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Wellstone ruled

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25. Appears personnal attack Politics of Trump
Tue Mar 27, 2018, 05:55 PM
Mar 2018

is the all in solution the Rethugs are going to use. The Focus Group use by some News Outfit with High School Students discussing Parkland and Guns is the go to model.. Keep screaming and the Dems will cave,Frank Luntz and Karl Rove model.

Well.. cannabis_flower Mar 2018 #1
I listened to Costello an hour ago erlewyne Mar 2018 #26
I would bet that he suspects exactly that response from a lot of Dems.. Volaris Mar 2018 #31
Once again the republican party wants to cheat MagickMuffin Mar 2018 #2
We do it also, finding ways to use the system to advantage. Hortensis Mar 2018 #24
Costello interview this morning was interesting to say the least. Wellstone ruled Mar 2018 #3
that strategy pretty much sounds like business as usual for the repubs groundloop Mar 2018 #23
Appears personnal attack Politics of Trump Wellstone ruled Mar 2018 #25
Sounds to me like Costello is calling it quits with the GOP, not just retiring. nt Hekate Mar 2018 #4
That's how I read it. Disgusted with them for some reason? SharonAnn Mar 2018 #20
That's my district. So happy.. mvd Mar 2018 #5
Maybe the Eagle win will spread to the Dems BigmanPigman Mar 2018 #10
The gerrymandering was horrific mvd Mar 2018 #14
Well, no Russian/NRA money for him!!!! dameatball Mar 2018 #6
Yippee!! thucythucy Mar 2018 #7
What is up with this guy ? magicarpet Mar 2018 #8
Conscience maybe? paleotn Mar 2018 #18
I think that there are a lot of Republicans who believed certain things and do not want to LiberalArkie Mar 2018 #9
This looks like a nice opportunity for PA Democrats! FakeNoose Mar 2018 #11
Here's her pic. longship Mar 2018 #12
Aww! I know it's not supposed to matter, but she is adorable!! flibbitygiblets Mar 2018 #27
So thats what he sounds like SallyHemmings Mar 2018 #13
I read up on Chrissy Houlahan, she is impressive. Blue_true Mar 2018 #15
If you can't win an election with a lady named Houlahan in Philly bucolic_frolic Mar 2018 #16
Excuse me: ''Retires''? Fritz Walter Mar 2018 #17
Different retirement systems Major Nikon Mar 2018 #22
He will not get early retirement with full benefits. He will have to wait. Marcuse Mar 2018 #30
Wonder why he timed it that way? Orange Free State Mar 2018 #19
Sucks to be a Republican these days, doesn't it? PJMcK Mar 2018 #21
This is why Dems need to always have candidates ready everywhere IronLionZion Mar 2018 #28
If he only did two terms he has no pension coming. pwb Mar 2018 #29
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