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Wed Jun 20, 2018, 01:02 PM Jun 2018

European headlines on Rachel Maddow [View all]

La Libre (Belgium) :
"Au bord des larmes, cette journaliste américaine n'a pu donner une information sur un centre de détention pour bébés"
In tears, an American journalist could not give information on a baby detention center

Le Soir (Belgium) :
"États-Unis: une journaliste fond en larmes en direct en parlant des camps pour bébés de migrants (vidéo)"
United States: journalist breaks into tears live as she talks about migrant baby camps (video)

RTL Info (tv Channel, Belgium) :
"Des enfants séparés de leurs parents aux USA: en direct à la télévision, une journaliste fond en larmes (vidéo)"
Children separated from their parents in the USA : a journalist weeps live on television (video)

L'Obs (France) :
"Etats-Unis : une journaliste fond en larmes en décrivant les camps pour bébés migrants"
United States: A journalist breaks into tears as she describes camps for migrant babies

France Info (France) :
"VIDÉO. Famille de migrants séparés à la frontière américaine : une journaliste fond en larmes en direct"
Family of separated migrants at US border: journalist weeps live

Le Parisien (France) :
"Enfants de migrants : une journaliste américaine fond en larmes à l’antenne"
Children of migrants: American journalist breaks down in tears on the air

Huffington Post (French version) :
"Des centres de détention pour bébés? Cette journaliste américaine n'a pas pu terminer son lancement"
Baby detention centers? This American journalist was unable to complete her introduction

Sud Ouest (France)
"Une journaliste fond en larmes en découvrant les "camps pour enfants" à la frontière" américaine
Journalist weeps as she discovers “children's camps” at U.S. border

L'essentiel (France)
"Une journaliste n'arrive pas à finir son lancement"
A journalist can't finish her introduction

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And Rachel wasn't the only one Siwsan Jun 2018 #1
Other MSNBC reporters who were mothers were also nearly in tears as they talked. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jun 2018 #4
Stephanie Ruhle was barely holding it together all day yesterday. calimary Jun 2018 #34
"Lancement" in this instance means "Introduction" n/t Hela Jun 2018 #2
Hi Hela, welcome on DU syringis Jun 2018 #3
The moment Rachel paused I knew she lunatica Jun 2018 #5
Trump must really be hating Rachel right now PatSeg Jun 2018 #6
Yes. Trump cannot understand what happened, as he cannot NCjack Jun 2018 #8
He easily fits the mold of a PatSeg Jun 2018 #41
"Good Germans" were the ones who kept their heads down & didn't make waves or rebel... Hekate Jun 2018 #57
Oh no, you're right PatSeg Jun 2018 #62
I've already seen tweets referring to her an an actor bleedingulcers Jun 2018 #29
People who accuse survivors PatSeg Jun 2018 #40
They have no capacity for empathy NastyRiffraff Jun 2018 #47
"There but fortune PatSeg Jun 2018 #50
Trumpy is unredeemable. He's evil. He's committed to being evil. Eyeball_Kid Jun 2018 #35
And there is no guarantee PatSeg Jun 2018 #39
I turnef to fox MFM008 Jun 2018 #60
These people are shameless PatSeg Jun 2018 #63
They did immediately. potone Jun 2018 #74
I remember PatSeg Jun 2018 #76
MSNBC has been great KT2000 Jun 2018 #7
Hi KT2000 syringis Jun 2018 #20
Do you know how MSNBC responded? I have not heard anything. Amaryllis Jun 2018 #52
I think we can judge their response by the reporters they have sent to tell us about this crisis... Hekate Jun 2018 #58
Have not heard anything KT2000 Jun 2018 #65
Thank you for posting this kimbutgar Jun 2018 #9
Hi Kim, you're welcome syringis Jun 2018 #21
RACHEL, YOU ARE A BLESSING. I love you girl. trueblue2007 Jun 2018 #10
Rachel's tears helped to open the gates of Trump's "tender care" concentration camps workinclasszero Jun 2018 #11
Sweet, Rachel feels it deeply .. it really is surreally heartbreaking.. like Cha Jun 2018 #12
Hi Cha syringis Jun 2018 #22
Cha, you've verbalized exactly what I'm feeling.... Upthevibe Jun 2018 #49
Rachel is the face of American humanity. Trump is the face of ugliness, greed and authoritarianism. flibbitygiblets Jun 2018 #13
well look at fucking tRump bdamomma Jun 2018 #15
The entire RePutin Party has damaged their brand beyond repair. lagomorph777 Jun 2018 #23
But ONLY if we ALL turn out to VOTE! calimary Jun 2018 #77
Yes! And Trump is tirelessly motivating our voters. lagomorph777 Jun 2018 #78
Somehow I forgot he was mocking HIS victim of HIS policy renate Jun 2018 #42
Wasn't the information breaking news she hadn't seen? House of Roberts Jun 2018 #46
Well we are here. bdamomma Jun 2018 #14
I emailed her a link for your thread. nt Ilsa Jun 2018 #16
Thank you for doing that lillypaddle Jun 2018 #18
I tweet, but mostly retweet and reply to stuff. Ilsa Jun 2018 #38
Hi Ilsa syringis Jun 2018 #26
Please, if you would want to, ask her what can we do? Pathwalker Jun 2018 #36
I think we already have. Ilsa Jun 2018 #37
The world needs to come help save us. The USA has been force for good blake2012 Jun 2018 #17
Hi Blake syringis Jun 2018 #24
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Jun 2018 #19
Kick grantcart Jun 2018 #25
Thanks, it's good to know Europeans know Bradshaw3 Jun 2018 #27
After Rachel handed off to Lawrence, Grammy23 Jun 2018 #28
Not too many folks know who Maddow is over here HipChick Jun 2018 #30
Elijah Cummings broke down during House hearing mountain grammy Jun 2018 #31
The Sad and Shocking Thing About Those Headlines erpowers Jun 2018 #32
Thank you, Rachel, for showing the world that we aren't heartless. onlyadream Jun 2018 #33
Some of us are old enough to remember Walter Cronkite mnhtnbb Jun 2018 #43
I was in school. They played it over the intercom. So I didn't see him do that. Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #45
k&r nt Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #44
K&R Tarheel_Dem Jun 2018 #48
I broke down crying yesterday too Pachamama Jun 2018 #51
I did too. Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #55
Oh Pachamama my friend, who could have imagined this? Hekate Jun 2018 #61
Never did I imagine this - We all had concerns with GWB, Pachamama Jun 2018 #66
This could be the best thing in months for our international reputation. Simliar to the Amaryllis Jun 2018 #53
An antidote to our horrible image abroad. nt LAS14 Jun 2018 #54
Hi LAS syringis Jun 2018 #56
Thank you!! We need your encouragement!! nt LAS14 Jun 2018 #59
Interesting that tRUmp has never mentioned her worstexever Jun 2018 #64
Nope, can't agree with your assessment Boomer Jun 2018 #72
You make some good points worstexever Jun 2018 #79
merci, syringis uppityperson Jun 2018 #67
Hi Uppityperson, de rien, c'est avec plaisir. syringis Jun 2018 #69
I'm in Europe right now and my friends here are pretty shocked... a la izquierda Jun 2018 #68
Hi A la Izquierda syringis Jun 2018 #70
Hey there! a la izquierda Jun 2018 #71
It heartens me to know that the world sees that Trump is the evil, not the American people. Nitram Jun 2018 #73
Kick ck4829 Jun 2018 #75
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