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8. I hope someone makes the point
Sun Mar 25, 2018, 02:04 AM
Mar 2018

that a preznit open to paying hush money is open to blackmail.

It is not about the affair per se, it is about tRump's vulnerabilities (which are legion) and what he is willing to do to protect his flabby orange ass.

I'm sorry but (Daniels interview) [View all] cilla4progress Mar 2018 OP
Ratings For CBS, $$$$$$ For Stormy nt SoCalMusicLover Mar 2018 #1
You are too cynical (n/t) PJMcK Mar 2018 #30
We' ll see what our president paid to conceal. He is blackmail able.. rainin Mar 2018 #2
Keep the subject in front of the voting public. Binkie The Clown Mar 2018 #3
The bribe and the attempted cover-up n/t emulatorloo Mar 2018 #4
The bribe (or hush money) is the key PJMcK Mar 2018 #31
the grifter can be grifted Skittles Mar 2018 #5
this JI7 Mar 2018 #6
Definitely not excited ProudLib72 Mar 2018 #7
they're both disgusting Skittles Mar 2018 #10
It bothers me that the nation is now on a first name basis with Stormy ProudLib72 Mar 2018 #58
Their PR teams arent as good jberryhill Mar 2018 #60
Bunch of shallow thinkers ProudLib72 Mar 2018 #63
Any figure in the media attracts threats jberryhill Mar 2018 #64
I hope someone makes the point shanny Mar 2018 #8
Also about felony violations of campaign finance law. nt tblue37 Mar 2018 #9
True. shanny Mar 2018 #13
Im sure that Daniels discussion of campaign finance law will be riveting jberryhill Mar 2018 #61
Too bad it isnt Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Joe Biden then it would be ALL Eliot Rosewater Mar 2018 #52
Post removed Post removed Mar 2018 #11
Post removed Post removed Mar 2018 #16
Post removed Post removed Mar 2018 #17
Post removed Post removed Mar 2018 #21
It proves that the President is open to blackmail grantcart Mar 2018 #12
Blackmail is illegal. former9thward Mar 2018 #23
Try again. Kingofalldems Mar 2018 #42
Anyone is open to blackmail by the Russians if they have something. former9thward Mar 2018 #44
True. Possibly because there was a payment to stop it from appearing. shanny Mar 2018 #57
I didn't say the settlement was blackmail, I said it proves that he is open to it. grantcart Mar 2018 #47
I can't agree that he is terrified of growing old without Melania. former9thward Mar 2018 #48
Arguing with someone who said no evidence rump is blackmailable by russians Eliot Rosewater Mar 2018 #55
For any person who still does not get it Achilleaze Mar 2018 #14
This. Why are we always so squeamish about highlighting their rank hypocrisy? Squinch Mar 2018 #20
Its not blackmailable- its that he has been subject to blackmailmany times- and still appears to bettyellen Mar 2018 #68
Understand your point former9thward Mar 2018 #25
But republicans, in general, run on their so-called "family values" Achilleaze Mar 2018 #28
Well put Achilleaze, The republicans can NO longer hide behind family values bullshit........... Old Vet Mar 2018 #49
I hope Mueller sends her a subpoena tomorrow morning. no_hypocrisy Mar 2018 #15
Really? PJMcK Mar 2018 #33
Not everyone is as high minded as you. Demsrule86 Mar 2018 #18
Seriously. Its the President and a porn star. NCTraveler Mar 2018 #54
It's an illustration of the lack of ethics and morals always hovering over Trump. Vinca Mar 2018 #19
Sex sells, and Stormy has sold quite a lot of it. FarCenter Mar 2018 #22
she claims she was threatened with physical violence....not a good thing spanone Mar 2018 #24
References to his "fixers"... Miles Archer Mar 2018 #46
The radical christian fundamentalists HopeAgain Mar 2018 #26
Until we hear what she has to say we are all just speculating. I'll probably watch it. dameatball Mar 2018 #27
Thankfully, I can't watch the interview PJMcK Mar 2018 #35
I suspect it will not be earth shattering stuff. Who knows? The "threat" angle sounds interesting. dameatball Mar 2018 #39
Water pressure test for many cities. rickford66 Mar 2018 #29
Anything that makes Trump's blood pressure rise is a good smirkymonkey Mar 2018 #32
That's why I love this story! (n/t) PJMcK Mar 2018 #36
Whatever it takes to bring down Trump and his crime family dalton99a Mar 2018 #34
She is also publicly standing up to him Maeve Mar 2018 #37
Agreed. How this may influence other women to come forward is certainly of interest. dameatball Mar 2018 #40
I'd rank her higher than the lying whores working for Trump right now dalton99a Mar 2018 #41
LOL Skittles Mar 2018 #67
Not arguing with you on her being a grifter Maeve Mar 2018 #69
Potential crimes DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2018 #38
Might makes right to the Trumpians Generic Brad Mar 2018 #43
Gee let's see, breaking campaign finance laws, paying hush money right before a election is a Kirk Lover Mar 2018 #45
To publicly challenge the evangelicals lame54 Mar 2018 #50
They dont care jberryhill Mar 2018 #62
Everybody would understand the "point" if it was Obama or Hillary. Eliot Rosewater Mar 2018 #51
That's the reality show business for you. MineralMan Mar 2018 #53
To show once again that the person in the WH is a liar still_one Mar 2018 #56
Personally, I could not care less who the moron diddled, but.... Adrahil Mar 2018 #59
From teaser on State of the Union this morning cilla4progress Mar 2018 #65
Truth comes in unexpected packages. A-Schwarzenegger Mar 2018 #66
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