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Wed Jun 27, 2018, 07:30 PM Jun 2018

Bernie slams restaurant for kicking out Sarah Sanders. [View all]


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday came to the defense of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, saying individuals should "have the right to go into a restaurant and have dinner.”

The Vermont senator made the comments while speaking on MSNBC about the recent uptick in public confrontations Trump Cabinet officials have faced. On Friday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a small Virginia restaurant because of her role in the administration.

In addition, protesters confronted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday over the Trump administration's border policies.

"I’m not a great fan of shouting down people or being rude to people," Bernie Sanders said. "People have a right to be angry when Congress gives tax breaks to billionaires and then wants to cut nutrition programs for low income pregnant women."
But he said that anger needs to be taken out in a "constructive way" and that people should not be kicked out of restaurants over political differences.

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Just read about that. ismnotwasm Jun 2018 #1
With friends like these........ RandySF Jun 2018 #2
+1 nt Phoenix61 Jun 2018 #6
Werent Hillary and other Democrats shouted down by his supporters JI7 Jun 2018 #3
Yep. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #13
Actually those at the DNC were shouted down. joshcryer Jun 2018 #27
And, fucking rude including @ John Lewis Cha Jun 2018 #83
...and had dollar bills tossed at her at a fundraiser indicating shes a common blankety blank samnsara Jun 2018 #107
I liked Bernie and sometimes still do lunatica Jun 2018 #4
Do you honestly believe that Hillary would disagree with anything here? karynnj Jun 2018 #18
OK...so if Sen. Sanders says it is wrong to ask a woman helping put babies in cages to leave Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #48
Bill Clinton didn't say that...he said after she was asked to leave she conducted herself well...big Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #49
Actually no. Clinton blamed Trump admin for incivility emulatorloo Jun 2018 #51
Right, BS didn't lay any Blame on the trump toadies. Cha Jun 2018 #65
This is about BS.. we're not speculating on what Hillary would say..FUCK CIVILITY Cha Jun 2018 #64
Why Yes She Did.. Cha Jun 2018 #129
Even if i did agree... lame54 Jun 2018 #22
lol! stonecutter357 Jun 2018 #5
Who cares. Why isn't he slamming the repubs for nominating another far RWNJ to the SCOTUS?? madinmaryland Jun 2018 #7
He doesn't seem concerned. I have no idea. Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #50
BS is busy patting himself on the back.. Cha Jun 2018 #67
I hope he does't run for the presidency...but I think the time has passed anyway. Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #92
I am afraid that he is eyeing a run. Hopefully, if he loses the nomination this time. Blue_true Jun 2018 #103
JFC. Shut up Bernie. MontanaMama Jun 2018 #8
Fuck you Bernie. Still In Wisconsin Jun 2018 #9
Well wasn't some on the DU bashing President Clinton for saying Iliyah Jun 2018 #10
Bill said he respected the restaurant owner BannonsLiver Jun 2018 #19
Clinton blamed the Trump admin for starting the incivilty emulatorloo Jun 2018 #53
Ya know something, Senator? gratuitous Jun 2018 #11
hmm senator sanders, sarah huckabee sanders. what do they have in common? msongs Jun 2018 #12
Colonel Sanders? ProudLib72 Jun 2018 #37
"I'm not a great fan of shouting down people or being rude to people" ...not named Hillary Clinton. Maven Jun 2018 #14
Thank You, Maven! So true. Cha Jun 2018 #84
+1 betsuni Jun 2018 #93
Of course. NurseJackie Jun 2018 #15
BS obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Cha Jun 2018 #30
Oh Bernie how much do I hate thee. let me count the ways. BannonsLiver Jun 2018 #16
Many many many many many many many many many many many... NurseJackie Jun 2018 #47
+1,000,000 George II Jun 2018 #52
+2,000,000 R B Garr Jun 2018 #70
+5,000,000 Kahuna7 Jun 2018 #94
Weak, and that's coming from someone who voted for Bernie in the primary. ck4829 Jun 2018 #17
And Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) once again revmclaren Jun 2018 #20
So what else is new? NurseJackie Jun 2018 #59
Yup ... revmclaren Jun 2018 #61
No..... vi5 Jun 2018 #21
It's not fucking "political differences." It's that she lies constantly. Garrett78 Jun 2018 #23
Prescisely, Garrett.. and BS should damn well know that.. Cha Jun 2018 #82
Hey Bernie go FUCK YOURSELF! I'm sick of hearing your shit njhoneybadger Jun 2018 #24
Thank you for saying this because this is exactly what I want to say jrthin Jun 2018 #33
"I'm not a great fan of shouting down people or being rude to people"? ucrdem Jun 2018 #25
Yeah, he conveniently forgets that.. I'm sure Stephanie Wilkinson is real broken up about this.. Cha Jun 2018 #28
Bernie folk keep insisting that he's consistent ucrdem Jun 2018 #36
yeah, he's "consistent" Cha Jun 2018 #38
The Red Hen owner did not shout, nor was she rude. spooky3 Jun 2018 #35
I think he was also talking about stephen miller and kisrjten nielsen JI7 Jun 2018 #41
uh, BS.. Stephanie Wilkinson Was Being Constructive.. you Cha Jun 2018 #74
"Bernie Sanders Defends Sarah Sanders: People Have a Right To Go to a Restaurant for Dinner" Cha Jun 2018 #26
Keeping an eye on the issues that mattter, I see . . . hatrack Jun 2018 #29
Senator Sanders is entitled to his opinion just like everyone else. WillowTree Jun 2018 #31
So? We're entitled to think it's Wrong. Cha Jun 2018 #77
I didn't say we aren't. WillowTree Jun 2018 #90
Lol "slams" Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2018 #32
Why do you advocate violence against popcorn? n/t QC Jun 2018 #43
Lol. Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2018 #45
And, once again.. all you have are personal Attacks while trying to defend Cha Jun 2018 #69
Yep. George II Jun 2018 #79
Bernie is respectful. Not slamming George Eliot Jun 2018 #34
No, he's not.. BS is being tone deaf.. sticking up for SFS. Cha Jun 2018 #71
Screw the appeasers Loge23 Jun 2018 #39
... ProudLib72 Jun 2018 #40
This is the kind of civil response that gave us Gorsuch. Baitball Blogger Jun 2018 #42
Change "Bernie Sanders" to "Hillary Clinton" and imagine the reaction EffieBlack Jun 2018 #44
On DU it would be milder Tom Rinaldo Jun 2018 #97
Not exactly what I would call a slam. YMMV aikoaiko Jun 2018 #46
Why is Bernie always sucking up to the Right at the Democrats expense. njhoneybadger Jun 2018 #54
Because he thinks he can lure Trump voters in swing states to vote for him in the next election betsuni Jun 2018 #56
That's exactly what's happening here. Cha Jun 2018 #76
I bet the JackOff Radicals are applauding this. LW1977 Jun 2018 #55
JackOff's applauding BS standing up for SHSanders to Cha Jun 2018 #81
Not a fan of shouting down or being rude to people? ecstatic Jun 2018 #57
Barely? Blue_true Jun 2018 #104
Also, what type of revolution does Bernie have in mind when ecstatic Jun 2018 #58
i agree with him;there are so many better, more important ways to fight back. nt TheFrenchRazor Jun 2018 #60
Such as??? revmclaren Jun 2018 #62
I agree with Bernie too and agree with you, there has to be a better way Raine Jun 2018 #68
Has it blown back on Trump and the Republicans? Caliman73 Jun 2018 #73
I think an important Beantighe Jun 2018 #63
I think it backfired on the owner, dont know if the restaurant survives AlexSFCA Jun 2018 #66
The Red Hen owner is right. Stop defending decorum and do something about Donald Trump. Cha Jun 2018 #72
It's the type of restaurant that appeals to liberals JI7 Jun 2018 #85
I totally agree with you. She also likely support earth conscious farmers too. Blue_true Jun 2018 #106
I read somewhere that it is exactly the opposite. TexasTowelie Jun 2018 #86
Wilkinson had no regrets about her decision. Cha Jun 2018 #98
I don't necessarily agree with Sanders on this point, though arguably this is a slippery slope. Do JCanete Jun 2018 #75
Agreed.. disillusioned73 Jun 2018 #91
It wasn't political differences, stop trying to make it so. Blue_true Jun 2018 #108
I wasn't trying to make it so. Again, we are making a judgement about what is moral, and so will JCanete Jun 2018 #118
They have and will continue to kick out gays, abortion providers, women's clinic operators. Blue_true Jun 2018 #120
Bernie is not a uniter but a divider. Bernie can not be allowed democratisphere Jun 2018 #78
Pelosi & Schumer have said the same thing.. disillusioned73 Jun 2018 #89
I Disagree with all of them. Cha Jun 2018 #95
As do I.. disillusioned73 Jun 2018 #96
Bill Clinton said pretty much the same thing as well. n/t QC Jun 2018 #100
He did not. Blue_true Jun 2018 #109
Sanders again MFM008 Jun 2018 #80
Sure it does. I worked in the Senate for 5 years. It scares the HELL out of them when voters aren't Cha Jun 2018 #87
Disagree.. disillusioned73 Jun 2018 #88
"Slams" is not in the headline nor the article. Cuthbert Allgood Jun 2018 #99
Everything Bernie does needs the extra emphasis because of his age. It's like putting wasupaloopa Jun 2018 #102
Why didn't he. Blue_true Jun 2018 #110
Well Cuthbert Allgood Jun 2018 #112
Weak statements from him. Blue_true Jun 2018 #113
So nothing he will do will be good enough. Cuthbert Allgood Jun 2018 #114
I don't hate Bernie, but I see lots of problems with how he stands on critical issues. Blue_true Jun 2018 #116
"Slams", huh? Act_of_Reparation Jun 2018 #101
she wasnt shouted out.. she was voted out..its called Democracy... and she was also samnsara Jun 2018 #105
BS got it totally Wrong.. Cha Jun 2018 #119
He Really Can't Stop Talking Me. Jun 2018 #111
He talk when there is a chance to bash someone that shares our values. Blue_true Jun 2018 #115
What I Also Noticed About That Signing Me. Jun 2018 #117
Good to know.. BS should take a clue Cha Jun 2018 #125
I'm surprised at the old Socialist. The entire staff (or proletariat, if you will) collectively... Hekate Jun 2018 #121
It sounds to me like he had Cha Jun 2018 #122
Exactly! That was democracy in action. The people Trump's R B Garr Jun 2018 #123
Either.. BS just jumped in without looking Cha Jun 2018 #124
I wish he would just go away, his hypocrisy is daunting. arthritisR_US Jun 2018 #126
Whatever Bernie Downtown Hound Jun 2018 #127
Wait a minute, this man had no problem with his supporters doing: all american girl Jun 2018 #128
Mahalo, all american girl.. You Go! Cha Jun 2018 #130
Hey Cha all american girl Jun 2018 #131
Btw.. Here's Hillary's take on "incivility" Cha Jun 2018 #132
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