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Crunchy Frog

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42. I'm sorry that the drug war has put you in this situation.
Thu Jul 19, 2018, 01:39 PM
Jul 2018

I've been profoundly opposed to this drug war ever since I was forced to go through untreated kidney stone pain.

I definitely think we're going to start seeing lots more deaths from overuse of NSAIDS and Tylenol, and probably even alcohol, as a result of the mismanagement of this "crisis".

You might try looking into kratom. It's a ground up leaf that has mild opioid and possibly anti-inflammatory properties, and is currently still legal.

Are you in a Medical Cannabis state? Raster Jul 2018 #1
My employer won't allow me to take medical MJ. Coventina Jul 2018 #3
OK, there are still topical preparations that might be effective. Raster Jul 2018 #7
CBD oil that contains no active THC components OUGHT to be ok, BUT it is NOT... YET hlthe2b Jul 2018 #10
The CBD I take only has .3% Heartstrings Jul 2018 #127
Not "legal" for Federal employees and military though. That's what I was referring to. hlthe2b Jul 2018 #128
i'm not recommending or suggesting anything but strangely Horse with no Name Jul 2018 #135
Try it. brokephibroke Jul 2018 #102
MMj makes me completely non-functional; it is definitely not a replacement for an opiate/opioid pain TheFrenchRazor Jul 2018 #165
What state are you in SarasotaDem Jul 2018 #2
Please see my reply above. Not an option, unfortunately. Coventina Jul 2018 #4
I have RA and other stuff. I use cannabis daily. NightWatcher Jul 2018 #5
The studies on NSAIDS have shown Naproxen to be the safest, though still some risk... hlthe2b Jul 2018 #6
For whatever weird reason, I'm allergic to Naproxen, even though I Coventina Jul 2018 #11
Can you alternate your NSAID with some Tylenol? pnwmom Jul 2018 #122
Tylenol has never done anything for me. Coventina Jul 2018 #123
I'm so sorry you're going through this. Habibi Jul 2018 #130
Yes! OTC Aleve (naproxen) @220 mg helps me a LOT!! Just once a day for my osteo aches... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #16
Ditto - also, icing knees after strenuous exercise helps. spooky3 Jul 2018 #43
Defintely a YMMV thing. Ms. Toad Jul 2018 #84
the studies I am referring to were those linking NSAIDs with Cardiovascular risk... hlthe2b Jul 2018 #87
I know of the general risks - Ms. Toad Jul 2018 #92
Yes, Naproxen is poison for me. Yet I can take ibuprofen all day long Coventina Jul 2018 #96
Have you discussed your dilimma with the cardiologist....... WillowTree Jul 2018 #8
He wants me to get multiple major surgeries. Coventina Jul 2018 #12
I have had all those surgeries over the last 3 years, and am fine now. MoonRiver Jul 2018 #69
Those surgeries have kept me out of a wheelchair. Croney Jul 2018 #81
Goodness, Coventina, get the surgeries. Mr Nay has had a back operation and both hips have Nay Jul 2018 #131
I had a right hip replacement 5 years ago. 3catwoman3 Jul 2018 #149
What about area51 Jul 2018 #9
Interesting, I'll give the cocoa a try. I do take the Glucosamine/Chondroitin combo. Coventina Jul 2018 #15
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Hyalronic Acid, Circulmin [tumeric], and empedocles Jul 2018 #17
Yes, I take all of those. And the exercise as well. Coventina Jul 2018 #24
Cut down on the carbohydrates as much as possible nolabels Jul 2018 #72
Absolutely - Ms. Toad Jul 2018 #88
I just started on a keto like diet. I don't miss sugars at all. I feel full. Because applegrove Jul 2018 #151
Are Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors (infusions) for severe RA safer than NSAIDS? LeftInTX Jul 2018 #13
My arthritis is osteo, not RA. Coventina Jul 2018 #18
They won't work for OA..... LeftInTX Jul 2018 #28
As much as I dislike all the natural drug free ways to handle severe arthritis and I braddy Jul 2018 #14
I apologize, I'm not entirely sure what you are asking? Coventina Jul 2018 #20
Fully committing to stuff like this since you are being shut out of more simple help (drugs). braddy Jul 2018 #27
Well, I could try, but since I have a full-time job I have to be functional. Coventina Jul 2018 #32
Drug tests look for THC not CBD Phoenix61 Jul 2018 #19
Can you get that without a medical MJ card? Coventina Jul 2018 #26
My mom has good luck with CBD oil. There's lots to choose from on Amazon. Patterson Jul 2018 #60
Absolutely! Phoenix61 Jul 2018 #70
... Major Nikon Jul 2018 #118
Try CBD oil... it is legal in all 50 states (I've been told) no THC in it lapfog_1 Jul 2018 #21
I'm about to try that for my knees. Glucosamine just ain't doing it Roland99 Jul 2018 #90
it's very expensive and has minimal pain relieving effect, IMO. nt TheFrenchRazor Jul 2018 #166
You might be H2O Man Jul 2018 #22
I'll look into it., thanks! n/t Coventina Jul 2018 #29
Another helpful option, H2O Man Jul 2018 #75
Yes, taking the tumeric. Coventina Jul 2018 #80
is that also known as wild lettuce? Ed.: Yes -- just googled it RandomAccess Jul 2018 #74
Yes, it is. H2O Man Jul 2018 #76
I updated my post several times -- RandomAccess Jul 2018 #78
I've been able H2O Man Jul 2018 #82
LOL -- RandomAccess Jul 2018 #100
I just clipped H2O Man Jul 2018 #108
so how do you prepare them? RandomAccess Jul 2018 #109
I dry them, H2O Man Jul 2018 #111
I wish I were better at identifying herbs so I could wildcraft some RandomAccess Jul 2018 #112
They grow well H2O Man Jul 2018 #115
ROFL RandomAccess Jul 2018 #116
Proofe you haven't H2O Man Jul 2018 #117
Oh my! RandomAccess Jul 2018 #120
What's up with those old injuries coming back? hunter Jul 2018 #106
Right! H2O Man Jul 2018 #110
I quit taking ibuprofen PatSeg Jul 2018 #23
Thanks! I will look into that. Coventina Jul 2018 #34
I am surprised PatSeg Jul 2018 #93
IV Mag postpartum is usually given for preeclampsia Horse with no Name Jul 2018 #138
I'm quite sure her blood pressure was high PatSeg Jul 2018 #146
My doctor says Magnesium Citrate. hunter Jul 2018 #107
That is a laxative. I wouldn't recommend that. n/t Horse with no Name Jul 2018 #137
Heh. Maybe my doctor thinks I'm full of shit. hunter Jul 2018 #142
thats always the bomb I suggest to constipated patients Horse with no Name Jul 2018 #143
I was given Pennsaid (which is diclofenac sodium) cream Horse with no Name Jul 2018 #136
I use magnesium oil and haven't noticed any help with pain RandomAccess Jul 2018 #79
That's too bad PatSeg Jul 2018 #95
Not for pain, per se RandomAccess Jul 2018 #103
I'd never heard of Arnica gel PatSeg Jul 2018 #113
Defnitely give it a try RandomAccess Jul 2018 #114
Thank you PatSeg Jul 2018 #145
I was just using some of the last bit of a really good RandomAccess Jul 2018 #148
magnesium oxide is usually the best preparation for muscle cramps/pain Horse with no Name Jul 2018 #140
Oh, okay. I'll keep that in mind. RandomAccess Jul 2018 #144
I mostly rely on herbal remedies cally Jul 2018 #25
Yep, I guzzle the tumeric and garlic as well. Coventina Jul 2018 #35
Kratom. Order from: JanetLovesObama Jul 2018 #30
If she works for the government, Kratom can be on several agency lists of site banned substances. haele Jul 2018 #77
Try this for three weeks. Baitball Blogger Jul 2018 #31
Thanks. I've been taking the tumeric for a while now. Coventina Jul 2018 #41
My mother got opioids for a similar situation JenniferJuniper Jul 2018 #33
Here in AZ, it's almost impossible to get anything beyond Tramadol. Coventina Jul 2018 #45
That's the drug I was trying to remember - Ms. Toad Jul 2018 #94
Vitamin D3 supplements ? MarvinGardens Jul 2018 #36
Thanks, yes, I've been taking that as well. Coventina Jul 2018 #46
Fish oil has helped with my level 4 osteoarthritis in my knees minoan Jul 2018 #37
Accupuncture Runningdawg Jul 2018 #38
Thanks. I'll look into it. Coventina Jul 2018 #47
Most of the CBD oil sold OTC in TX health food stores and head shops are snake oil. LeftInTX Jul 2018 #39
Taking NSAIDS is one of the best ways to end up in kidney failure sweetroxie Jul 2018 #40
I'm sorry that the drug war has put you in this situation. Crunchy Frog Jul 2018 #42
Thanks, I will. Coventina Jul 2018 #55
I can't take NSAIDS either -- I take Gabapentin & Tylenol -- Gabepentin whathehell Jul 2018 #44
Thanks! I'll ask about the gabapentin Coventina Jul 2018 #49
You're very welcome! whathehell Jul 2018 #59
You may find it worth it - Ms. Toad Jul 2018 #97
You need a pain specialist, Coventina. Hortensis Jul 2018 #48
Thanks! Well, I'm allegedly seeing one of the best there is in the Phoenix area. Coventina Jul 2018 #52
It's shocking that treating pain has been back-burnered Hortensis Jul 2018 #65
You may be pleasantly surprised about surgery and amount pain control - Ms. Toad Jul 2018 #98
Please be careful with the ibuprofen csziggy Jul 2018 #50
Thank you! Coventina Jul 2018 #54
Is your pain localized in certain areas of your body or is it all over? smirkymonkey Jul 2018 #119
My GI doesn't let me take ibuprofen or naproxen. I survive on Loratabs and demtenjeep Jul 2018 #58
Have you thought about trying a Low Carb or Ketogenic Diet? Grammy23 Jul 2018 #51
Thanks! I will look into that!! Coventina Jul 2018 #53
On YouTube Grammy23 Jul 2018 #57
And if you decide to do that -- RandomAccess Jul 2018 #83
Look into Organic Sulfur Crystals thinkingagain Jul 2018 #56
I know it sounds crazy Beantighe Jul 2018 #61
NOT crazy... Sugar is a highly pro-inflammatory component of diet. hlthe2b Jul 2018 #62
Not crazy - I'm already eating near-keto for diabetes control. Ms. Toad Jul 2018 #99
Sugar was causing a severe skin darkening problem for me. Blue_true Jul 2018 #129
Meloxicam Bayard Jul 2018 #63
I was taking meloxicam for my osteoarthritis and getting about the same result ooky Jul 2018 #86
I have psoriatic arthritis and WhiteTara Jul 2018 #64
I take Otezla for mine Horse with no Name Jul 2018 #141
I'm in similar straits. What specifically are you seeing the cardiologist for? nolabear Jul 2018 #66
Suspected small vessel disease, not yet confirmed. Coventina Jul 2018 #68
Just keep an eye on your blood pressure. Ms. Toad Jul 2018 #101
My bp is remarkably good. Apparently it's genetic. nolabear Jul 2018 #104
osteo biflex advanced triple strength eShirl Jul 2018 #67
WFPB Doremus Jul 2018 #71
You may want to consider Voltaren question everything Jul 2018 #73
Two things: no_hypocrisy Jul 2018 #85
Doing the MSM, glucosamine & Chondroitin. Coventina Jul 2018 #89
Try to find an antiinflammatory diet Rainngirl Jul 2018 #91
Has your physician suggested one of the biggest logical? If not perhaps you should ask still_one Jul 2018 #105
Try arnica and lidocaine gel Meowmee Jul 2018 #121
Have you tried a TENS device, like physical therapists use? Individuals can purchase them. n/t pnwmom Jul 2018 #124
Yes, it works while I wear it, but doesn't do anything once I take it off. Coventina Jul 2018 #125
Is there a reason you can't wear it for half the day, and use NSAIDS the other half? pnwmom Jul 2018 #132
Well, I couldn't really wear it to work, it's too bulky. Coventina Jul 2018 #158
I suffer from gout. Started at a young age. Blue_true Jul 2018 #126
RA Under control Greyhead Jul 2018 #133
this is a very relevant topic at work Horse with no Name Jul 2018 #134
I was on naproxen for 5 years mcar Jul 2018 #139
I'm sorry to read this, Coventina Niagara Jul 2018 #147
I looked up hypnosis for pain relief and... 3catwoman3 Jul 2018 #150
there are lots of different nsaids Mosby Jul 2018 #152
The cardiologist said ANY NSAID contributes to heart disease / stroke / liver failure Coventina Jul 2018 #159
I'm in a similar boat The empressof all Jul 2018 #153
I took that much I ibuprofen for fibromyalgia and wound up with a perforated ulcer. hedda_foil Jul 2018 #154
I'm taking 4 tramadol daily. Coventina Jul 2018 #157
There's a related drug called Ketoprofin that is a lot less destructive than ibuprofin. hedda_foil Jul 2018 #160
I'll ask! Thanks! Coventina Jul 2018 #161
You're very welcome, Coventina. I hope the lead pans out. hedda_foil Jul 2018 #162
i would kill for tramadol; i can't even get that. nt TheFrenchRazor Jul 2018 #167
Pure EMU oil is anti inflammatory marlakay Jul 2018 #155
Just wanted to say thank you - really informative thread Justice Jul 2018 #156
Kick for a fellow chronic pain sufferer. Poiuyt Jul 2018 #163
i feel you; it's total BS. if the government is going to prevent me from obtaining relief from my pa TheFrenchRazor Jul 2018 #164
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