018 #21
she is just another opportunist, trying to make a buck beachbum bob Aug 2018 #24
She attached to him like a barnacle early on. But decided to bail when she realized the dumbass... Crowman2009 Aug 2018 #25
I agree. n/t demmiblue Aug 2018 #27
It's good that she's attacking Trump. dalton99a Aug 2018 #28
Could be. The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2018 #29
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2018 #31
No one is idolizing her DesertRat Aug 2018 #32
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2018 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author DesertRat Aug 2018 #36
So she was either lying then, or lying now. B2G Aug 2018 #33
Notice this similarity Wellstone ruled Aug 2018 #34
If you read her book, which presents more of her life story...she majored in Journalism, and won HipChick Aug 2018 #37
Yup,aware of her background. Wellstone ruled Aug 2018 #39
Never watched the Apprentice ... HipChick Aug 2018 #40
Less than ten minutes was Wellstone ruled Aug 2018 #42
ugh..that does not surprise me...I met her once in person, not a planned encounter.. HipChick Aug 2018 #45
Funny,heard the same from Wellstone ruled Aug 2018 #49
I don't think it's love or hate with her when it comes to Trump kcr Aug 2018 #38
Exactly... HipChick Aug 2018 #41
The premise here is comically ludicrous BannonsLiver Aug 2018 #46
She reveals more recordings than I can give her the benefit of the doubt uponit7771 Aug 2018 #48
No different than the #Metoo movement? ismnotwasm Aug 2018 #50
"Kill Bill" one and two saidsimplesimon Aug 2018 #52
I'm a fan. ismnotwasm Aug 2018 #54
Hmm. I am reading her book and don't think I agree. She didn't Laura PourMeADrink Aug 2018 #51
We're in "enemy of my enemy" territory. John Fante Aug 2018 #53
interesting perspective. Kali Aug 2018 #55
Birds of a feather flock together KWR65 Aug 2018 #57
That's terrible - that' makes me think even less of her. fescuerescue Aug 2018 #58
Omarosa helped get Cheeto elected Raine Aug 2018 #63
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