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17. The poll numbers dropped 2 points directly because of the letter.
Wed May 23, 2018, 12:39 PM
May 2018

They initially dropped 4 points, but Hillary inched back up 2 points, before running out of time. And that doesn't even count all the Dem voters who decided to just stay home because of the repeated FBI Hillary bashing. This drop off was of course most devastating in the swing states where it was already very close.

If Not For The FBI - Comey PaulX2 May 2018 #1
McConnell threatened Obama's people at a meeting to make it highly partisan if people shraby May 2018 #10
And why did they cave??? calimary May 2018 #14
Exactly. And gone on tv every day that it's not partisan, it's american Roland99 May 2018 #15
Please post cites for your allegations.... Honeycombe8 May 2018 #19
The FBI's lies and manipulations during the fake email scandal were a much bigger deal. (eom StevieM May 2018 #2
How can you assess that? triron May 2018 #9
The poll numbers dropped 2 points directly because of the letter. SunSeeker May 2018 #17
Also, she might have recovered other voters who she had just recently lost, mostly because StevieM May 2018 #24
Absolutely. Thanks to Comey, Putin's cyberattack for Trump succeeded. nt. SunSeeker May 2018 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author StevieM May 2018 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author SunSeeker May 2018 #30
The change in the polls after Comey intervened. StevieM May 2018 #18
The email issue was real. Clinton acknowledged it. nt Honeycombe8 May 2018 #20
Russian Trump supporters celebrated their victory. keithbvadu2 May 2018 #3
And a member of the Russian Duma bragged about it too. Botany May 2018 #4
US intel didn't miss it as much as McConnell and Ryan refused to let it be known. keithbvadu2 May 2018 #7
McConnell was a told and he blocked that information from the American people and that info was .... Botany May 2018 #8
it was Comey Kurt V. May 2018 #5
You just keep thinking that and ignore McConnell's threat to make it highly political shraby May 2018 #11
I don't understand the thinking there. Kurt V. May 2018 #12
Please cite your sources for that information. Because it's wrong. Honeycombe8 May 2018 #21
here. Kurt V. May 2018 #35
And their end game is quite clear. byronius May 2018 #6
Clapper DID NOT SAY Trump was illegitimate. Hortensis May 2018 #13
There is evidence that Russia DID hack some election systems. So it's likely that Russia did more. Honeycombe8 May 2018 #22
I don't think there is any evidence of vote hacking, just "could have happened." Fact is, Hoyt May 2018 #31
It was Maddow's interpretation. triron May 2018 #27
Why do you think more people weren't fooled than were, Hortensis May 2018 #32
Hmmm. Tell that to the many red state republicans who because of lack of Laura PourMeADrink May 2018 #29
Laura, Russia didn't dissuade those from voting Democratic. Hortensis May 2018 #33
Must be a finer point I am not picking up Laura PourMeADrink May 2018 #36
I'm guessing you're answering a different post here, Hortensis May 2018 #37
Why so politically correct? rolypolychloe May 2018 #16
First, equating investigationwith spyingis disengenuous, to say the least. BobTheSubgenius May 2018 #23
Feel so sad for Clapper. You can see it in his face. Master in Intelligence...yet Laura PourMeADrink May 2018 #28
This headline is a lie oberliner May 2018 #34
Please note that Raw Story is lying and Clapper did not say this (please delete the post) oberliner May 2018 #38
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