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1. If you ever wondered what you'd have done in Nazi Germany,
Sat Jul 21, 2018, 12:07 PM
Jul 2018

all you have to do is look at what you're doing now.

No offense but I have to confess I'm alarmed by your wait and see attitude. YOU CANNOT count on his incompetence. He's got plenty of helpers who aren't quite so incompetent.

Further, he's inches away from a lock on the Americans' ability to resist. He's packing the courts with rightwing ideologues, and if he gets that SCOTUS pick and even more of them, we're done.

Even more: if Republicans don't start standing up to him, so much more damage can be done it's incalculable.

AND finally, the 2018 election. I am very fearful about nothing (almost nothing) being done. All Russia has to do is figure out (or get told) which key races matter -- esp. in the Senate -- and that's potentially over for us too.

It's not enough to wait and see if and when other Americans "rise up." We've got to rise up NOW. I'm not physically able to do much more at this point than pellet my MoC with faxes (and sometimes phone calls):

Call 24/7: 202-224-3121
Free Faxes (can incl up to 3 pages attached) to Senators: https://faxzero.com/fax_senate.php
Free Faxes (ditto) to Congress: https://faxzero.com/fax_congress.php
TEXT your faxes: Text RESIST to 50409
Write your MoC - DEMOCRACY.IO https://democracy.io/#/

Soon I think I'll try to find at least one campaign to do some phone calling for.

AND, I continue to try to raise awareness and push for paper ballots:

ICYMI -- BOMBSHELL - ATTN Naysayers who think elections can't be stolen via machines -

and also this post: https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=10893190

If you ever wondered what you'd have done in Nazi Germany, RandomAccess Jul 2018 #1
we were complacent in WISCONSIN jodymarie aimee Jul 2018 #10
Excellent RandomAccess Jul 2018 #33
Illinois has just barely escaped the same fate by the skin of our teeth ... so far. hedda_foil Jul 2018 #43
The Pritzer family have been rock solid democrats all along. Blue_true Jul 2018 #50
What is happening in our country h2ebits Jul 2018 #11
Glad you un-lurked to give that link. dixiegrrrrl Jul 2018 #18
Terrifying article. Thanks for posting. smirkymonkey Jul 2018 #22
Thanks RandomAccess Jul 2018 #34
Exactly my thoughts. h2ebits Jul 2018 #38
Thank you for the link! Starfury Jul 2018 #58
I too am fearful about the 2018 election. Lonestarblue Jul 2018 #15
I have heard many times that those contacts DO make a difference dixiegrrrrl Jul 2018 #27
Those are excellent questions. Thanks so much for posting them. RandomAccess Jul 2018 #36
Please do and feel free to modify. Lonestarblue Jul 2018 #45
I'll tell ya what I'M doing. calimary Jul 2018 #23
YES! dixiegrrrrl Jul 2018 #35
+1 Indivisible is great -- RandomAccess Jul 2018 #37
the parallels Between Trump and the Hitler are very similar. dubyadiprecession Jul 2018 #2
Two differences come to mind... keithbvadu2 Jul 2018 #7
Hitler was also a young Man when he came to power BannonsLiver Jul 2018 #31
Granny needs to shave her legs (middle pic) keithbvadu2 Jul 2018 #32
I've read a lot about the rise of the Nazis vlyons Jul 2018 #3
The key is demagoguery. As Aristotle concluded it usually results in tyranny and dictatorship. olegramps Jul 2018 #14
I read somewhere that the 3 great hatreds of Islamic jihadists were vlyons Jul 2018 #17
I see you wrote "warping themselves in the flag and carrying a cross" in your second paragraph. calimary Jul 2018 #24
apparently it can happen with good employment and no inflation too TeamPooka Jul 2018 #21
Volumes and volumes of books have been dedicated to this subject. Be careful with analogies. YOHABLO Jul 2018 #53
History repeats empedocles Jul 2018 #4
I watched 'WWII in HD Colour' right around when Trump's NATO trashing started SemiHalfling Jul 2018 #5
It wast russia Cosmocat Jul 2018 #6
The willingness to abandon Communism by Russia was not an accident. gordianot Jul 2018 #8
Hitler's minions took care of him.... Toorich Jul 2018 #9
Do not have to wait long. gordianot Jul 2018 #12
Ach! Mein gott! hedda_foil Jul 2018 #26
that's interesting. mopinko Jul 2018 #16
Der Fuher also received steady funds from publication of 'Mein Kamp' appalachiablue Jul 2018 #19
Besides lazy he's unimaginative & unoriginal, poaches successful past things, like "America First" UTUSN Jul 2018 #13
trump and hitler are interchangeable, yortsed snacilbuper Jul 2018 #20
Hitler wasn't a draft dodger. Dave Starsky Jul 2018 #28
I meant in the speeches they give and their mannerisms, yortsed snacilbuper Jul 2018 #40
I think he's a dead ringer for Mussolini. Dave Starsky Jul 2018 #41
I think trump is borrowng hitlers speeches and using them, yortsed snacilbuper Jul 2018 #42
Please, please, tell me the name of the documentary you watched. And a link if possible. hedda_foil Jul 2018 #25
It was "The World at War" catbyte Jul 2018 #46
WOW,catbyte! Thank you SO much. This is terrific! hedda_foil Jul 2018 #47
You're very welcome! There's one more, it's an HBO/BBC dramatization of the Wannsee catbyte Jul 2018 #48
I remember it from when it was first shown. A really excellent dramatization. hedda_foil Jul 2018 #49
K & R blue-wave Jul 2018 #29
Deplorables aren't nice people, they are "unredeemable". nt oasis Jul 2018 #30
The thing is that when Hitler Turbineguy Jul 2018 #39
The US lost WWII. Mendocino Jul 2018 #44
You know what scares me. Blue_true Jul 2018 #51
Someone like (VP) Pence? TryLogic Jul 2018 #54
Yes, he fits the description. Blue_true Jul 2018 #59
The forces that are pushing the agenda of the Right are very well moneyed. YOHABLO Jul 2018 #52
Perfect: Greed Over People, GOP TryLogic Jul 2018 #55
What if the NRA riverbendviewgal Jul 2018 #56
Also not fooled Jul 2018 #57
I suspect that Russia wants the US to look and sound a lot like Nazi Germany so that when McCamy Taylor Jul 2018 #60
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